Reality has a Mathematical truth,
that is stronger than the physical reality that we see/observe around us. 
i = The square root of minus 1 is impossible.
One of Yah's/Jesus' talents "IS" as a precise Mathematician who CREATES "beauty" (using Quantum Mechanistics), proving the World is not Determanistic, because we cannot (though Yah can) calculate the results themselves. You cannot live with black "AND" white as part of your being. The key is Yah (nor you) can live with "gray".
There are 3 Worlds:
1.) The Physical= tables and chairs, stars and galaxies.
2.) Our Consciousness= where we learn to "create" love or hate. (Or end up being thrown into the Lake of Fire if we create hate).
Editor's Note: Only Love creates/"grows" Love. 
3.) "Mathematical Forms" that create everything (and also that provide the explanation for the Physical world, though there is less "Determinism).
We don't even understand "Dark Energy" which is pushing the Universe faster and faster. The only thing we can understand are the 3 parts of 1 Universe. Reductionism is the only way to understand the symmetry of Mathematics in explaining everything through the language of symmetry because bilateral symmetry does not change; as in the palindrome Madam I'm Adam = madAm I'm adaM. It "IS" the "HIDDEN" Symmetry of the workings of the CosmosEinstein even had/titled it a "Core Sense of Wonder" re Science and Art stemming from a sense of Wonder of Yah's creation. Astounding/Phenomenal enduring mysteries of Mathematics captured in the Cosmos that Yah/Jesus created. Our minds will expand at the same rate the Universe is expanding, as we understand more and more throughout the eons of Eternity. We have so much exponential information to look forward to, that we will "never" be bored. We will not spend our eternity just floating on a cloud doing nothing, when there is a Quantum physics to be part of our being to learn and "grow" more powerful like Yah, in every aspect of your future existance! We have a suttle connection to Yah/Jesus as we grow in Spiritual knowledge and Physical knowledge of thee Cosmos whereby we have a GOD that is there to teach us to be like Him as His sons for "Eternity".
God does "not" throw Dice.

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell