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It “IS” The Biggest Mix-up that you have ever seen:

Days were pushed ahead & scrambled, so you CAN’T SEPARATE what they mean.

The Passover Day Bread & Wine was moved

24 hours earlier by Herbert!



And you ministers have NO AUTHORITY to COMBINE/confuse/move

the last dinner with foot washing & WRONGLY CALLING IT the


They are SEPARATE Days/Commands!

And you can’t be abolishing days and actions:

Abolishing taking the Bread & Wine “AT” the private upper

room last restaurant dinner”

that you wrongly call The Night To Be Much Observed, &

moving Passover 1 day early;

and MAKING God’s Home

PASSOVER into a Catholic style

mass at a Hall

instead of in your Home as: “ALL” Christians had Passover

in their Home in the 1st Century. Period. That is God’s WAY.

Passover is to be taken in

your home! While the last dinner

2 days before can be

at a Restaurant.


1.) Jesus “COMMANDED” you to take the Bread and Wine “AT” the

Last upper room Dinner:

The PROOF is Jesus’s own words: After the “supper,” saying,

This cup is the new covenant in my blood. As often as you drink

from it, keep doing this in memory of me.” 1Cor 11:23

2.) And Father Yahovah also commanded you to take the Passover also

(as a perpetual Covenant). Exodus 12:6 Numbers 9:11

Therefore the Lord’s

Supper/Dinner is on the 12th and

later you also do the Passover

2 days later on the 14th.

By “your” having Passover on the 13th, and a get together

Dinner on the 14th restaurant Night To Be Much Observed

get together when He is already dead: Everything is backwards

and worse yet:

3.) You are calling the Lord’s Dinner The Night To Be Much

Observed “AND” still worse yet:

4.) “YOU” are SINNING right at

the START of the Days of U.B. by

hiring restaurant workers and

paying money/their bill “on”

the Holy evening start of the

1st Day of U.B.

5.) Remember Herbert combined the 3 events into 2 events and

6.) Reversed the 2 events.

7.) The 3 days of: i.) The 12th NIGHT the dinner ii.) The 14th TWILIGHT

Passover iii.) The 15th NTBMO (Night of Watching from “INSIDE” your

house) were all MIXED UP so you CAN’T SEE/live out what each one


It “IS” The Biggest Mix-up, that you have ever seen:

Days were pushed ahead & scrambled, so you CAN’T live out, what

each means.

Will “youfollow the Bible

Commands listed in the Bible/Word of

God, or the words of little ratchet

jaw, machine gun fast typing

sinisters who refuse to repent and

change from error?

The Sinisters ARE Killing you, with errors.

It doesn’t matter what the Jews do today or did yesterday, or what

Herbert did. It matters what “you” do, to follow EXACT Bible events.

Work out your own salvation WITH FEAR and trembling.

Philippians 2:12.

Follow God’s BIBLE written INSTRUCTIONS “NOTHerbert who

made many “Uninspired decisions” and 200 prophetic errors.

FACT: Herbert broke up and DESTROYED thousands of

Families for having a divorced mate, separating children from their

father or mother,

AND THEN: Herbert married a Divorced mate RAMona, and worse

yet then Herbert Divorced Ramona. WAKE UP! HERBERT fouled up and

MISdirected the Church. PROVEN by the FACTS!

BTW: Did the Apostle Paul buy himself: Solid GOLD Dinner plates,

Solid GOLD cutlery, PRICELESS Artwork, Race Horses=a $17 MILLION

DOLLAR JET Gulfstream II at a cost of MILLIONS of dollars and then

STILL YET a Gulfstream III, AND still yet 5 other planes counting Garner’s

Falcon and the Big Sandy planes, and still yet at least A MILLION DOLLARS+

A YEAR to Maintain/SERVICE them, plus Gulfstream needs 2

Pilots on call 24/7, And a Crew on call, AND Hangers for all the planes,

a Rolls Royce plus Cadillac Limousines, PLUS 4 homes, $5,000 Gold

Cufflinks, “AND” rare Antiques, Expensive Paintings and objets d’art ,

and Steuben crystal, and luxuriant carpets; magnificent paneled walls,

sculptured foot-high SOLID GOLD Louis XIV saltshakers, Gold bathroom

fixtures with YOUR TITHES! Herbert was the worthless shepherd of

Zechariah 11 who stripped the hooves off of the Flock PROVEN

BY THE FACTS! Ibid. http://www.triumphpro.com/zechariah-

11-prophecy.pdf . He never helped the poor STARVING homeless

people next to him in Los Angeles nor in the USA NOR IN India etc.=


Paul and Jesus did not live this greedy wrongheaded way!

