Sermon of

April 7 2012

given by

Lawrence A. Nowell



1.) "I can tell by your eyes that you've prob’ly been cryin' forever; and the stars in the sky don't mean nothin' to you, they’re a mirror."


2.) The stars in the sky mean nothing to most people, ther're just a mirror,


3.) "I don't want to preach about it, how you broke God's heart, if I preach here just a little bit longer, if we preach won't you listen to God's heart, God's heart?"


4.) This is The Obedient Church of God broadcasting worldwide from and  preaching only the first century doctrines without taking away one jot or title, preaching the complete Bible Old and New Testament in the Spirit of the Old [faithfulness].


5.) "I don't want a preach about it, how you broke God's heart, if we preach to you a little bit longer, if I preach won't you listen to God's heart, God's heart, God's heart, God's heart?"


6.) Bonjour  Paree, France, Il est 6 heures du dîner en France. 6 P.M. suppertime in France, 9 A.M. on the West coast, 12 noon on the East coast. Suppertime in Paris, breakfast time in Seattle, and lunch time in New York. The “perfect” time for our Spiritual feeding. Welcome to The Obedient Church of God.


7.) "We don't want a preach about it, how you broke God's heart, if we preach to you a little bit longer, if we preach, won't you listen to God's heart, God's heart?"


8.) Greetings brethren and friends around the world. This is The Obedient Church of God broadcasting on the first day Unleavened Bread. And have we got dynamite information for you today. We're going to be showing you how to get rid of the yeast in your life.


9.) And we are going to be giving you information about Israel again and how serious the situation is. How there isn't any solution.


10.) We have about 20 to 30 folders here. We're going to be opening with prayer as we always do, and ask Father to guide us as to which folders to pick out. So what we need to do now, is all the members out there, and all of the affiliates, all of the brethren please rise, face the north heavens, and hold your hands out to the sky, and petition Father.


11.) "Almighty and most merciful, loving Father, thank you for the knowledge of your holy days, thank you that we can be in tune with you, and your myriads and billions of angels all celebrating your way of life,


12.) "Thank you for pouring out your Spirit on The Obedient Church of God, and for strengthening us, and helping The Obedient Church of God reach more and more of the people.


13.) "We ask your blessing upon this service, both the speaking and the hearing and especially the blessing on the video tapes, because more and more people are downloading the tapes. Without your Spirit they won't understand the depths of the words that we are speaking. Help them to inculcate it into their minds, they're not just idle listeners, but actually become doers of the word.


14.) "strengthen all those you are calling; strengthen those who are seeking baptism. Give them the knowledge that they need in order for them to be baptized. Help them, especially the ones we are working with now.


15.) "e also ask you to be with the brethren in Pakistan, 200 plus of the brethren who were burned out and eight of them were murdered four years ago. Please always protect them from now on as they are in your Obedient Church of God, and they are calling on you for protection and so are we.


16.) "Now Father we turn this service over to your hands, and ask it all in Yeshua's holy righteous name, Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Amen."


17.) As I said today, we've got another dynamite service, and this is with the days of Unleavened Bread. As you know we all celebrated Passover last night at the beginning of the fifteenth, "at the beginning of the fifteenth," between the two evenings with the correct ending of the fourteenth [of Abib].


18.) Because you can't have the Passover over on the thirteenth, and try to call it the evening of the fourteenth because the lambs haven't been slaughtered yet. So you can't eat the lambs if you haven't slaughtered the poor lambs yet. So, of course, it's the fifteenth, and that just blows all  the theoretical arguments and all the historical arguments right out of the water.


19.) I want to say that right at the beginning, because I like to simplify things and give the gestalt.


20.) Just like I told you, 9-11 was not a conspiracy. The towers were blown up by the government, and the proof is they fell at free-fall speed, and you can throw away all of the other arguments and all the other yapping. You can't have a building fall down at free-fall speed unless it's blown up. Period. That ends it.


21.) The same thing with Passover. You can not have the Passover elements, the bread and the wine, typifying the body and the blood, until after the lambs have been slain. You can't eat the lambs until after they have been slain. We'll tell you more about that later, but we'll make it in threes right now before we start the hymns.


22.) You can't have Yeshua crucified before he is tried. "He was tried." In sequence of events, as you go through it all, He was crucified at 9 a.m., and He was sentenced, pronounced at 12 noon. You cannot be crucified before you are sentenced.


23.) So there are three salient points on how The Obedient Church of God operates
Another point for us right now is to praise Father. First we give the opening prayer to enter the throne room, then we give the outline on what we are going to be speaking on today. And then we bring our offering to Father, the "fruit of our lips."


24.) Here's our beautiful 1934 hymnals with the original words which are more salient and poignant. That's for camera one, that's for camera two, that's for camera three. So all please remain standing, and turn to page 35, "In Distress I Cried to God," which is also titled, "When I Dwelt in Mesech," 120th Psalm. And the words are more poignant since we are in Babylon, since we are in spiritual Egypt, In distress we cried to Father. With the fruit of our lips, we sing out.


25.) This is your petition to Father. We sang these special words, "special words" where you are beseeching Father. So lift your eyes up to Father from whence comes your help. So it's very important for you to sing out with meaning and feeling so that Father does not ignore your prayers when you are praying, because you were just going through the motions when you were singing to Him.


26.) So let's keep the intensity up, and turn to page number 39, "To The Hills I'll Lift My Eyes," page 95 in other hymnals. And why are we singing this? Because that's from where our held comes. We're praising Father for our help. So all please sing out. Don't embarrass yourself. Thank Him for the help you give me. Sing with spirit and feeling.


27.) Yes, indeed. We just sang to Father, petitioned Father that He keeps you and that He never slumbers, never sleeps, and who will be your guide? Who did you ask to be your guide? He will be thy guide, and thy foot shall never slide. Very appropriate the way these songs fall into place for the Days of Unleavened Bread. 


28.) As you know we have a new set of songs every New Moon Day. Now let's turn forward, "Unless the Lord Shall Build the House," page number 61.


29.) And we've shown you how Mr. Armstrong was used from 1934 to 1986. Then one year of mourning for the fallen leader, and then William F. Dankenbring was used from 1987 to 2008, and on to the scene comes Lawrence A. Nowell giving a sermon on Cleansing the House of the Lord in 2008.


30.) Now we are in the Ten Years of Awe of the Romans 9:28 work So we sing this with fervency, because we know Father is building a house and He works through different agents at different times in order to bring us all to the purity and knowledge of Him. So all please sing out. Show me thy ways, "show me thy ways," O Lord, page 61 in our, 96 in others.


31.) We sing these two verses, and keep it as it was in 1934, so it can be more poignant. And we end up with the words, "And happy these whose quivers bear, full store of arrows such as these; they in the gate are free from fear," The gate that opens every New Moon Day, "and boldly face their enemies." And boldly face anyone who goes against New Moon Day.


32. Now we love the people that are trying their best, everyone needs time to grow in different areas. But when you come across new truth, such as New Moon Day, you've got to realize that the gates were opened, and the people worshipped. It was that simple. And they did so in the New Testament. So there isn't any discussion on that. We keep the gestalt simple.


33.) Now that we have praised Father, we want to be telling you what is going on in this world. And then for the main message, we are going to be crying out to Father for Him to save all of His called ones, not just ourselves, but all His called ones. Because we have a situation going on where we have every church of God moving the Sabbath Day to the sixth-day in one-half of the world since 1883.


34.) Now in 1881it was just fine. Everybody kept the Sabbath Day on the seventh-day in the whole world, anyone who is a Bible-believing Christian. But, "but, but, but, but," in 1883 they moved the day, "they moved the day," so that Friday became the Sabbath.


