PROPHECY “OVERVIEW” for April 2018


Prophecy Overview for you.

Russia in April 2018 warns of STRIKES (but not WW3) =LIMITED STRIKES ON THE USA


Editor’s Note:


1.) Russia NOW  in April 2018 has Putin (his name means whore) WARNING that Russia “COULD” attack the USA, but this is NOT ‘NOT’ “NOT” WWIII.

This will involve just some USA Cities being hit and an EMP.


2.) The EU/Europe in THE NEXT FEW years will “ALSO” attack the USA (what is left of the USA in future years).

The EU will overrun ALL of the USA, as will China because China “already” owns most of the USA.

The USA will be divided.


3.) And once the EU/Europe is a world leader and strong militarily, “THEN” Russia will be worried and will also attack the EU/Europe.


In the meantime:


A.) The USA will be under NATO Martial Military Law (like France is now), BUT soon Christians and Preppers WILL BE hunted down and PERSECUTED;

to be put in FEMA (Federal Emergency Military Agency) Camps- “not” Management Agency because they changed the name from Military to Management!

(Just like the USA changed its name from DEPARTMENT OF WAR “to” The DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE but we have initiated War after War since 1950 circa the last 70 years).


B.) Jerusalem City will be later divided, causing the Arabs to rise up. US Jerusalem move: Fury spreads from Jakarta to Rabat

C.) The King of the South (probably led by Turkey) will arise, but the Arabs (that this writer calls Mohammadites) will be defeated TOTALLY, and the Beast power will “also” rule the Mohammadites as well as us.

PS: Editor’s Note 2:

There is “only” (at the maximum), a puny 30 day government total food reserve in the USA. 90% will DIE.