And on top of all this SELFISHNESS, Herbert had a BAD TEMPER, so no

one could advise him to stop, without being fired! Herbert FULFILLED

THE PROPHECY of stripping the hooves off the sheep.

In 1 Cor. 9:6 Paul asks, “Are Barnabas and I the only ones who cannot

refrain from working for a living?” This means that Paul worked in manual

labor. Philippians 2; Cor. 11:12 The foxes have holes, and the birds

of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.

Mat 8:20 vs Herbert who had 4 homes and paid himself “ million and

up to “ a million a year. Jack Kessler said HWA gave himself a salary of

$500,000 per year in 1981: Jack Kessler 1981 Letter to

Worldwide Church of God Board of Directors Ibid.




gave himself a “Personal” expense account of 1 MILLION


Herbert stripped the hooves off the flock.

So don’t go by “DIS”obedient wrongheaded Herbert for “everything”

you do, because Herbert had truth mixed up with 200+


Here is the REAL TRUTH about what the prolifigate, evil, “NOT GROWING”

in Knowledge 2 Peter 3:18 for 44 years since 1972, Herbert following

sinisters do, and WORSE they refuse to repent and change:

1.) Ministers have got “ALL” the Passover Season Days of God

ALLmixed up like Herbert did!

i.) They have The Night to be Much Observed jammed in with/confused/

mixed up with the Last Dinner, and

ii.) Sinisters have the Last Dinner on the WRONG DAY, as the Last

Dinner must be 2 days “before” the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread, and

iii.) Sinisters cause you to be paying restaurant workers on the

“evening” start of the 1st day of Unleavened Bread, which is a sin to

put restaurant people to work and for you to buy/pay for food on the

“evening” start of a Holy Day that they call the NTBMO (night to be

much observed) that you do “not” have a dinner on, for instead it is a

Night of Watching, not eating. And,

iv.) Sinisters have the Passover 1 day “before” the Lambs are killed.Yes

some of the million Jews had lambs killed earlier BUT they didn’t partake/”

EAT” them until “after” 6 P.M. just before the 15th started.

v.) Sinisters refuse to follow Father’s/Yahovah’s command to have

Passover on the correct twilight. They have Passover at the end of

the twilight of the 13 instead of the end of the twilight JUST

“before” the 15th starts.

vi.) Sinisters refuse to follow Jesus’s/Yeshua’s command to have the

elements of the Bread and Wine at the end of the Last Dinner. 1

Corinthians 11:25.

vii.) Indeed they refuse to follow Jesus’s/Yeshua’s command to have the

Last Dinner at all because they instead have it and call it the NTBMO,

let alone on the correct day, BECAUSE they backwardly call the

Last Dinner the NTBMO (Night To Be Much Observed). And worse


viii.) Sinisters have what they “call” the Passover, 1 evening

“BEFORE” The Passover evening! Sinisters have it at the “start of

the 14th instead of the end of the 14th.

ix.) And then they call the Last Dinner The NTBMO!

x.) They have what they “call” the Passover, on the wrong day,

BECAUSE Jesus could not take the Passover after He was murdered, and

they confuse the last dinner with the NTBMO/NIGHT OF WATCHING. It

is the worst mix up you have ever seen!

The sinisters have CONFUSED/corrupted everything!

Over 3 strikes (10 strikes) and you’re out.

Here are the Bible Facts:

1.) FACT: “Ministers” have got “ALL” the Passover Season Days of

God “ALLmixed up!

2.) The Night to be Much Observed is on the start of the 1st Day of

Unleavened Bread, in the evening after the sun goes down, thus starting

the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread, held at home.

3.) The Night to be Much Observed is a Night Of Watching, and is

“NOT” a restaurant meal.

4.) The Night to be Much Observed is to be done while STAYING/hiding

“INSIDE” YOUR HOME, waiting for the Boker dawn.

5.) Jesus’s Last Dinner of the 12th is not to be confused with

Yahovah’s/The Father’s Passover of the 14th just 15 minutes

before the 15th starts. But His/Jesus’s Last Dinner is held 2 days earlier

(“ON” the 12th, and “not” on the night of the 13th as COGS do now).