35.) And a lot of the Worldwide Church of God, actually all of the ones I know, are worse than the pope, because the pope will say, admit that he moved, the pope admits that he moved the Sabbath, seventh-day, to Sunday. The pope admits it, it's in written transcripts from the 1920s where the Catholic Church stated they had the authority to move the Sabbath Day to the first day, Saturday to Sunday.


36.) Now the diabolicalness of the Worldwide Churches of God is their diabolical trickery is they don't admit, "they don't admit" that they are moving the Sabbath Day to the sixth-day. They, indeed, lie. And in fact it is an error of omission; it is then an error of commission, because it is a deliberate deception to say that they are keeping the Sabbath Day, when since 1883 the Sabbath Day has been moved to Friday.


37.) So the pope moved the Sabbath Day to the first- day of the week and the Worldwide Churches of God moved the Sabbath Day to the sixth-day of the week because they go along with the 1883 phony date line, and they refuse to wait for the sun to set.


38.) Now regarding the Holy Days, they also use an averaging calendar, the Hillel II averaging calendar, which there is no necessity to use at all. We've all got telephones and we can call Israel, or your leader can call Israel, your pastor can call Israel and say, Have you fellows sighted the new moon? The new moon starts the month.


39.) We don't average the new moon. That would be like averaging the seven day Sabbath, when  in fact, the Holy Days are even of higher significance than just the Sabbath alone. So would you average the Sabbath to Wednesday? and put Sabbath on Wednesday, because Sabbath runs from Saturday to Saturday. So, if you don't want to use the right procedures, so why don't you average the Sabbath to Wednesday? Same thing.


40.)  And all of the Worldwide Church of God offshoots are so "so" particular the second the sun goes down to celebrate the Sabbath Day or you are disfellowshipped the second the sun goes down. But what do they do? They move the Holy Days two days early, one day late, one day late, two days early. And they refuse to change.


41.) And there is no reason to be using an averaging calendar, so you've got The Obedient Church of God here also pronouncing there is no Sky Father's Day, there is no Mother-goddess Day. And don't give me this junk that you love your mother so much. You've got 364 other days to love her.


42.) And you hang-up on her if you call her on Mother-goddess Day because you are not part of this world, and if she wants to be part of this world, that's her problem. But you are not going to participate in Mother-goddess Day in any way, shape, or form. And it's a tough one.


43.) You are not going to give your mother flowers on Mother-goddess Day, You are not going to give your mother chocolates or presents on Mother-goddess Day. Who are you going to put first, God or Mother-goddess Day, the goddess of all the gods? That's a fact.


44.) The thing is people don't realize how serious this is. Remember we just told you about April Fool's Day that we don't participate in April Fool's Day because it mocks Yeshua being shuffled back and forth from Pilate to Herod and back. That is why you send people on worthless errands on April Fool's Day; it's a mockery of Yeshua.


45.) We The Obedient Church of God are the only congregation that is following all of the tenants of the Bible that the other congregations are not following, and as we discover more of them, we are going to be telling you about them.


46.) Now we don't have the foot washing. We had the Passover service last night; guess what we decided. Not us, but the Passover Service is only for baptized members. So, therefore, we did not transmit the Passover Service last evening world wide, because if you have people that are tuning in, which they do, and take the Passover elements as we are instructing them to, and they don't know how to take the Passover properly, they are eating and drinking damnation on themselves and we are not going to be a part of Satan's ploy to be eating and drinking damnation upon themselves.


47.) So we do not transmit the Passover Service any longer, because we know better than to have some neophytes who don't know how to discern Christ's body, eating and drinking damnation upon themselves, and also sickness and illness. The Bible says that's why some of you are ill, because you have during the Passover Service, taken it in an unworthy manner by having your mind on yourself and all of your sins. That is not what Passover night is for.


48.) Passover night is for Yeshua to be honored for his great sacrifice. You've got all the days of Unleavened Bread when you are washed with Yeshua's blood and you prepare all year long. But on Passover night when you put the bread in your mouth, you think only of Yeshua's torn body where the skin is ripped off to the bones where you can see all his ribs, where his beard is torn out, where he is not recognizable as a man. That's what you think on Passover night.


49.) So let any minister beat you over the head with examining yourself, you "you, you, you," little you, "little you." So go to I Corinthians 11, verse 27, and this explains why we don't have the Passover on the broadcast to the world anymore. Because look at verse 30. "For this reason many are weak and sick among you, says I Corinthians 11, verse 30.


50.) I Corinthians 11, verse 30, you want to know why people are sick in the church? "For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep, dead." And why? Go to verse 27.

"Whoever eats this bread, or drinks this cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner...Now that's an adverb, "unworthily." Unworthy manner is an adverb, "will be guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord."


51.) Verse 28, "But let the man examine himself, and so let him eat drink of the cup..." What does it mean, let the man examine himself? It means to examine the way you are thinking the second you swallow the bread and the wine.


52.) And if you are focusing on yourself, and your sins and not on the torn-up body of Yeshua, and the blood spilled down the stake until he bled to death, if you are not focusing on that when you are swallowing the elements of the bread and the wine, you are taking it in an unworthy manner because you're focusing on little, "little," you. And that's not what you are supposed to be doing.


53.) So, in order for us to take the Passover, we explain all this to our membership, and therefore, they take the Passover in a worthy manner, because no one is worthy to take the Passover in the first place. You're not worthy. I'm not worthy. No man or woman is worthy to take the Passover.


54.) Only Yeshua is ready to stand in our place as a pure sacrifice. So, of course, you can't examine yourself to see if you are worthy. You examine the manner that you take it. Now I hope that explains very clearly why out of love and concern for others, we no longer broadcast the Passover because they would be taking the Passover, many of them in an unworthy manner.


55.) No matter how sincere they are, they'd be thinking about themselves, and their life and how rotten they were all year long. And you don't do that when you swallow the elements. You think of Yeshua's torn body, skin torn off down to the bone where he's not even recognizable as a man. And that's what the Bible says, that he was not even recognizable as a human, because he was scourged twice, and it was horrible. That's taking the Passover now in a worthy manner. 


56.) You know The Obedient Church of God is bringing you safely into God's way of life. And not the lying sinisters that beat you over the head and have you focusing on yourself when you should be focusing on Yeshua.


57.) Now the Days of Unleavened Bread are here, we are focusing on ourselves now. Now's the time to focus on ourselves now, and, indeed, all year to clean up our act. But the first day of unleavened bread, what happened last night, "what happened?" Do you know what happened to you last night if you took the Passover in a proper manner? You were washed.


58.) You were washed clean in Yeshua's blood last night, which was the start of the first Day of Unleavened Bread. So you are given a running start. Yeshua and Father give you a running start. Like a dirty little baby, they clean you up on the start of the first of the Days of Unleavened Bread, which was the night period last night. They wash you clean you up.


59.) Now, "now, now," you stay clean and you stay out of the mud, your stay out of the mire, you stay out of the filth after they've cleaned you up on the first start evening of the Day of   Unleavened Bread. It was last night, they washed you last night. You want to keep clean and not head for the dirt.


60.) Now we have no other custom in The Obedient Church of God but to follow every jot and title of the Bible. And Yeshua followed every jot and title of the Bible, because Yeshua did not do one thing against His Father's law. And unless you repent, you will not enter the Kingdom of God. There are qualifications. It's a free gift.


