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Subject: His job was to MAKE SURE the ship "SANK".RE: It WAS deliberate to KILL the 600 Businessmen on board


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Subject: Re: It WAS deliberate to KILL the 600 Businessmen on board who


The CEO of white star was on board  ,how did he not know.?

*** He “DID” know,

and it was his job to make sure that the ship sank.

*** After the sinking, the crew of the Titanic was seen to be alive time and time again.

Just like the crew of the 1986 Space Challenger debacle are all still alive. They're Alive!! Challenger Crew Found Alive and Well 30 years ...

Challenger Crew Found Alive and Well 30 years since the Disaster .... We have seen that the two “female NASA martyrs” appear to be still alive and well...

The World is a stage. We have TR3 anti-gravity ships and no need for rockets since the 1970’s and the moon landing was faked by Stanley Kubrick of 2001 Space Odyssey and Kubrick confessed on his death bed that he “staged” the moon landing.

It was his job to make sure that the Captain maintained “FULL SPEED” into the ice field.

It was his job to set the sailing time to be during a MOONLESS PITCH DARK NIGHT.

It was his job to order the cheapest FAULTY RIVETS for the hull of the ship. I actually handled the replica pieces of the shoddy iron material at the Titanic Replica. The exhibitors blamed the faulty metal.

He knew that the rivets were weak and faulty, and he built the ship with weak and faulty rivets DELIBERATELY.

It was his job to approve of the design that when 1 compartment filled, that the top of that compartment would be open on top to spill into Compartment 2, then spill into 3 etc..

His job was to make sure there were only ½ the number of lifeboats on board.

His job was to make sure that the lifeboats that were left were only half full of women, so that he could kill all the men.

His job was to MAKE SURE that the ship sank AND that all the “men” on it died. The 600+ industrialists who did not want to vote/were against setting up the Federal Reserve.

 He could have died?


*** He knew he would not die, because “he” planned and orchestrated the whole event.

But jumped in a lifeboat.  And did die in ignominy    Alone and hated.   Bruce lsmay.

*** He should have been HUNG for all of HIS above DELIBERATE TREACHERY.

 No preacher in the Churches of God knows ANYTHING ABOUT “TRUE” EVENTS, in the World, such as WW1 Lusitania sinking was deliberate, WWII Pearl Harbor was a setup, Vietnam Gulf of Tonkin was a Hoax, 9-11 was a hoax, Michelle Obama is a man because you can tell everyone’s sex by the length of their fingers= The average hand length was found to be about 1.3 cm greater in males than females. Hand index 40.55 is suggestive of females and >40.55 is suggestive of males. The index and ring finger ratio is found to be higher in females. Index and ring finger ratio 0.976 is suggestive of males, and ratio >0.976 is suggestive of females. Tesla’s Free energy is being hidden from us. Einstein’s equation is wrong. Stanley Kubrick Directed Fake Moon Landing Recordings, Death Bed Confession, Dec 2015 Part of the documentary "Room 237" (2012) where Jay Weidner explains his theory of the movie "The Shining" (1980) being Stanley Kubrick's confession about faking the footage of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.


The moon and Mars have been inhabited. There is a face on Mars, and Mars has pyramids.


There were humanoids on earth over 10,000 years ago.


But Adam was the 1st human made in the Image of God.


No preacher BUT ME, knows what is true in the world Newest Facts:

· Chemtrail Pollutants & Nuclear Fallout

· to neutralize Radiation/nuclear waste at 9:30 minutes

· Exposed by Doctors, Physicists, Pilots, Bio Chemists

· KEEPS ALL THIS SHITE GOING ON=Trump "is" BUILDING USA DEBT by another 10 TRILLION to 30 TRILLION to get us invaded by China for NON-PAYMENT


· LAST SECRET/3rd Secret of Fatima.

· that NASA "IS" planning to kill YOU. Everyone MUST hear this.