6.) Passover is held at twilight the 14th just before the 15th starts =“NOT”

the way you are doing it now having it when the 13th ends and the 14th

“begins.” God’s Passover is just before the 14th “ENDS” and the 15th begins.

7.) The Last Dinner is held in small groups in an upper room. TO COG

goes to a restaurant that has a private “upper” room and rents that

room on the 12th=2 days before the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread.

8.) You do “NOT” rent a HUGE restaurant hall and SHOULD “NOT” have

an “IMPERSONAL” 100 person dinner.You have a personal intimate dinner

like Yeshua had an intimate dinner with his disciples/those closest

to him, not with all 120 of His followers.

9.) You take the Last Dinner at a restaurant on the night of the 12th

because it is “NOT” a Holy Day, and therefore you can BUY and put people

to work for The Last Dinner.

10.) Right now you having a dinner on the start of the 1st Day of

Unleavened Bread and that is wrong WRONG “WRONG”!

11.) Which means you are hiring and paying restaurant workers= hiring

and buying on the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread, which is a sin.

12.) The answer is:

You are to take what you wrongly call the Night to Be Much Observed

WHICH IS really supposed to be a Night of Watching, at the start of the

1st day of Unleavened Bread, with you staying inside you home= NOT

going to a restaurant.

13.) You go to the restaurant for The Last Dinner memorial in remembrance

of Christ 2 days earlier on the 12th.

14.) Jesus was tried by Pilate on the 13th.

15.) After Jesus was sentenced to be crucified, Jesus spent the night in

the Dungeon, because you could not kill a man on the same day that he

was sentenced. That was the Roman’s Law. Period. NO arguing. It was

Roman Law. Therefore Jesus spent the night in the Dungeon.

16.) The next day the 14th Jesus was crucified at 9 A.M.. Editor’s Note:

Remember Pilate’s Verdict was at 12 Noon John 19:14-16, and you

can’t be crucified at 9 A.M. Mark 15:25 “before” you’re sentenced

at 12 Noon! John 19:14-16. That is the proof that Jesus had to

spend the night in the Dungeon with the stinging pain of his


17.) Sinisters have got all the days fouled up and mixed up and jammed

together! Which means you are taking Passover in an UNworthy manner

because you are taking Passover on the wrong day!

18.) And worse yet you are refusing to follow Yeshua’s/Jesus’s command

to take the bread and wine elements at the end of The Last

Dinner. Proof: In the same way, after supper He also took the cup and

said, “This cup is the new covenant established by My blood. Do this,

as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me. I Corinthians 11:25

International Standard Version.

19.) You are refusing to take the bread and wine “first” on the

same night as the Last Dinner as commanded by Yah. You are disobeying


20.) You ALSO are to take it OFTEN, NOT JUST 1 TIME A YEAR. You take

it every Kiddish on New Month Day= 12 months/times a year. That way

you stay close to and “MINDFUL” of, your goal to obey Father.


because you WANT to remain

DISobedient BRATS



Bible WORDS.

And it is a lying sinister who says that you are judged “only” on what

you know. Because then the cannibals of Africa would be judged as

righteous, and the gang bangers in the USA would be judged as righteous,

and the Eskimos also, because they did not know. But a lying sinister

says: You are only judged upon what you know. Ridiculous. That is

Ecumenicalism at its worst!

Your ministers are “ALL” DISobedient

BECAUSE THEY “DIS”obey and refuse to

follow “ALL” of GOD’s BIBLE WORDS

It is the End times now = no

pulling PUNCHES

The DISobedient members & ministers

WILL “NOT” be in the Place Of Safety

and worse yet

. . . he who did not know . . . shall be beaten...Luke 12:48 Because

you shouldhave taken the time to read AND KNOW and

OBEY God’s Bible.

Whoever says “I know him” but does not keep his [Passover Season Days

“AS” COMMANDED/WRITTEN] commandments is a liar. 1 John 2:4

He died in your place. The least you can do is not to corrupt the timing

of the events. Here is HOW to do the Last Dinner and then 2 days later


Here is how to do The Kiddish

For the Bread: The leader states: “We will all partake of the

bread symbolizing Christ’s body. All please rise, with:

1.) Each person “standing up” holding up a 1 inch piece of

The Bread in their right hand lifted toward Heaven, facing

Jerusalem, saying:

“Thanks and Praise be to You, O Father, our God, King of the

Universe, who provides bread for us, from the earth. Thank

you, Lord for the meaning and symbolism which this bread

represents, the beaten, bruised and torn body of our Lord

Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMachiach, who said on the night

before his Death:

‘I am the bread of life, and whoever eats of Me will live


And on the last night before His death, He told his Disciples:

Take, eat, this is My Body: Do this in remembrance of Me.