61.) But it is just like giving a gun to a child. He can do a lot of harm, and you've seen all the harm that has been done by all the ministers all around the world. All the denominations with their religious guns when they are pointing them and shooting them off and not knowing what the proper procedures are as to focus on Yeshua's horribly marred, torn-up body where he wasn't even recognizable.


62.) Go on our internet site and you'll see that he was unrecognizable as a man. We've got a caricature in a Godly was of Yeshua. Not like the pope's caricature where it's a tiny little whipping here and there, there isn't any skin left on Yeshua. He's not recognizable as a man. So, therefore, in conclusion regarding the Passover, that's why we do not broadcast it anymore so no new neophyte listener can come in and take the Passover in a wrong manner.


63.) Now remember that the lambs were not slaughtered until the daylight portion, they were slaughtered in the daylight portion. And just a sidebar, there was one time when the lambs were slaughtered in the homes, or in groups of people's homes before the priests got involved.


64.) This all occurred, "all occurred," before the night of the 15th on the afternoon of the 14th. So it couldn't be any simpler without getting into all of the arguments.


65.) Now we The Obedient Church of God call upon Father, Elohim, Save us, "save us." We of ourselves, our works are filthy rags, but we do observe everything we can find in the Bible so that we can be more like our Father, so that we can fit in with the family.


66.) So when the family has New Moon Day, we have New Moon Day; when the family has Passover night, last night, we have Passover night. We don't change it. Now when the seventh-day Sabbath comes around in half the world, we don't change it to the sixth-day, like the pope does.


67.) God is a loving God and God is a caring God. And you've got to realize that you want Father to show mercy to you, and in order to do that, you have to be obedient because Father,  you know, He adopted other children because His own children didn't love Him. So He had to call in the Gentiles.


68.) So the Jews, the Jewish people didn't obey. What did God do? He divorced them. So let's get this straight right at the beginning of the Days of Unleavened Bread. You are saved by grace through faith, not of yourselves lest any man should boast, and you do  the obedience because you love God.


69.) Now what happened to the children of Israel? They didn't become obedient, so they got divorced, and others were called in. And that was the only solution for them.


70.) Remember, I had said that even with Lot's wife being turned into a pillar of salt, because a lot of people think disobedience is just a small act of disobedience. Oh, she only just turned around to look back to see what was happening to the city. Such a small act.


71.) Well, the New Testament, Luke 17:32 tells you to remember Lot's wife. Days of Unleavened Bread are here, it's a small thing. You want to get leaven out of your life, you want to remember Lot's wife, Luke 17:32. Why?


72.) Why do you want to remember Lot's wife? It wasn't simply looking back at Sodom out of curiosity, or because she was distraught, losing all of her possessions, and the city being burned,  but, "but," her carnal mind, she regretted leaving it behind.



73.) And you have to leave everything behind, including your mother on Mother-goddess Day, and put God first. Now Lot's wife regretted leaving everything behind and she looked back. "She looked back." Now, was looking back, turning her head, a little thing? No. It was a big thing, because it was an attitude saturated with evil. She was told not to look back. She deliberately looked back.


74.)  You are told to keep the Sabbath Day holy in the whole world. You do not move it to the sixth-day in 1883, and then play ignorant, or say Yeshua will restore all things, because Hebrews 10:26 tells you, If you know the Sabbath Day is on the sixth-day in Australia and New Zealand, and you continue to celebrate the Sabbath Day on the sixth-day in New Zealand and Australia, you will be thrown in the Lake of Fire.


75.) Same as Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt, because 10:26 of Hebrews says nope. No sacrifice for sin, no Passover sacrifice you took last night applies to you, because you did not follow Yeshua's ways. You rejected Yeshua's ways.


76.) You knew the Sabbath was on the seventh-day; you didn't count the shadow of the earth, and you celebrated it deliberately on the sixth-day. No sacrifice for you. I hope that wakes some of the people up out there. All the smart-alecks that think they know doctrine and all th rest out there, let's keep the gestalt simple.


77.) You know that the seventh-day is being celebrated on the sixth-day in Australia and New Zealand. You know it was changed in 1883, you know that as a fact. And yet you celebrate the Sabbath on the sixth-day. No sacrifice for you. Last night you wasted your time. I tell you that on the authority of the Living God, because you are supposed to hold the Sabbath Day on the seventh-day in the whole world, and you are supposed to teach the whole world.


78.) And all the people in the Living Church of God that are sick and ill over three-four months, I've been conversing with one of the, I guess you would say one of the outstanding writers of the Living Church of God, but it hasn't gotten through to Doctor Meredith. And they are all sick and ill. "They are all sick and ill," proclaimed a day of fasting while I was discussing with their head writer how they had to obey the seventh-day Sabbath.


79.) The head writer said, Well, we don't have any congregations in New Zealand and Australia. Wrong. I can go to your site and see you are having feasts in Australia and New Zealand. That means you are going to have your feast days one day early.


80.) One day early, because you are not to go by the International phony Date Line where you fly out of L.A. X., Los Angeles Airport and then the day jumps ahead magically, jumps back when you hit Australia. So, you know that you have to have the Sabbath on the seventh-day, and you have it on the sixth-day in half the world, no sacrifice for your sins.


81.) Remember I said in 2008, Cleansing the House of God, House of the Lord, how far am I going to go? Just watch, "just watch" how far we go to turn your hearts back to Father. You just watch us and you'll see how far we are going to go.


82.) Last night you can't take the Passover elements, because you knowingly violate the Sabbath Day in half the world. Hebrews 10:26 do that knowingly, no sacrifice for your sins. You wasted your time last night.


83.) And remember Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt because it was her attitude. Her attitude was all wrong. She was told what to do and she deliberately disobeyed, "deliberately disobeyed."


84.) Well, to obey is better than to sacrifice. And your sacrifice right now was last night with Passover bread and blood. And to sacrifice, obedience is better than sacrifice. Obedience is better than taking the Passover.


85.) So, you want to be partakers of sin? Fine. Keep on partaking sin all through the Days of Unleavened Bread and say you are God's Church, and say you are being led by God, move the Sabbath to the sixth-day in half the world, and celebrate Mother-goddess Day, the mother of all gods and goddesses, and celebrate Sky Father's Day, the longest day of the year.


86.) Oh you don't celebrate Christmas Day, the shortest day of the year, but you celebrate the longest day. Well, you wouldn't want to insult your father, your earthly father who impregnated your mother. You wouldn't want to insult him by giving his presents back or hanging-up him on Sky Father's Day, hanging-up the phone on him. Oh you wouldn't do that.  


87.) Well, who are you going to put first, God the Father or your earthly father? Where it says you have to love God more, and not participate in Sky Father's Day. Don't tell me it's not Sky Father's Day, or that you don't do it in honor of Sky Father’s Day. When you are dead and buried, it'll still be Sky Father's Day.


88.) Turkey-god Day, don't tell me that you don't do it in honor of Osiris-Ra, the cosmic goose that laid the egg that Osiris and Ra was born from. Don't tell me you don't do it in honor of Osiris-Ra because when you are dead and gone, it'll still be Osiris and Ra's Day.


89.) You march in Hitler's parade, you are part of Hitler, whether you say so or not. You choose to march in Hitler's parade, you choose to march in these Satanic days. Some of you might have been planning April Fool's tricks on each other, which were mocking Yeshua and sending people on useless errands.


90.) I remember once a man in one of the machine shops I was in, one of the new trainees was sent for a lemming bar, "a lemming bar" all through the shop. The shop was a big shop and it had 2,000 men. The building, you know he had to walk a mile to get to the other end of the yards.