· energy These waves constitute a kind of ocean of infinite energy the zero-point energy

· campaign to scare people

· “REAL” History of WWI caused by the Khazars

· “PROOF” Michelle (Michael) Obama has “balls” and a “penis”.

· Morley Experiment “proves” the earth is stationary; and that there “IS” an Aether necessary for light to travel in.

· have our own “flying saucers”= the TR3B 600 foot Antigravity Spacecraft

· Hoax: Thrusters In Vacuum Proven Impossible With Math

· Einstein's "theory" of Relativity

· “MANIPULATION” of “YOU” citizens.

· Quantum Physics of Spirituality.

except for Elijah Bear.

If God continues to use me, I will expose the False Prophet and Man of Sin and verbally challenge them. No other preacher knows as much as I do about the World and about God’s True Religion. Period. PROVEN BY THE FACTS.

And by the way:

You should have held the Last Dinner in remembrance of Christ, on Tuesday April the 10th with a Footwashing and a 2 hour meal and a Hymn at the end the SAME WAY THAT HE COMMANDED;

Luke 22:19 And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, "This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me ...

and you also celebrate/take the Passover FOR PROTECTION FROM ETERNAL DEATH, at 15 minutes before sundown on April 12th with a piece of Matos a piece of lamb and horseradish and 1 ounce of wine which you consume before the sun goes down on the 14th, so that it is a 15 minute service in HASTE as Father Commanded. Exodus 12:11 It is the Passover of the DEATH ANGEL.

Exodus 12:11 And thus shall you eat it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and you shall eat it in haste: it is the LORD's Passover.


Or else you are deliberately SINNING by your disobeying the 14th twilight.

Mr. Elijah Bear

Matthews Mountain, Tennessee

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new evidence that has emerged from this and from other sources has prompted Wisnewski to rethink the traditional story and to raise some disturbing questions.

There was an official government investigation on each side of the Atlantic Ocean, one British and the other American, yet neither investigation raised much less answered any of these questions. When interrogated during the official investigations, crew members were remarkably ignorant regarding important aspects of their ship. If they gave any answers at all, they made sure that they were as short as possible, and they never went out of their way to say anything more. Judging from the statements of the crewmembers to the investigators, the White Star Line had built one of the most magnificent cruise ships in the world only to hire some of the most incompetent people in the world to sail it. And in spite of the fact that approximately 1500 persons died in the disaster, there was no criminal investigation whatsoever.

So if the official version of what happened to the Titanic is incorrect, then what is the correct version? According to Wisnewski, the whole story began when the noted financier, J.P. Morgan, with the encouragement of President Theodore Roosevelt, bought the White Star Line from British owners in 1902. The British Government was none too pleased that a foreigner was buying the White Star Line, but was not able to prevent Morgan’s working his way around British regulations designed to prevent foreigners from purchasing it. The reader might wonder why the British Government would even care whether or not a British citizen owned the White Star Line. Unlike five-star restaurants and luxury resorts, however, luxury liners have military value. The British Government thought that a war might break out (which of course did happen in 1914), and it wanted to be able to take charge of huge vessels like the Titanic so that it could move large numbers of soldiers quickly and without the need for naval escort. The British Government had already commandeered luxury liners during the Crimean War, would so again during the Second World War and yet again during the Falklands War. (According to Winston Churchill, the availability of luxury liners shortened the Second World War by about one year.) For this reason, the British Government wanted the White Star Line to remain under the ownership of British citizens, though not necessarily under the immediate control of the British Navy.