And so , Father, we partake of this bread remembering our

Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua, and the price He paid for our sins.

By doing this, as often as we do it, we proclaim His death, till

He arrives, and our acceptance of, and our honouring of, His

sacrifice for us. In His name we pray, Amen.”

You then have 1 minute of reflective silence thinking about

the 2 terrible whippings and Christ’s bruised, torn body, the

whippings He took in your place.

Just as there were many who were appalled at him–his appearance

was so disfigured beyond that of any man and his form marred

beyond human likeness (Isaiah 52:14)

The Popes Satanic deception is of just a light whipping, when in FACT,

Jesus bled to death from 2 severe whippings that left his body looking

like raw meat. He bled to death on the Cross, the same way that the

Lambs bled to death.

The leader after this one minute, then states: “We will now

partake of the Wine.”

The Wine

2.) Each person “standing up” holding up their wine glass

(with at least 1 ounce of wine in their glass), the glass in

their right hand lifted toward Heaven, facing Jerusalem,


“Thanks and Praise to You, O Lord God, our Father, who gives

us all our sustenance of water, air, warmth, food, and the fruit

of the vine. Thank you Lord for showing us the meaning of

partaking of this wine, as a symbol of the shed blood of Jesus

Christ, Yeshua our Messiah, who poured out His blood to cover

our sins, and who said on the night before His death on the

stake: ‘Drink ye all of it, for this is the blood of the New

Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins’;


‘Do this, as often as ye drink it, in remembrance of Me’.

So, Father, we drink of it now, in remembrance of the shed

blood of Christ, knowing that as often as we do this, we proclaim

and recognize His great sacrifice and proclaim His

death till He arrives, and we acknowledge Him as our

Saviour and Redeemer. In Yeshua’s name. Amen.”

You drink the wine all at once in one gulp, and then have one

minute of reflective silence, thinking how Christ bled to

death on the stake in your place.

You imbibe/drink the above glass of wine in this manner: “Do

this as often as ye drink it” during each crescent moon evening

meal, as the crescent moon meal is a regular special celebration

meal monthly for Christians, and during the celebration

meal, you have this tribute/remembrance of Yeshua,

who died in your place.

That is why the Bible states: “Do this as often as ye drink it,”

meaning when you drink wine with/during your monthly

crescent moon meal, be sure to remember Yeshua, and not

just be eating and drinking to/for yourself.

The leader after this one minute of silence, then introduces the

start of the Kiddish meal, by saying: “All please be seated.”

Be sure to:

1.) On the 12th be sure to have the Footwashing at the last

dinner (not to be confused with the Passover), and be sure to

end your last dinner private room restaurant or home small

group gathering meal (which is a 2 hour long magnificent

dinner evening) with a Hymn. See http://1stcenturychristian.


2.) But the Passover is 2 days later and MUST BE taken at

home, and has no Footwashing and has no Hymn and is only

10 minutes long, AND is taken in HASTE = And thus shall ye eat

it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your

hand; and ye shall eat it in haste: it is the LORD’S passover. KJV

Exodus 12:11 (like you were leaving for the Place of Safety)

at twilight “just before” the 15th starts.

3.) Once the 15th starts you are “NOT” to be eating but

instead looking out your window for the Egyptians to kill

you and you are to be remembering how your forefathers

left Egypt during the NTBMO (Night To Be Much Observed)

“INSIDE” your home = “NOT” outside at a restaurant.

This is SERIOUS not to move God’s Days around. Instead you

MUST Change to the above truths.

Jesus paid the price, but “you

MUST make the CHANGE.


The 2 hour long last dinner is on the evening of the 12th April

20th * at an upper private room restaurant if you can, or IN your


The Trial was on the 13th.

The Passover is taken at home twilight of the 14th April 22nd

*”AT” YOUR HOME just 15 minutes before the 15th starts; and

The Night of Watching NTBMO is inside at YOUR home

= stay inside as soon as the 15th starts.

*If Crescent is sighted on April 8th. If not sighted advance

to 21st and 23rd

Re Thiel/Thief stealing misappropriating Yah’s words saying we

should follow HILLEL II’s averaging calendar (instead of with 1 click

of the computer we can know the “CORRECT” date) and that

we should follow the Pharisees- do what they say = Then we

should crucify Christ as the Pharisees instructed.