91.) Long story short. There is such a thing as a lining bar, that's a 6 to 8 foot bar that they used to pry over large pieces of equipment, a lining bar. But he was sent for a lemming bar right through the whole shop. So I'm doing that just to lighten things up just a tiny bit, because you know that our attitude is to try to do these things in love, but we've got to wake you up.


92.) We've got to wake you up, and we've got to cleanse the House of the Lord, because nobody else is doing it. So, God is a God of love. He is also a God wrath. He is also a God who gives stern  warning. And He warns you, Remember Lot's wife, Luke 17:32. That's a command, Remember Lot's wife.


93.) Little sin that she had, little sin? She was turned into a pillar of salt, because it was her attitude that it didn't matter to turn around and look. It didn't matter to have the Sabbath on the sixth-day in half the world; that it didn't matter to honor your mother more than God by having Mother-goddess Day, and Sky Father's Day, and Turkey-god Day, April Fool's Day and all the other Satanic days.


94.) And don't forget birthdays, which the witches celebrate as their highest sabbath because it's their personal, that's their biggest day of the year is their birthday.


95.) Well, Lot's wife if punished. God is consistent throughout time. He warns the unjust and then intervenes if they are beyond redemption. Lot's wife was beyond redemption. If God had not punished Lot's wife by killing her, a piece of Sodom would have remained alive.


96.) You'd have a human being infected with sin, and she would maintain her sinful ways and disregard God's commands and warnings. God's word, "God's word," would have been of little value, little worth to her and everyone else, if God had let her get away with it.


97.) See, if God hadn't punished Lot's wife, a piece of Sodom would have remained alive. She would be a being infected with sin. If she wasn't dealt with, rebellion, the sin of witchcraft, would have permeated the Lot family. So rebellion had to be punished.


98.) If Lot's wife was not struck dead into a pillar of salt, this would have served to further encourage others to maintain disobedience. That's why Lot's wife had to be turned into a pillar of salt, not because God was a “Melanie”. For if God was mean, because if it was left for Lot's wife to live and maintain her sinful ways, her sinful attitude to disregard God's commands, God's word would have little or no effect.


99.) So remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy, Saturday, in the whole world, or you, like Lot's wife, will be killed by God. It's your choice. And last night's sacrifice of bread and wine doesn't apply to you if you are moving God's Sabbath to the sixth-day knowingly. Hebrews 10:26 cuts in, whether you like it or not, no matter what you say. It doesn't mean anything what you say, because you are serving the Devil. You are serving the Devil.


100.) You are not serving God by moving the, the pope's serving the Devil moving it to the first day. Your poop's serving the Devil moving it to the sixth-day. Remember, I've told you, You've got to serve somebody. It may be the Devil, or it may be the Lord, but you've got to serve somebody.


101.) So the Days of Unleavened Bread, now, now you examine yourself. Now you see who you are serving.


102.) I've got a song here by Robert Zimmerman. Sound a little Jewish to you? Well, it is. But that's Bob Dillon's real name, Robert Zimmerman with three m's in it. And he made a pact with the Devil. He's singing, "You've Got to Serve Somebody!"


103.) You're going to have to serve somebody: it may be the Devil or it may be the Lord, but you're going to have to serve somebody. Are you getting it? All of Lot's wives out there? Are you betting it? You think its so harmless to turn around and look back? To observe the Sabbath Day on the sixth-day in half of the world? To celebrate Sky Father's Day? Mother-goddess Day? Turkey-god Day:? You're serving the Devil. You’re serving the Devil and you are trying to call yourself a Christian.


104.) Now we've got the seven Days of Unleavened Bread, you better give your head a shake. "Better give your head a big, big shake," because you are crazy if you think you are serving God with Turkey-god Day, Sky Father's Day, Mother-goddess Day, and moving the Sabbath Day to the sixth-day in half the world. You're serving the Devil.


105.You're going to have to serve somebody, You're going to have to serve somebody. It may be the Devil; it may be the Lord, but you've got to serve somebody. I'm playing this to drive it home. Think about this. It applies you, all you spiritual virgins.


106.) You think you are so pure? Calling up your mother on Mother-goddess Day, calling up your Father in Sky Father’s Day? Who are you going to put first? You'll all be turned into pillars of salt. That's where you are heading anyways. The kindness thing for God to do to put you out of your misery if you don't repent.   


107.) The Days of Unleavened Bread, yes. Repent. Now is the time to examine yourself. Now you have to examine yourself and put sin out. Put sin out of your life. 


108.) You have to serve somebody. Yes, you have to serve somebody. It may be the Devil or it may be the Lord, but you have to serve somebody. There you have it. How's that for the Days of Unleavened Bread for all the righteous Worldwide Church of God offshoots of God out there that serve the Devil all year long in terms of Mother-goddess Day, Sky Father's Day, Turkey-god Day, and moving the Sabbath Day.


109.) You're going to have to serve somebody. It may be the Devil, or it may be the Lord, but you have to serve somebody.


110.) So, welcome to the Days of Unleavened Bread where you can figure out who you are serving this year, during this coming year. It may be the Devil, or it may be the Lord. In Bob Dillon's vernacular, "It may be the Devil, or it may be the Lord, but you're going to have to serve somebody."


111.) I'm doing that to wake you up, but you're going to have to serve somebody. Give your head a shake to see what you are doing. This is The Obedient Church of God commanding you to grow in knowledge, "commanding you to grow in knowledge," just as the Bible commands you to grow in knowledge.


112.) You know the problem with all the Worldwide Churches of God is the failure, "the failure" to improve and clarify doctrine over time, over the years, and the decades indeed. Their understanding hasn't grown, hasn't been clarified. They don't understand things.


113.) Things that I've just told you should make your mouth gape with astonishment, just to think you are celebrating Mother-goddess Day, Sky Father's Day, Turkey-god Day. You’re celebrating Devil Days. Astonishment about it.


114.) Then you just sit there and say, Oh, I'm repenting. I'm having the Days of Unleavened Bread. Yes, and I'm clearing out all the piddle little things in my life. Yet the big timber and beams in your eye, you want them to stay there. Keep that Turkey-god Day, keep that Mother-goddess Day, yes, keep that Sky Father's Day.


115.) Well, we are correcting all the Churches of God, and they can't argue. You can't argue and say you that you are going to keep Sky Father's Day, Turkey-god Day, Mother-goddess Day, unless you are self-deceived. Or unless you are like Lot's wife.


116.) See, we have through the decades and the centuries past that have shown that man isn't self-correcting. Man is devolving, not evolving. It's devolution, not evolution. It's one of the lies of Satan that we've got evolution. We've got devolution; we are getting worse.


117.) Just look at the state of the world. It's getting worse and worse. Look at the state of the churches, they're all splintered, and it's getting worse and worse and worse. There's no unified cohesion factor, and there's over 30,000 denominations.


118.) And I believe there's up to 4,000 denominations of Worldwide Church's offshoots. There are little home groups, and they've got no one to point out the truth to them and help them grow in understanding. Well, you have to grow with the group that gives you the best understanding of the truth. And we haven't even really started yet. We're jug t in our first year.


119.) We're going to do the short work of Romans 9:28 until 2018 [started 2008-2018 the 10 Days/Years of Awe].


So watch us. See how far we're going to go. I gave that sermon in 2008. Just watch us. "Just watch us," as we set the obedient path for you to walk in Yeshua's footsteps.


120.) And Yeshua honored His mother, but Mother-goddess Day has been around for thousands of years. Yeshua didn't celebrate it. Turkey-god Day has been around for thousands of years; Yeshua didn't celebrate it. Sky Father's Day, same thing. 


