Please consider this admonishment of Jesus/Yahushua

To Obey Christ Jesus you MUST Buy a Gun


If you want to “obey” God’s Bible do this:

And if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one! Luke 22:36

Here, he was trying to explain to them that they would need to be prepared to stay mobile (side note: the word fugitive comes from a Latin root meaning "to flee"):

1.) they would need to always have a purse (for money) and

2.) a bag (to carry basic supplies) ready, and that

3.) a sword (for protection against other men) was to be more important to them than a cloak (for protection against the elements) in the days to come.

Jesus/Yahushua COMMANDED his disciples to arm themselves,

so that they could not be taken advantage of by common criminals, BECAUSE you are the temple of God and

you do not let riffraff or criminals kick down God’s temple/you.

The Canadian Firearm Safety course is held at the Firing Line on various weekends.

Interested parties are asked to contact Mike Kostelniuk directly to book a spot at 204-795-1000 as we only host the event

** New member orientation on the first and third Thursday night at 6:30PM
You must reserve a spot by sending an e-mail at least 48 hours in advance to


The Firing Line is located at

439 Turenne Street

in St Boniface off of Marion Ave.


.. The possession and acquisition licence (PAL) is the primary licence for possession of a firearm and acquisition of ammunition, and it is both ... Bill C-68 was passed by Parliament and became the Firearms Act in 1995. In 2001 the licencing scheme came into affect. You now have to apply for a Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL).

Buying, selling, or even simple possession of a firearm is now against the law without a PAL.

To get a PAL, you have to:

1) Take a safety course ($60 to $100 or more),

2) Fill out an application 4 pages long,

3) Get a couple of references to sign your application,

4) Have you spouse or significant other sign off on it as well,

5) Pay a license application fee of $60 or $80, depending on whether or not you wanted to own Restricted firearms,

6) Get a photo for your new ID (the PAL is a photo ID) and have a Photo Guarantor sign it (to prove it is you on the picture),

7) Package all the paperwork up and send it to the processing center in Miramichi, New Brunswick.

The bureaucrats in Miramichi decide if you are fit to possess firearms and, if they think you are OK, they send the application to your local provincial Chief Firearms Officer (CFO), who double checks the application, and if he or she approves, sends you your new PAL card.

The timeline for this process is a minimum of four weeks and there are many documented cases where an individual has waited six months or more for their licence to arrive.