Sinisters ARE so STUPID THEY

can’t/won’t even click on

their computer to know THE

CORRECT DATE so that “even

God can’t help them,”

You can’t FIX STUPID.


But we TO COG (The Obedient Church of God) are


So DON’T let some STUPID LAZY Sinister DETERMINE your

Eternal LIFE because the Mark of God is ONLY on those who obey.

You MUST have Holy Days “ON” the correct days/times= no averaging


For Ezekiel 20:12, 20 states Sabbaths are a Sign between you and God

and Isa 8:16 states: Bind up the testimony, seal the law [Passover Law]

among my disciples. Isaiah 8:16.

Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the

commandments of God and the faith of [Commands of] Jesus [do

this last dinner Cup in remembrance of me] Rev. 14:9-12

So follow Jesus’s instructions.

And Follow Father: HE states = Our “God’s” WRITTEN WORDS are:

LIGHTS “WILL” Mark days [not averaging calendars]. Gen 1:14

“OBEY” God’s 1st Book of HIS Bible or Burn in Hell.

But instead of Burning in Hell — FOLLOW God’s BIBLE WORDS of:


SO: Stop being mixed up, with mixed up unrepentant sinisters

having the Biggest Mix Up You Have Ever Seen. Stop following

Sinisters and

START following God’s Bible.

Follow the above TRUTH

and “notwhat your Sinister says, for the Truth shall make you free

of YOUR sin of “shall” moving the Bible’s Days, which is causing

you to take the Passover in an UNworthy MANNER of the wrong day

before” the lambs are slain, AS YOU ARE NOW DOING.

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Jn 8:32

KJV = Free of “YOURSINful WRONGFULLY moving of God’s Bible


The Passover Season is the HOLIEST of ALL

Seasons. Therefore it is Serious/”Mandatory” to

follow the Bible’s CORRECT DAYS.

Follow the Bible’s


We do not JUST preach to members-we preach to Ministers to repent.

We are here to STOP Ministers from “killing you” with FALSE


We do not equivocate.

Realize that Sinisters cause you to

burn in Hell with “THEIRfouled up

doctrines, that have the seeds of

their own destruction, as they Fiddle

with THEIR false words/ways that

contradict God’s Bible.

AGAIN Sinisters:




Follow the Bible’s


1.) Do the 2 hour long last dinner with foot washing & Bread

and Wine (in remembrance of Jesus) which is/was on the evening

of the 12th April 20th* at an upper private room restaurant if possible,

or in your Home. This is “NOT” the Passover because Jesus saying,

“As you know, the Passover is two days away, and the Son of

Man will be handed over to be crucified” Matthew 26:2. NIV And

when evening had come, He sat down with the twelve. verse:20.

NKJ God’s Bible PROVES this last dinner that He instructed His

Disciples to do with Him was “NOT” the Passover. For He was

dead and in the Tomb before the Passover started. 42 Because it

was the Jewish day of Preparation [=NOT THE PASSOVER YET] and since

the tomb was nearby, they laid Jesus there. Jn 19:42 You are to do this

“dinner” in remembrance of Him.

The Trial was on the 13th.

2.) Then also do the Passover which is/was taken in “HASTE” Ex 12:11

at home twilight of the 14th April 22nd *”AT” YOUR HOME just 15

minutes “before” the 15th NTBMO starts;

for Father washes you up/clean just 15 minutes before The Days of

Unleavened Bread begin, in order to give you a running “PURE” start,

for the Days of U.B..

and then

3.) Do the Night of Watching NTBMO WHICH is/was inside at

YOUR home (no going to a restaurant)= be/stay inside as soon as the

15th starts.

*If Crescent

We “ARE” Restoring All Things.

Dankenbring and me, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT9NSmZFE_Q

TO COG is the “Only” Church that is:

“CONTINUING” Mr. Armstrong’s Work of RESTORING All Things

All other churches are stuck in 1972 and refuse to Grow in Knowledge. 2 Peter 3:18

Follow God’s words to be your final authority, not ministers!


Passover Information Video, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxrxKzrGFC4

“For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a

terrifying expectation of judgment and THE FURY OF A FIRE WHICH WILL CONSUME THE ADVERSARIES” (Hebrews 10:26-27).

The Obedient Church of God / P.O. Box 1278 / Omak,Washington, USA 98841