121.) So now we The Obedient Church of God are sharpening, clarifying, refining through God's word. Deuteronomy 12:32, don't add one jot, title, don't change Galatians 1:6; Galatians 1:9.


122.) Then you go to the back of the book, Revelation 21. Let's read it together so you know what happens in the end, because we told you if you took the Passover last night, and you are determined you are going to move the Sabbath Day to the sixth-day, like the pope moved it to the first day, no sacrifice for your sins, Hebrews 10: 26. Your knowingly do it, which you are, many of you are.


123.) Revelations 21:27, "But there shall by no means enter it, the kingdom, anything that...causes a lie," as the Sabbath Day is on the sixth-day. You won't be in the Kingdom. All you ministers, you're causing a lie. You will not be in the Kingdom. I say that on the strength of Revelation 21:27.


124.) You better give your head a shake, because this is no light matter. It is no laughing matter, this is no light matter for you to behave like Lot's wife and think you won't be struck dead. And what about the poor members who are foolish enough to listen to these ministers?


125.) Revelation 22, verse 15, "...outside...are whoever practices a lie." You practice the Sabbath Day on the sixth-day, you are practicing a lie, whether you say so or not. It doesn't matter. When you are dead and gone, the record will be written in heaven that you had the Sabbath Day on the sixth-day in New Zealand and the sixth-day in Australia. The record will stand. The books will be opened.


126.) You don't have any defense. You don't have any defense at all, no matter what your mouth says. You can argue all you want. So give your head a shake.


127.) So, the Days of Unleavened Bread. We haven't even got started yet. I've got a whole sermon on that. But we're clarifying, sharpening and [putting] giving you the ability to give your head a shake, "give your head a shake, " because you're dancing with the Devil. That's right.


128.) All of you Worldwide Church of God offshoots, you think you are so righteous, to move the Sabbath Day, you are dancing with the Devil. Have Sky Father's Day for your dear father, you're dancing with the Devil. Having Mother-goddess Day for your dear mother, you're dancing with the Devil. Turkey-god Day? You're dancing with the Devil.


129.) Now I'm doing this work, not because I have to, not even because I want to. I had a whole different career at one time, in fact, I've had many careers. I've got my own corporation and I really don't have the time to be giving these sermons. Very busy fellow. But I am because I don't want you dancing with the Devil.


130.) And I gave up a lot to come into The Obedient Church of God. Gave up a lot of friends along the way, also. Gave up my musical career. Some of the people that played with me on stage in my band, "Making Tracks," were members of, guess who? American Woman. That's right. That's who you are listening to. My association with some of the tops in the world. Played to 100,000, a crowd of 100,000, "a 100,000" people.


131.) Regarding how Led Zeppelin got their name, Burton Cummings "(leader of "The Guess Who" (whom the English loudest Rocking Band in the World copied Burton's name and called themselves "The Who") Burton was in a Hotel Room in Vancouver, with them all, and Burton said: "That part of the show went over like a Lead Zeppelin".


And lo and behold, Led Zeppelin the hardest rocking Psychedelic Acid Band in the World,  "they" took the name, so they called themselves Led Zeppelin.


I gave up all that "potential notoriety", (that way of life), for God. Not comparing myself to anyone, but I gave that all up.


132.) Dance with the Devil? Well, there was a fellow that had a, his name was Tom Jackson, he was on North of Sixty for three or four years, which was an evening series, and he was a carpenter on Sesame Street for awhile. I was  with all these people.


133.) Tom Jackson and I lived together for a couple, over a year, a year and a half. He wrote a song called, Dance with the Devil. I’m going to drive this home for you by playing my buddy Tom’s song for you.

134.)  So you want your Sky Father’s Day, and the Days of Unleavened Bread here, you want your Mother-goddess Day, you want to phone your dear mother on Mother-goddess Day. You’ve got 364 other days to do it, but oh no.


135.) Or your children phone you Mom, and you say, “Well, thank you for wishing me well on Mother-goddess Day, I really appreciate that.” Well, you hang-up on your children, because you have told them before you have nothing to do with that. 


136.) Or you do the same thing on Christmas Day when your children call you. When people out on the street say Merry Christmas to you, you say, All of the best to you,” because you know they don’t know anything.


137.) But when you’ve told your children about the pagan days, and they insist on calling you up on Christmas Day or Mother-goddess Day, or Sky Father’s Day, you hang up on them. Or else you are dancing with the Devil.


138.) And I don’t want you to be dancing with the Devil. That’s serious. That is so serious. So how are you going to repent with the Days of Unleavened Bread coming up now. How, indeed, can you repent if you retain all of the pagan days, and you continue to move the Sabbath Day to the sixth-day in half the world?


139.) How can you possibly, unless you dance with the Devil all year? That’s what you are doing right now. You’re dancing with the Devil. Be like Lot’s wife was, one way trip. Tom and I played together many times. Spins you round with all the Satanic Days, Turkey-god Day, Mother-goddess Day, Sky Father’s Day, moving the Sabbath to the sixth-day in half the world.


140.) It’s all for you. You’re on a one-way trip; Lot’s wife was on a one-way trip. Oh she was called out. Lot’s wife was called out of Sodom. You were called out. You don’t know what darkness is about. Sit-out Mother-goddess Day. He’ll spin you round for all those pagan days. There you have it.


141.) Days of Unleavened Bread. Are you going to unleavened yourself? Or are you going to be Lot’s wife? And be unteachable, say it doesn’t matter, it’s not serious. Attitude problem. God’s word says to have nothing to do with the pagan practices.


142.) There’s no denying that Turkey-day is a pagan practice. Mother-goddess where you put your mother first ahead of God, put your father first ahead of your father in heaven. Now you’ve got it straight for how to start to repenting for the Days of Unleavened Bread. Stop dancing with the Devil.


143.) Watch out for people. Romans 16:17, “Watch out for people who create divisions among you, and avoid them.” That’s right. People that are against the Bible ways, and there are a lot of ministers out there and they say it’s just fine to have Turkey-god Day. Get away from them. “Get away from them.”


144.) Romans 16:17, “Watch out for people who cause divisions and upset people’s faith.” How? How do they upset people’s faith? By, “by”…sinful enticements that oppose the teaching you have learned from the Bible.


145.) Sinful enticements. They entice you to have Turkey-god Day in honor of the true God, Romans 16:17. The exact words of Romans 16:17 say, “Watch out for people [sinisters, ministers] who…upset people’s faith by sinful enticements that oppose the teaching that you have learned in Deuteronomy 12:32, Don’t add a day, Galatians 1:6; Galatians 1:9; Revelation 21:27; Revelation 22:15. Sinful enticements.


146.) Remember, I told you that the wolves are the ministers. It’s not the sheep that are the wolves. It’s the ministers that are eating up the sheep, tearing them apart. And tearing their hooves off right down to the bone, devouring the sheep.


147.) So watch out for ministers who cause sinful enticements. See the sinisters will turn this around to others who are speaking out for the Bible ways.


148.) And these lying sinisters will switch Romans 16:17 around in a circle. Remember, dancing with the Devil? He’ll run you right around in a circle so you have to ascertain. Romans gives you a command here. In Romans 16:17 it says to ascertain who are the real causes of the divisions that have sprung up against you, among you.


149.) Who is the real cause? The person, the church that’s following the Bible? Or the minister that refuses to follow the Bible? Who is the cause? The minister who refuses to follow the Bible, he will say that we are the cause. He’s a liar.


150.) They are all liars when they say that, because the Bible says that divisions that have sprung up, to avoid the people that cause divisions. What are the divisions, to their doctrine or to God’s doctrine?


