Christ Arrives in 2033

Because God states there will be “A DELAY” in Revelations 6:10.

Satan’s last 2000 years are from 30 A.D. to 2030

as Yahushua/Christ was crucified on Thursday April 6th in 30 A.D..

And Satan must be given 6000 “uninterrupted” years to reign as the gOD of this World, in total control of this World,

(with Satan mixing in good with evil)


God The Father states that there “WILL” be A DELAY, before Christ arrives. Rev 10:6.

That delay will be FROM April 2030 to October 2033= 3 ½ years,

In order TO GIVE the 2 Witnesses time to speak out.



Father states that there will be “A DELAY” Revelations 10:6

This “DELAY” is IN ORDER to give time FOR the 2 Witnesses to proclaim TRUTH against Satan’s LYING system.


For it had to be a “done deal” of 6000 years being given to Satan where Satan was given free reign from 30 A.D. to 2030;

so that Satan had been given “every” opportunity to try to show that his system works.

He was given “PRECISELY” for 6000 years,

the last 2000 of which are 30 A.D. to 2030 A.D..


THEN after 2030: Satan no longer has power over the Airwaves, as God’s 2 Witnesses start PROCLAIMING against Satan in April of 2030,


and Satan has no power to stop the 2 WITNESSES from disparaging Satan’s lying system= opposing Satan’s System for 3 ½ years=

that power of Satan is taken away for 3 ½ years.


Therefore Satan has to have his 6000 years NOT INTERFERED WITH.

The last 2000 of those 6000 is from 30 A.D. to 2030 A.D.. That was the Contract per the writings of Elijah.


30 A.D.'s conjunction was on March 22 17:47 30 A.D.. with the subsequent sighting of the Crescent on March 24th 30 A.D. and 30 A.D. is the only year that can cause the Crucifixion to be on Thursday.


30 A.D. to 2030 is that last 2000 years, that were given for Satan NOT to be interfered with.


There has to be 3 ½ years ADDED ON to 2030


Therefore in order for the 2 Witnesses to interfere and have free speech against Satan for 3 ½ years, there has to be 3 ½ years ADDED ON to 2030 in order to fulfill God’s Scripture of:

Revelations 10:5.6 Where a mighty Angel states:

There is no more delay. This mighty angel in chapter 10 swears with a solemn oath by the Creator of the Universe "that there should be delay no longer."

Therefore that means that there “IS” a delay.

A mighty Angel (Michael the Archangel of Daniel 10:13 fame) states “that there should be delay no longer” Ergo: This PROVES THAT there is a “DELAY”.


1.) There will be a delay of 3 ½ years added onto the 6000 years that are from April 30 A.D. to 2030. that needs to be FACTORED INTO Elijah’s School of Elijah 2000 year countdown to the end.


2.) The Great Pyramid of Giza has 33 steps up to the Kings Chamber, thereby being a Monument in stone, showing that THE KING will INHERIT INHERIT INHERIT HIS KINGDOM in 2033.

For: In that day shall there be an altar [MONUMENT] to the LORD in the middle of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD. Isaiah 66:23.

The only way you can be in the middle of a land and at the Border of a land at the “same” time, is if you are at the position between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, which is precisely where the Giza Pyramid is,. (BTW the Giza Pyramid as well as marking out times with its ascending and descending steps is also a power generator transmitting free electricity when its water border POND WALL that surrounds the Pyramid in water, LIMESTONE INSULATION COVERING, AND SOLID GOLD CONDUCTION TOP are replaced). The Great Pyramid is a MONUMENT with 33 steps up to the Kings Chamber signifying 2033.


3.) God states that we do not know the “day” or the “hour” of Christ’s Return. That is true, BECAUSE we have not sighted the Crescent for that particular month yet, and we will not know the “day” until the crescent is sighted in October of 2033.Therefore God does “NOT” say that we cannot know the “month” or the “year”.  And we KNOW the month already because he will return on Trumpets which is in October. And we can only know the day after the crescent is sighted. So “right now” we do not know “the day, nor the hour”. Because if we do not know the “day” therefore we cannot know the hour!


NOW when we factor in the “delay” that the mighty Angel stated, we should give the delay a 3 ½ year period to match the other 3 ½ year periods:
That delay will form the last 3 ½ years of the 7 year Tribulation when the Man of Sin enters the Holy Place starting 2030.

2.) The 3 ½ years of the 2 Witnesses proclaiming God’s Truth also starts 2030.

3.) The final 3 ½ years cannot start until 2030 “BECAUSE” Satan must be given 6000 years of uninterrupted control for “his”(Satan’s) broadcasting,

Which means there MUST MUST MUST be a delay before Christ “claims” The Kingdom, SO THAT Satan CAN BE been given 2000 years from 30 A.D. to 2030 A.D. UNINTERRUPTED when Satan is in control with HIS “DECEPTIONs”.

But then in 2030 WHEN SATAN’S 6000 YEARS ARE OVER, the 2 Witnesses come onto the scene and Satan is not in control of THE AIRWAVES re what is said.

The 6000 years are over in 2030, with the Gospel being proclaimed WORLDWIDE by the 2 Witnesses starting in 2030=proclaimed Worldwide starting in 2030..



1.) Satan’s  last 2000 years of “Deception” have been given from 30 A.D. until 2030= the last 2000 years.

2.) Then the 2 Witnesses SMASH that “Deception” STARTING IN 2030.

3.) Therefore Satan has gotten his chance for 6000 years of control of the air waves/controlling peoples’ thoughts.


But that control ends in 2030 as the 2 Witnesses HAVE TO be given 3 ½ years to OPPOSE SATAN’S 6000 YEARS OF CONTROL.

THEREFORE: Satan does NOT have control over the 2 Witnesses for the 3 ½ years after 2030, because Satan’s control (without being interfered with) ended in 2030.



In order for Satan to have his 6000 years


of “UN”opposed control,


there MUST be 3 ½ years added on to April of 2030.

Therefore Christ arrives in October 33 A.D..