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Other "Treats For You" to enjoy tonight:Satan Says: Don't let the "Past", remind us, of what we are 'not' now. <Listen to the Spiritual Application of the words.
Hint 1: Lady means Woman means Church.
Hint 2: Friday evening (SABBATH) we make it hard for Satan.
Hint 3: We've (TO COG)  got an answer, "what have you got to lose" except to lose your evil ways, such as
1.) Following Satan's false Date Line, and
2.) Hiring and paying Restaurant workers (sometimes) on Yah's Holy 1st & 8th day Feasts & Sabbath Days. Tell the judge you only steal or break the Law "sometimes".
On the educational positive side:
Here is a Whole Bag of "SPIRITUAL" INSIGHT Treats AND Songs & Entertainment for you tonight!
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The USA is "DOOMED" financially even without Terrorists and World War. Every citizen will have to pay $120,000+ "every" year in Taxes, just for the USA to Survive!
9-11 "WAS" shown right in front of your eyes, a "Month" before it occurred, for the purpose of Masonic "Lesser Magic".
The USA is now the World's 1st "Under"developing Nation/Population, that Bankers and Corporations in control say: All for "ME" = 1 for just 1 and "None for Many". (The ANTI-Tea party song).
Even children know there is "no" hope.
REBELUTION= REVOLUTION "WILL" Hit the USA: "Another" murderous USA REVOLUTION "IS" COMING to the USA. I'm Takin' My Country Back say 25 USA States "WILL" "REVOLT"! It's in the air- "ALL" us HONEST/BRAVE people can feel it/KNOW it is coming!
Scriptures that "PROVE" the NWO (New World Order) plans to KILL us Christians by BEHEADING us!!!
It is "WORSE" than you think. Here are some of the actual people who "will" cut off your head!
Picture of the "REAL" Barack Obama
Actual words on Georgia Guidestones state: Reduce population to 500 million
Pope signals date of NWO (New World Order) March 25, 2012
Leave the USA and Canada while there still is a Delay
This "previews/proves" how Christians will be treated worse: How "Free Speech" in the USA is treated, in Oct 2010
The excuse that will be used for the New World Order
Barack Obama "MOCKS" God's Bible
Details for World War III were planned out back in 1871
Spirit Being appears: Deceiving Spirits "are" working miracles.
Prophecies 2 to 7
Nibiru/Wormwood Explained
Significant Date May 20 2012 spelled out by Crop Circle

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The Obedient Church of God
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