Ministers have NO RIGHT to call themselves Christians BECAUSE ministers do not DO nor believe the Doctrines that Christians in the 1st Century “DID” and Believed.

Ministers are NOT Christians BECAUSE the ministers do NOT do what Christians like Paul and the Disciples did re Holy Days and ways.




We’ve KILLED God’s children!!=

Ministers to ask themselves:

“What have we done!” We’ve KILLED God’s children!!=

We’ve CAUSED the ETERNAL DEATH of our members!!!


YOU ministers “CAUSED” the death of people who wanted to follow/belong to God.


YOU ministers “CAUSED” people to follow the Devil’s DISobedient way.


CAUSED the ETERNAL DEATH of your members.

How Dare you ministers

move God’s 7th Day Sabbath

to Friday the 6th day

in Australia, India, China etc., with a phony 1883 Date Line

Your minister” is stealing/taking away your Eternal life by teaching you to be DISobedient.

Editor’s Note: If a liar doesn’t “know” that he is a liar, he is still a liar telling lies.