Mr. Armstrong

 was not wrong in his Booklet 1975
40 Years in the Spiritual Wilderness
= 1975-2015=


"IS" the startime "Beast's" year

Before Yeshua/Christ Jesus arrives in 2021-2022 Julian Calendar time

The "GREAT" Tribulation starts 2018-2019 Julian time

1975 in Prophecy + Moses' 40 years= 2015


2018 is when we will be in the Place of Safety

just like Mr. Armstrong said, (plus this writer's understanding of 40 years of testing)

Just the same as it was for the Israelites who could "NOT" enter for 40 years!

1975-2015=40 years, BUT

Delayed 3 years until the full # of the Gentiles are called in. Romans 11:25

Let there be no move delay-Ergo there is a delay. Revelations 10:6

Here is the "original" Booklet printed in 1956 titled

"1975 in Prophecy"

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by Herbert W. Armstrong

1975 in Prophecy + Moses's 40 years

This writer has grown in every jot and tittle of Yah's Bible that he could find over the last 50 years.

This writer has been rewarded with wisdom

as stated in Proverbs 2:7

For He stores up sound wisdom for the upright.

This October 6 2007 Sermon Video Click here> shows you that

you should now listen to/follow the teachings of 



For "ONLY" TO COG follows every "jot/Word" of  Yeshua/Christ.

Here are 34 other points of Understanding

that TO COG has that few if any other Church has:

Rediscovered truth of/for the Obedient Church of God

This is what makes The Obedient Church of God the


of all the Churches of God

for these vital points are virtually unknown

to nearly all of the other Churches.


1.) God "did" divorce Israel and remarry another, for God now has a new bride which includes Gentiles as his bride.


2.) There are 2 groups of 144,00. See and compare Rev 7:4 & Rev 14:1


3.) The 2 loaves of "Leavened/raised" wheat bread of the Wave Sheaf offering, are held up by Yeshua = not any other Priest.


4.) The 2 loaves of "Leavened/raised" wheat bread held up to the Father on Pentecost are the 2 groups of 144,000.


5.) Satan tried to drown Jesus and all His Disciples "all" at once, just like a plane crash. Matthew 6:25.


6.) The International Date Line is supposed to be at the East Border of Israel at the Euphrates, not in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


7.) All the churches of God west of the International Date Line are celebrating God's Sabbaths on the wrong day =

All Sabbath keepers west of the International Date Line are keeping the wrong Sabbath day.


8.) All the churches of God are breaking God's Sabbath by not using God's Preparation Day to cook their Sabbath food on Friday.


9.) The Sabbaths are the mark of God on you. Exodus 31:13.


10.) Never "ever" pay money at Restaurants for hiring workers and buying food on Yah's Sabbath Days after Sabbath services, or you are "breaking" His sign on you.


11.) Never use Potential Visibility when sighting the Crescent moon in Jerusalem to determine the start of Yah's month.


12.) All offshoots of the WCG (Worldwide Church of God) are celebrating Yah's Holy Days 1-2 days early = on the "WRONG" days by using the Apostate Hillel II calendar. Proper timing observance of Yah's Sabbaths, results in Yah putting His mark on you, as a Sign between you and He.


13.) Yah's Sabbaths are a "TEST COMMANDMENT. Numbers 15:32-35.


14.) Yah's Sabbaths are a "Perpetual Covenant" you make with Yah. Exodus 31:17.


15.) The Kieographone ((list of charges against you was nailed to the Tree (cross)), not God's Laws.


16.) You are to take the Passover elements in a worthy "MANNER", even though you are "UN"worthy. I Corinthians 11:29.


17.) Passover has always been on Nissan 15 not Nissan 14, and Jesus grew up keeping the Passover on Nissan 15, and Jesus stated that He never ever did anything against His Fathers law. Therefore the Last Supper of Nissan 14 was just that: A last "supper". It was NOT NOT NOT the Passover. The Passover was the next day, Nissan 15. Or else Jesus would not have qualified to give you eternal life by His holding Passover on the wrong day!


18.) God's people Are to "dwell in" = sleep in Tabernacles for the Feast of Tabernacles. Hosea 12:9 Leviticus 23:42.


19.) Dwell/sleep in real tents (small tents on your Hotel Bed during the Feast of Tabernacles (Huts)= Urban Camping inside where it is warm, to inculcate into your mind that you are a Temporary Dwelling.


20.) Only men are required to come to Yah's Feast (though women are allowed). Deuteronomy 16:16.


21.) People need to shut up and obey Nebuchanezzar (Obama) Jeremiah 27:7 , or God could kill you. :8. Obama is Nebuchanezzar.

22.) 3 American cities in the USA will be nuked. The bear had 3 ribs in its mouth. Daniel 7:5


23.) The USA/Israel will nuke Damascus. Isaiah 17:1


24.) After the USA/Israel blows up Damascus, 1 million Arabs that are "now" living "inside" the USA will go wild and will attack the USA, inside the USA in RETALIATION INSIDE THE USA BY 1 MILLION MUSLIM ARABS NOW IN THE USA!


25.) By 2013 the USA will be broken Isa 7:8. 1948 + 65 years= 2013.


26.) In 1967 Israel's winning the War + 40 years= 2007 + the 10 years (days) of Awe +10 = 2017 =

10 years of trouble = the US started falling apart in 2007, because the 10 years of Awe started in 2007.


27.) Only 1/10 will survive after the Tribulation. Isa 6:13.


28.) The USA's National Anthem is originally from Devil/Baal worship using the song and melody: "To Anacreon in Heaven", Bacchanalia with its lyrics "And long may the sons of Anacreon intwine the myrtle of Venus with Bacchus' vine."


29.) The Wizard of Oz movie is a mockery parody that demeans Jesus and His family:

Jesus (The Lion of Judah) as the Cowardly lion,

Joseph of Arimathea (who was a 1st Century tin merchant) as the Tin Man,

Jesus' brother James (Martin Luther called James a book of Straw) as the Straw Man,

Dorothy is a parody of  Jesus' Mother Mary, who has a child that crushes the witch's /Satan's house.


30.) Jesus was rich rich rich as in wealthy wealthy wealthy (because remember the Kings of the East gave Jesus Gold = a great inheritance).

(Jesus gave up all his earthly riches to His family, and went in faith, out on the road, with His disciples).


31.) Woman is the wrong interpretation of Zechariah 5:7 It should say "fire"


32.) Basket should say rocket.


33.) The "Flying Scroll" of Zechariah 5:1 is "not" a scroll at all, but a nuclear missile, because in verse 7 it is covered in "lead" as a nuclear warhead is encased in lead so that the workers on the assembly of the missile do not die, and woman is mistranslated and should be translated as "fire" as in rocket engines,  and lifted up the basket= rocket between earth and heaven. Zechariah 5:9.


34.) Trumpets is coming up, and TO COG (The Obedient Church of God) is one of the only Churches of God that will "not" be glad handing and smiling on the day of Trumpets, because the day of Trumpets is 7 Trumpets of Devastation and Terror.


Devastation and Terror on Trumpets
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In conclusion, we are not afraid of controversy by stating these 34 points for:


Smooth runs the water

where knowledge is deep.





c Lawrence Nowell

The Obedient Church of God

 c Lawrence A Nowell

c c Lawrence A. Nowell