151.) Now look at Romans 16:17 New King James, “Now I urge you, brethren, those, “those” who cause division.” How do they cause division? Contrary to the doctrine to which you learned?  “contrary to the doctrine to which you learned?” That’s how they caused divisions.


152.) The divisions are already there. We are putting you back on track with God’s ways. The Bible say. We’ll say it one more time, Romans 16:18, “For those who are such, do not serve the Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple.”


153.) So to the true church God is saying in verse 19, “For your obedience has become known to all, therefore, I’m glad on your behalf that I want you to be wise in what is good and simple concerning evil.”  


154.) So we played those songs for you to get you to stop dancing with the Devil. And we told you in Hebrews 10:26 that you have no sacrifice for your sins any more. No sacrifice.


155.) You took Passover, you wasted your time last night if you are moving the Sabbath to the sixth-day, celebrating Sky Father’s Day, celebrating Mother-goddess Day, if you are celebrating Turkey-god Day. These are all pagan deities.

You cannot say that they are not, because when you are dead and gone, they’ll still be in the history books.


156.)  And your record in heaven that’s being written will show that you celebrated on those pagan days. So let us come together in the faith, in the unity of the faith. Come into The Obedient Church of God into the unity of the faith. Is that such a bad thing, to come into the unity of the faith?


157.) Have you learned anything yet? We haven’t even come to the main message. We always have so much crying out to do. And that we have to deal with. The truth. Well. I’m going to give you the truth about Israel in a minute, but first, we have the offering today.


158.) So all of you out there, now is time to give the offering on the first Day of Unleavened Bread. Three times a year you should appear before the Lord, I believe it’s Deuteronomy 16:16, or somewhere around there. And you are not supposed to appear empty-handed. That’s three times a year.


159.) Not seven times a year where you show up with money every day of the feast, on the first day or the last day of unleavened bread. No. You only show up with money on one day, because it’s three times a year. Today is on unleavened bread, that’s one time, Passover; Pentecost, the second time; and Tabernacles is the third time.


160.) So, let’s read it in Deuteronomy 16:16, how many times a year shall all the males appear before the Lord your God? “…the feast of unleavened bread,” there you go, “they shall not appear before the Lord empty-handed.” They shall not appear, you shall not listen to this broadcast empty-handed. It’s that simple.


161.) This is the Lord’s broadcast, and we can prove it because we are the only congregation in the whole world that is keeping all the tenets of Father that shown to us so far, and we can prove it because the other churches are not, “not, not” keeping the tenants of God.


162.) Now we’ll have the offertory music playing, and it’s Allegro by Strauss, and it is Handle’s. And I knew Mrs. Handle, believe it or not. She was my library teacher. She descended from the original Handle. Yes. So now I want you to go to the internet site,, and on the internet site, I want you to make a donation right now as part of this service. So go to  and go on to the sidebar on the right hand side, and scroll down to donations.


163.) Now because we have so much material on our site it is difficult to find the “Donations“ button. So click Edit on the top of your page, and then go to the window that pops up that says “Find“, and then insert the word Donations in the other window that pops up. You’ll have a little window pop up that will let you type in the word donation, so you can find the donation window on our site, because we’ve got so much information, you can’t find it. And we don’t emphasize it as donations, because Father is in charge. We trust Him for the money.


164.) But now, to move your heart to make a donation. So donations make your donation, click on donations to support this Romans 9:28 work. It’s going to bring up another song on the freedom of the right to have a church. And therefore, you want to scroll down where the page says donations right now this second, and that’s tied into the holy days where you are not slack before God. And you can choose any amount that you want, “any amount ,” and it’s all in multiples, and that’s how you send in donations.


165.)   Why do you send it in to The Obedient Church of God? Because that is where you are being fed. “That’s where you are being fed.” You want to support the work. We have the brethren in Pakistan that have to be supported also. We have a lot of internet costs, and with your donations,  we’ll promise you that every donation will be going on to God’s work. It won’t be going for anything else. It’ll be going on to the internet in order to get adds, so that we can get other people to know “to know” what the truth is.


166.) Where does your money go? It’ll be going onto to internet adds in order to get people to get to our site to know the truth. So donate right now, right now this second where you are being fed.


167.) Now we’ll really feed you with true information about Israel, which I promised you at the beginning of the service from Barry Chamish. He’s one of our associates. Barry and I do correspond sometimes; we have in the past, “we have in the past.” So what is the truth about Israel? I wanted to make sure I had time for you, to give this to you.


168.) And, it says, not two months ago, the head of military intelligence for the I.D.F., Israeli Defense Force, Aviv Koch Avi, felt he had to tell the public a painful truth. Israel’s enemies, presumably not Egypt or Jordan, have 200,000, nearly a quarter million, 200,000 missiles aimed at everywhere in the country, “200,000 missiles.”


169.) This is earth-shaking. Little Israel is only forty miles across. They’ve got 200,000 missiles aimed at it. In the next war, unlike the disastrous war in 2006, which saw literally the entire north driven south by the missiles, this time there is no where to run for Israel.


170.) The Israelis retreated in the war of 2006. It’s not that widely spoken, but he Israelis got their butt kicked in 2006. They lost. They all headed south.


171.) Now because there’s 200,000 missiles headed at Israel, there’s no where to run. Koch Avi may have let the cat out of the bag that the entire general staff knows the stats that conclude that Israel is a goner.


172.) So scared is this settler- less staff, “settler-less staff,” that less than a month before, they let Hama’s reign in over 300 rockets in four days from Rison Letzion east to Beersheba. The army overwhelmed with fear, the Israeli Army is overwhelmed with fear that any retaliation by the Israeli Army might spark a full-scale war that Israel would lose.


173.) The Israeli Army sat on its hands comatose. Serious. There’s a threat that Israel has let its enemies know that so far has kept the next war in check. There is a threat that Israel has let its enemies know that Israel will sit on its hands and do nothing when attacked, so that the next war doesn’t break out. And Israel gets clobbered by 200,000 missiles. This is dynamite information.


174.) In Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, and Iran they have decided not to order the missile war ignited, because Israel has threatened a kamikaze nuclear ending.


175.) Now any rational person knows that Damascus cannot be destroyed by an Israeli nuke. We know Damascus is going to be destroyed, but it would be the same as Israel nuking itself because Damascus is only ten miles from the Golan Heights. If they destroy Damascus by a nuclear attack, no matter which way the wind is blowing, the Golan and upper Galilee would be irradiated within minutes.


176.) The same goes for the cities of Sidon, Tyre, and Gaza. So if you start the next war, Israel will lose, but everybody is going down. Everyone is going to be nuked to oblivion. So they won’t do anything this stupid yet. “So this is not the first time Israel has threatened itself and its neighbors with instant annihilation,” writes Mr. Chamish.


177.) In 1973 after Defense Minister Moshe Dyane made a secret deal with his American counterpart Henry Kissinger to give the Arab armies an unprepared, immobilized Israel, this is stuff you don’t hear, that Moshe Dyan in ‘73 made a deal with Kissinger to give the Arab armies, hand over the Israeli Armies to the Arabs basically.


178.) That is, to give the Arab armies an unprepared, immobilized Israel. The diplomacy backfired and Israel was on the verge of being overrun. Realizing the price of his own treachery, Dyan ordered the nuclear missiles readied for a doomsday scenario. So in 1973 Israel was going to go nuclear. And Israel has 200 nuclear warheads, and probably 600.


179.) And it claimed it overran supply lines, quite a trick for the two-hour long Golan Heights and parked its troops by the upper Jordan River. The Syrians understood the threat. And they claimed, the Syrians claimed they overran the supply lines.


