Make Preparation to FLEE


Right NOW the governments are COMMANDING you that you CANNOT QUOTE God's Bible, so you must get ready to FLEE

Wound Kit

 Hunting Map

Basic beginners “Essential” SURVIVAL Toolkit

Basic “necessary” BOB (Bug Out Bag) Items

Be a “MAN”

Buy “Earth tone” coloured clothes NOW so you are “not” a BRIGHT VIVID Target

How to set up a Bear Fence for your Bug Out Camp

When it’s TIME to Bug Out, WHO WILL “DIE” FIRST?

Critical Survival Knowledge/ 45 Tips

50 More Survival Tips

 How to survive/live “without” any Camping gear, except an Axe, Knife, fishhook & line, & Ferro cerium striker

You like Joseph MUST be a Prepper, "NOT" a sluggard

Facebook is a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) trick/TRAP to later hunt you down

How to avoid being EATEN by Bears

You can be locked up for just what you say, or who you know

You MUST see this, to know how to DO THINGS OFFGRID Escape the city

You "NEED TO" move out of EVERY CITY because genetic specific weapons will be used against Cities by the Chinese