After it passed into the hands of J.P. Morgan, the White Star Line announced an ambitious program consisting in the construction of three magnificent luxury passenger liners to be known collectively as the Olympic Class. These three liners were to be named the Olympic, the Titanic, and the Gigantic, and were to be built in that order. Unfortunately, less than a year after the Olympic, the first of the three liners, was finally launched on October Kindle Paperwhite, 6" ... Best Price: $60.59 20, 1910, it met with a terrible accident. On September 20, 1911, just as the Olympic was leaving Southampton harbor on the south coast of England, it collided with the Hawke, a British navy cruiser. Inasmuch as the Hawke was a military vessel specially designed to ram enemy ships, it is no wonder that it inflicted massive damage on the Olympic. Morgan may even have suspected that the collision was not an accident at all. As we have seen, the British Government had motive to damage the Olympic, and if it had deliberately intended to do so, there was certainly no vessel better equipped to do the job than the Hawke. Inasmuch as the matter fell under British jurisdiction, the furious Morgan had to go to British courts to get justice. Unfortunately, these ruled that the Olympic rather than the Hawke had been at fault. This not only made it impossible for Morgan to collect compensation from the British Government, but also complicated Morgan’s efforts to collect compensation from his own insurance company. So what to do? It was only a matter of a little time before a mandatory routine inspection in either Europe or North America showed that the Olympic had sustained so much damage at the hands of the Hawke that the White Star Line would have to write it off as a total loss. So J.P Morgan needed to act quickly.

Now it happened that around this time, construction was nearing completion on the second liner in the Olympic Class, the Titanic, an identical sister ship to the Olympic. According to Wisnewski, J.P. Morgan came up with a diabolical plan. He started by being careful not to make public the extent of the damage to the Olympic. He then greatly increased the insurance on the Titanic just a week before its maiden voyage to $12.5 million, $2.5 million more than it had cost to build. Morgan next ordered the identities of the Olympic and the Titanic secretly switched. The damaged and largely worthless Olympic was renamed the Titanic, and the brand new Titanic was renamed the Olympic. The ship that was now named the Titanic, but which had originally been named the Olympic, then embarked on what was sold to the unsuspecting public as the maiden voyage of the Titanic. On that voyage, Captain Smith deliberately sailed into an area of the Atlantic Ocean that he knew was filled with icebergs, and destroyed his ship by means that are not entirely clear, but which probably involved some sort of explosion in one of the coal bunkers. The claim of the White Star Line that the ship had accidentally sunk as a result of a collision with an iceberg initially seemed believable, especially because some crewmembers did claim to Gift Card i... have seen an iceberg. But if given a little more time to reflect than they actually had, journalists, government investigators, and the public at large might have become suspicious. For one thing, none of the passengers said that they had seen an iceberg, only some of the crew, and not all of them. Among those crewmembers who said that they had seen an iceberg, none could describe it in anything other than the vaguest terms. Worse still, hardly anyone saw the ship strike the iceberg.

The best eyewitnesses would of course have been Captain Smith, his two assistants, and the chief architect of the ship, all of whom were on board. But none of these four men could testify because they had all drowned. At least that is what everybody believed. But there is reason to be suspicious. For one thing, none of their bodies were ever recovered. For another, Peter Pryal, a sailor who had served under Captain Smith on many other voyages over a period of almost 20 years, claimed that he saw and spoke with Captain Smith on a street corner in downtown Baltimore on two successive July days several months after Smith had supposedly drowned.  Could Pryal have been suffering from delusions, perhaps brought on by alcohol? Not likely. On the written testimony of his physician, Pryal was of sound mind and had no history of alcohol abuse. Moreover, it is known that Captain Smith had a nephew in Baltimore, who incidentally soon disappeared.

J.P. Morgan appeared innocent of any wrongdoing because after all he had booked passage on the Titanic himself and canceled only at the last minute because of illness, or so he said. (He later returned to the United States aboard the ship known as the Olympic, which, according to Wisnewski, was really the Titanic.) But there is reason to believe that Morgan may have known even when he booked his reservation that he would never actually board the ship. For one thing, it is doubtful that there was any last-minute illness at all. A New York Times correspondent, who saw Morgan at his seventy-fifth birthday party just two days after the Titanic sank, found Morgan looking very well and showing no signs of illness. Moreover, a glance at Morgan’s travel itineraries during previous years raises further doubts about his real intentions. These itineraries showed that year after year Morgan followed a fairly predictable pattern by spending the spring season in France and returning to the United States in the summer. He almost always celebrated April 17, his birthday, in Aix-les-Bains (near Lyon), arriving there almost every year on exactly the same day on exactly the same train. If what Morgan had done in most previous years were any indication of what he intended to do in 1912, Morgan intended to be in Aix-les-Bains rather than on the Titanic on April 17.