180.) “Back then,” writes Mr. Chamish, “Back then the Assad regime would have been  very upset to see Damascus turn to rubble. Today with the same Assad gang teetering on the precipice of a coup, who knows if they go, then all of Syria goes with them.


181.) Israel’s kamakazi end-time scenario may not be anything but a helpful tool to let the Alawites go in a bust of glory. All it will take is the firing of over 100,000 missiles as aimed at Israel to get the party going. And Assad has threatened to do just that.


182.) Soon after we will discover if the Shiites of the suicide bombers really believe the everlasting rewards that they are brainwashed with. 


183.) See folks, the situation I told you last week is like a tinderbox  box, “like a tinderbox.” It can go off at any second. The only thing that is stopping it, if you want to know the reason it hasn’t happened yet, is because the full number of the Gentiles has not been called in.


184.) And that’s why we are counseling people for baptism. We’re trying to assist the best we can God’s work by baptizing others. And if you are baptized by The Obedient Church of God, you are baptized into the Father, and into the Son, and given the gift of the Holy Spirit.


185.) And I explain this for all to understand. It is not the man’s hands to cause the Holy Spirit to enter into you, it is the petition to Father where you ask Father to put the Holy Spirit into the individual that is being baptized.


186.) So we know that Father will look at a person’s heart, look at a person’s true motivations, and decide whether or not to answer the prayer of The Obedient Church of God regarding whether or not to give that baptism candidate the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands. Its Father’s decision.


187.) Now this is so important. So that all the members out there from all the different offshoots from all the different churches of God know that if they were baptized by a minister, who fell away and made a shipwreck of his faith, that your baptism is still valid.

Because that minister who has fallen away, has petitioned, or had petitioned Father to give you the Holy Spirit.


188.) And you who received the Holy Spirit, not through the power of the minister, but  through the Father deciding that this was the best time for you to come into the knowledge of the truth of God.


189.) So we are baptizing, counseling for baptism, individuals that are basically Gentiles. That’s the way God has worked things out. He gave us the whole 200 of the Pakistani Church  that are now Obedient of Church of God members, and given us some American members. And we petition Father for Father to give the Holy Spirit to the initiate who is seeking baptism. And that is the proper way to view this.


190.) So I don’t want any back talk from people that are saying anything negative about baptism. It’s up to the Father to give the Spirit. It’s not up to anyone else to give the Spirit. Now we chose who is available, who is properly oriented, toward baptism. We choose that person and we present them to the Father. And that is the way it is done.


191.) All of you out there that are thinking of counseling for baptism, now you know you’re dealing with the Father. We are petitioning the Father in order for you to be given the Holy Spirit.


192.) Now you can, all of the members out there, you can quench the Spirit by disobedience, so we’ve got to mention that to you. That you can quench the Spirit by disobedience. Let’s see how much time we’ve got here. Okay, I don’t think we’re going to go down that road of quenching the Spirit. Let’s finish off the article here of what’s happening in Israel.


193.) And here’s what is so important, because this will involve the whole world. “The generals,” this is by Barry Chamish, “The general staff know it is that losing the next war,  ‘Israel losing the next war,’ will end in holocaust, ‘nuclear holocaust.’ ”


194.)  Now what Israel’s general staff voted to give Tel Aviv an overpriced anti-missile system. Remember the “Iron Dome” that you hear about? for defense? Well, guess how many missiles the Iron Dome can handle at $100,000 a pop? Answer. Twelve, twenty- four.


195.) So you’ve got 100,000-200,000 incoming missiles, you haven’t got a chance with any Iron Dome. It’s only out there to fool the people and give them a false sense of security. Well, let’s go to the conclusion of what Mr. Chamish writes here.


196.) “In its final depraved act in the final days of Israel,” Mr. Chamish writes, “the Supreme Court of Israel ordered the IDF, Israel Defense Forces, to bulldoze Migron, necessitating retaining the army to dump Jews in the streets, bulldoze the Jewish houses, and escape the thousands of Jews that are now seeking revenge against the Israeli Government and Israeli Army.”


197.) “The Supreme Court,” I’ll read it as it is written, “The Supreme Court jackass President, Asher Grunis, may be the first one tortured when the murdering come up, because the Jews are so mad,” at what their leaders have done, I’ll interject there.


198.) Then Mr. Chamish goes on to say in conclusion, “that he sights his predecessor, Dorit Beini, in 2007 accepted $20 million from the Ford Foundation to hand around to the far left pro-Arab organizations, which would not normally exist.” See they are trying to pacify the Arabs and that’s impossible.


199.) “We can only wish that residents of the outposts will come to their senses and agree to accept their duty not to appear as law-breakers and that they will settle any other site that the state deems they can allow if they will all move over to another site.


200.) Just pick up and quit complaining,” the Israeli Defense Force has been telling them as the Jews are being moved out, while the Arabs are being pacified, so the Arabs don’t blow Israel off the face of the earth with 200,000 missiles.              


201.) Well, there you have it, what you don’t hear on the news. 200,000 missiles pointed at Israel. Mr. Chamish ends by saying, “Bye, bye Gaza, the system of mutually assured destruction, MAD, worked more or less  because the Americans didn’t want their country blown back to the stone age in the dynamics of today’s Middle East.


202.) Israel’s kamikaze threat to blow everybody up is working for now, but Mr. Chamish writes, “If the missile war was fought against Israel’s leaders, against the politicians, then good riddance, but the naïve unbelieving Israeli people are in for the holocaust of their lives if they don’t smarten up possibly in the nick of time.”


203.) Happy Passover. Better keep your life in order, because there are going to be wars and limited wars and nuclear wars around the world, all leading up to the big one with Russia and China.


204.) Prayer. Father, save us. Elohim, Father, save us. Pray it fervently. That’s the only thing you can do is to pray for Father to save us. Cry out in your prayer tonight, Father, save me both physically and spiritually, because there isn’t any hope, folks. The script has already been written. The whole thing is going down and we’re going to be part of it.


205.) By the way there’s a tsunami wave of garbage from the Fukashima Daiichi Plant that is going to be washing up on the American shores and we’ll all be radiated again from this swath of garbage that’s crossed the ocean.


204.) It’s an end-time scenario every way we look. The radiation rates are so much higher because all we know somebody that has got cancer. There isn’t any hope until Yeshua comes back. That’s our only hope.


205.) Let’s try to wrap this up here and move on to a little spiritual help for us for the Days of Unleavened Bread. Here we go with  missing, not missing, they are right there in front of us, but we have to bypass about ten of the files, but we are going to tell you why to celebrate the Days of Unleavened Bread. See, we’re going to end up on a positive note here. 


206.) What are we celebrating? We are celebrating being taken out of slavery. Three days. Leaven rises, if it doesn’t have yeast, three days. When the Israelites left, they celebrated Passover night, which means they deleavened their whole house on Passover night and then they headed out the next morning at daylight, at the “boker,” which is the breaking of the dawn, the daylight portion of the day.


207.) So I want to tell you a little about yeast. Remember, I promised to tell you about how to get the yeast out of your life. We’re going to get it in here yet. Now it took three days for the bread to rise, if you don’t have yeast in it. And they headed out.


208.) Now just so you know, when you see in the Bible leaven to get all the leaven out of your houses for the Days of Unleavened Bread. There are three different Hebrew words that stand for leaven, and are translated as one world in the English.


209.) There are three types of leaven. There is hamatz and that’s regular bread, the opposite of the matzos. There are three. The third one is sior, which is yeast for sour dough starter, so you shouldn’t have any starter in your house. You shouldn’t have any boxes of yeast in your house. Nor baking soda, nor baking powder, because it’s the days of unleavened bread, not the days of unleavened yeast.


