God's Holidays (Holydays) Calendar 2006

God's Holidays (Holydays) Calendar 2006

New Year's Day is on March 29 2006 (God starts the year in the Spring, "not" the middle of Winter), & 
   3 Seasons (times per year) you are to appear before The Lord your God:
1.)  a.) Passover Night, April 11 Bread & Wine Service 2006 and
           b.) 7 Days of Unleavened Bread April 12 self examination Feast Days 2006
2.) Pentecost First "Early" Harvest/Resurrection of Humans on June 5 Monday (early first Harvest).
       a.) Pentecost/Firstfruits 1st group of Christians harvested on June 5 Feast Day 2006 
3.) Fall "Feast" (harvest) starting October 6 Calendar Feast Days showing/portraying:
        a.) 7 days: Portraying Satan's 6,000 year reign, and
                                          then Jesus' 1,000 year reign: during which 100 years of life given to "all" humans since Noah= for the great Fall Harvest of humans. October 2006
        b.) The Great Last Day showing Jesus delivering the earth to The Father, with The Father arriving from Heaven to rule the Universe from planet earth forever=
                  The New Jerusalem 1, 500 square mile City with streets of Gold, and adorned with Diamonds, and every precious stone, descending down from Heaven onto planet Earth. 
             October 2006

New Years Day: First Day of God's New Year: (God begins the year with the Spring not Winter).
New Years Day begins sundown Wednesday March 29 until Thursday sundown March 30.
1.) 1 Yearly Memorial Evening and Day for Jesus: Honouring of Jesus via Footwashing & 1 Broken Bread & 1 Wine Toast.
Taken in memory of Jesus' being tortured and giving up His life, to stand in your place; as "you" deserve 2 whippings down to the bone until the bones of your ribs show, and "you" deserve to be nailed to a beam, and "you" deserve to be speared through the heart,-not Him. One imbibes these elements (the broken matzos=broken body, and the wine=the blood, with a Repentant attitude, thinking of Jesus being the living human lamb sacrifice to pay "your penalty," for "your sins," to make you presentable to the Father, as you swallow the elements. The Father then accepts and sees Jesus in your place, and you receive the promise of eternal life.
(Passover) ((Jesus is now our Passover lamb))).
Begins sundown Tuesday April 11** (Tuesday Evening service) and day lasts until sundown Wednesday April 12.
1.) Evening Supper Picturing hurriedly leaving spiritual Egypt:
(Night To Be Much Observed):.
Begins sundown Wednesday April 12, no work*, with restaurant supper during evening of Wednesday April 12.

2.) 7 Days of Self Examination:
(Days of Unleavened Bread) deleavening "ourselves" via self examination to see if we are living as Bible says:
Also begins sundown Wednesday April 12, no work* 1st day & 7th day, runs 7 days until Wednesday sundown April 19.

3.) 1 Commemoration Day of Arrival of Holy Spirit for 1st Group of Christians:
Monday Pentecost (Feast of First fruits):
Begins sundown Sunday evening June 4, no work*, and all day Monday, until Monday sundown June 5.

4.) 1 Celebration Day of Jesus' Return to Earth:
(Trumpets) ((Jesus ruling (((with a rod of iron))) all nations on the earth as Earth’s King))))):
Begins sundown Friday Sep. 22, no work*, and all day Saturday, until Saturday sundown Sep. 23.

5.) 1 Reflective (fasting) Quiet Day portraying the Day the earth is finally at Peace: (Day of At one ment) ((Day of Atonement))):
Fasting begins sundown Sunday Oct. 1, no work*, and all day Monday, until Monday sundown Oct. 2.

6.) 7 Days away from Home and Home City at a 7 Day Convention Celebration/Holiday (Holydays) in hotels portraying:
Our "temporary" time as humans, awaiting the change of our "temporary bodies" into Spirit bodies:

(Feast of Temporary Dwellings/hotels/Booths):
Begins sundown FRIDAY NIGHT Oct. 6, no work* 1st day, and runs 7 days until Friday sundown Oct. 13.

7.) 1 Day Celebrating the Resurrection of “all” the Dead (your family) since the flood in Noah's Time: (The Great Last Day):
Begins sundown Friday Oct. 13, no work*, and all day Saturday until Saturday sundown Oct 14.

Commandment Keeping is "NECESSARY" FOR SALVATION.

How can one sin if there is no law to transgress?

* No work period starts at sundown. No work means positively "no" mental or physical worldly labour as it is a time to rest to be used as Holiday (Holyday) only.
**No work period applies starting sundown "if" Passover falls on a Friday evening.
Editor's Note: No work is performed Friday sundown to Saturday sundown all year in addition to the Holiday (Holyday) celebrations.
These days were celebrated by all the disciples and Paul "after" Jesus' resurrection and were never abolished as only the animal sacrifices were abolished. These days telling us of God's plan & timetable, were kept by all true Christians until the 3rd Century or until the Romans changed them by force/penalty of law/death.

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