The possibility that Morgan had never intended to board the Titanic at all is given additional weight by the fate of the paintings that he had purchased in Europe. Morgan had been an avid art collector with deep pockets who frequently purchased expensive works of art during his vacations in Europe and then took them on board with him when he sailed back to the United States. If J.P. Morgan canceled only at the last minute because of unexpected illness, then his art would most likely have already been on board and would have gone down with the ship. But Morgan’s art survived because he had never placed it on board the Titanic in the first place.

Advancements in deep sea technology are making it possible to probe more and more deeply into this mystery. In recent times, for example, investigators have started to focus their attention on the four-foot-high iron letters on the bow of the ship that spell out “Titanic.” From the preliminary examination of this lettering, it appears as though these letters were fastened on top of still other letters, suggesting that the ship may once have had another name. Two of the letters have fallen off the wreck and probably disappeared forever. Underneath these letters are the letters M and P, letters which could have helped to spell out “Olympic.” Unfortunately, the other letters are rather difficult to decipher and could be interpreted in any number of ways.

There are discrepancies between what we know of the ship on the bottom of the Atlantic and the Titanic. The former appears to have been painted twice, the first time in grey and the second time in black. We know that the Olympic was painted twice, but to the best of our knowledge, the Titanic was painted only once and in black. Also, the ship on the bottom of the Atlantic was outfitted with an elaborate system to facilitate the deployment of lifeboats. To the best of our knowledge, the Olympic had such a system but the Titanic never did.

As technology progresses, we may someday know the full story of the Titanic disaster. It goes without saying that if Gerhard Wisnewski’s suspicions turn out to be correct, the reputation of J.P. Morgan will be forever destroyed.

It was NOT NOT NOT difficult to cause the sinking.

Just send a ship at FULL THROTTLE into an icefield.

Wake up,

They killed all the Businessmen that opposed the phony Banksters calling themselves the Federal Reserve


The Titanic was the damaged Olympic in disguise

the Titanic really the Olympic was sent out of harbor with 1 of its coal bins on fire,

and with rivets in the hull that were defective.

and the Captain was a Mason.


It was NOT NOT NOT difficult TO SHEDULE to go on a








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Subject: Re: April Satanist's day for calamity is April 15 which is this Saturday= N. Korea future incident


Deliberately is a tough one  , as it would be difficult to orchestrate the sinking.  M

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The Satanists’ Shadow Government in the past have chosen April 15th for their havoc causing events:


1.)  April 15 1912 RMS Titanic sinks [sunk deliberately by going through an ice field at full speed on a moonless night], into an iceberg, to kill all the top Businessmen on the Ship who were against setting        up the private corporation of the Banksters' Federal Reserve. That is not Federal and had no reserves.


2.)  April 15 2013 Boston Marathon bombings: 3 people are killed and 183 injured after two explosions near the finish line

      [In order to do a LOCKDOWN of the City of Boston as a test run for Military Law].


3.) APR. 15-17: Feast of the Seas – Honoring God-Goddess as Olokun-Yemaya (Yoruba/Santeria) and Okeanos-Tethys (Old Greek).

  [= A perfect day to have an incident at sea during the “FEAST OF THE SEAS”.]


4.) The Roman goddess of the earth, equated with the Greek goddess Gaia (Terra Mater- Mother Earth) and also with the fertility goddess Ceres. Telles ("earth") had a temple on the Forum Pacis, built in 268 BCE. On her festival, the Fordicidia, held on April 15, cows (being with young) were sacrificed. [Gaia= Terra Firma Earth= EMP pulse ON THE EARTH  in retaliation against USA by N. Korea].


Therefore April 15 is the Satanists’ logical day for CAUSING an event with North Korea.


Elijah Bear

Matthews Mountain, Tennessee