210.) So if you want to be a smart alec, and use baking soda or baking powder to puff up things, you are not leavened if you’ve got baking soda or baking powder, no matter what you say. And how you want to get into the argument  that the yeast actually changes the constituents, while the baking powder only blow up things with bubbles, you’re still wrong because you’ve got to be unleavened, “unleavened.” It’s the Days of Unleavened Bread folks, not the Days of Unleavened Yeast.


211.)    And, therefore, you’ve got to throw out, I can’t read my own writing, but it looks like mack, which is the leavened product. Yes, including coconut cookies that are puffed- up, even them. Anything that puffs up. And we know all about the yeast changing the constituents, we know all about egg whites not changing the constituents, but the point is, it is the Days of Unleavened Bread, flat bread.  It’s the days of flat bread to make it clear.


212.) So don’t you go using baking powder or baking soda or egg whites or some other way that Lot’s wife would do it in order for you to have a fluffy bread, because it’s the days of flat bread.


213.) Now, any questions about yeast, because without yeast, it’s not the 18 minutes that the dough will rise if you don’t put yeast in it. It takes two to three days for the dough to rise. So watch out for that myth out there that it’s only the 18 minutes, if you let the bread stand on the heater element and that in 18 minutes the yeast in the air will cause it to rise. No, it won’t. It will take 2 to 3 days. So let’s get rid of that myth right there right now. 214,) The main thrust of this is to get rid of the yeast that causes the problem in the first place. Get rid of your yeast. Get yeast out of your life. Now that involves you examining yourself to get the yeast out of your life during the Days of Unleavened Bread.


215.) And you’ve got to realize that you have got yeast in your life. And I don’t want you to have a yeast infection. I don’t want you to have Sky Father’s yeast infection, Mother- goddess  yeast infection, Turkey-god yeast infection, moving the Sabbath to the sixth-day in half the world.


216.) So, here’s your title, I promised you: How Not to Have an Yeast Infection in the first place. How to avoid to have a yeast infection in the first place. First, the best way to cure your yeast infection is to prevent its occurrence, “to prevent its occurrence, ” because the yeast can grow and multiply to unmanageable levels once you allow it to have a start.


217.) And that’s why Lot’s wife was struck dead because that would have been the start of disobedience in God’s family from the get go of getting out of Sodom, and turns around in direct disobedience, she had to be cured of the yeast, because then if God had not struck her down, then God would have had a problem with everyone else not obeying for the good of themselves.


218.)That’s why she was struck down. Then God’s word would have meant nothing. So the best way to cure your yeast infection is to prevent Mother-goddess Day. Call your children up now and tell them you are not going to celebrate that day. You’ll hang up on them next year. Tell them not Sky Father’s Day, you’ll hang up on them.


219.) Tell your children not to call you on Turkey-god Day; you’ll hand up on them. What’s coming up next? Easter. Hang up on them. It’s the goddess of sexual love, unless you love your children more than you love God. Hang up on them. Call them before Easter and say, I’m not calling on Easter, don’t call me on Easter. I do not celebrate the goddess of sexual love, Ishtar.


220.) You are either for God or not. Are you going to be for Lot’s wife or are you going for God’s way. It couldn’t be any simpler than that? The first way to cure your yeast is to prevent its occurrence by calling up your relatives and telling them to back off on Easter.


221.) And the yeast can grow to multiple levels, so you end up next with calling you up on Sky Father’s Day on March 22nd, and the next thing you know they’ll call you up on Christmas Day. Remember, people pass you on the street, Merry Christmas. “All the best to you,” I say. But,  my relatives, they say Merry Christmas, and they know it’s a Satanic day, I hang up on them.


222. Now the second way to not have a yeast infection is starve the organism. Starve it. How do you starve it for your Days of Unleavened Bread, so you don’t have yeast in the body? You monitor your intake of T.V. and movies. Right now on any of the situational  T.V. comedy shows, I was flipping channels, and there sexual innuendo in every \situational comedy.


223.) Your intake of T.V. and movies. You’ve got to starve the yeast organism. You’ve got to starve the yeast organism of ministers, of sinisters that try to tell you that Sky Father’s Day, and Turkey-god Day, moving the seventh-day Sabbath to the sixth-day in half the world is fine. You’ve got to starve those organisms, take yourself out of those organisms.


224.) And that applies to stay away from yeasty foods, “stay away from yeasty foods.” Stay away from sinful churches, Romans 16:17. Stay away from them.


225.) So, number one, you call your relatives, and tell them to not call you on these sinful days;                                                                                                                                           two, you watch your intake. You starve your yeast by watching your intake of movies, T.V., and                                                                                                                                         three, you get out of yeasty churches. Get out of yeasty-filled church so that you can be yeast-free.


226.) Or else, it’s just going to go on and on and on and on and on, one thing after another to put more yeast in your life.


227.) So let’s look at Romans 16:17 in conclusion. Romans 16 and verse 17 to see what the answer is. We all have to have righteousness in our faith, so don’t say anything is too picky around here, because you have to be spotless, “spotless,” because that’s who the bride is.


228.) Now it commands you in Romans 16:17 that those who are against the Bible, avoid them. That’s right. Now the ministers claim they are of the Bible and try to turn it around on people that tell them to get out of the minister’s clutches for moving the seventh-day Sabbath to the sixth-day.


229.) Romans 16:17, Get out. Avoid them. Those that are contrary to the doctrine you have learned in the first century, “in the first century, in the first century.” No Sky Father’s Day ever celebrated by the church in the first century, the Philadelphia Church. No Turkey-god Day in the Philadelphia Church. No moving the Sabbath Day in the Philadelphia Church. There you have it folks.


230.) How to get the yeast out of your life? Three things you’ve got to do. Catch the yeast before it grows and multiplies by calling up your relatives, making the record straight, before they call you and with you a Happy Easter.


231.) Starve the organism. Watch your intake of magazines, T.V., and movies, and even the T. V. Guide if it is too risqué, don’t even read the T.V. Guide.


232. And yeasty foods, yeasty ministers, big yeasty ministers, avoid them. Have nothing to do with them. And ascertain who are the real causes of division from the first century,  and you will find that the real causes are the ministers.


233.) Therefore, we hope you will have a profitable day the first Day of Unleavened Bread. We’ve got enough material to give it for seven days, but the Bible indicates that it is the first day and the seventh-day that we hold the holy convocation. So there will be today, as you know, is April 7th, Nisan 15th , and the closing Holy Day is April 13, a Friday, or Nisan 21.


234.) Side Bar here. Shake off the crumbs of laziness. We haven’t got time to give you all that article. But, if you’ve been known to eat too much, and are too lazy to stop, you have your yummy food, and you are too lazy to stop. Just shake off the crumbs, “shake off the crumbs, shake off the crumbs.”


235.) And if you want to have your pagan days, I’ve got a song, but I’m not going to sing it, we‘re out of time, but it goes, “If you’re gonna eat your crackers in bed, you’re gonna’ have to sleep with crumbs.” That’s how I end off the sermon today If you’re going to be with yeasty ministers, you’re going to have to sleep with crumbs.”


236.) So de-leaven yourself. Encourage the ministers to de-leaven themselves so that you can be in the Kingdom, and not be thrown into the Lake of Fire. That’s the sermon for today.


237.) We’ve got time enough to squeeze in the last hymn, and all please rise and turn to page 115, “Blessed and Happy is He who Obeys and Fears God.”


238.) Closing prayer is given by Lawrence A. Nowell.