Even Christ could not/would not change His Fathers Laws.

The Jews who sit in Moses's Seat
Did "NOT" have the "authority"
to change the
timing of God's Holy Days
by making God's Holy Days 1-2 days early or late
by creating/adopting the Hillel II averaging calendar of 358 A.D.,
any more than Aaron, nor "any" Priest, including Christ, would not have the authority
to change the timing of God's Holy Days
for ANY reason
including the Diaspora
let alone also adding

Postponement of God's Holy Days!

1.) The Jews added "Postponements":

a.) When the Crescent of the moon of Tishri occured on a Sunday, Wednesday, or Friday, the Jews then Postponed the 1st of Tishri to the following day. 

b.) The ultra orthadox Jews did not wantYom Kippur/Atonement occurring on the day before, nor the day after the weekly Sabbath (because they wanted a Preparation Day), so again the Jews would Postpone God's Day of Atonement.

c.) The Jews also used Postponements to prevent Hoshanah Rabbah ((the last day (7th day) of the Feast of Tabernacles)) from occurring on the Seventh Day weekly Sabbath.

They had "NO" authority from God to Postpone God's Holy Days.

2.) They had "NO" authority from God to average the whole year of God's Holy Days, with an averaging calendar for their own convenience, (even during the Diaspora).

The averaging of God's Holy Days causes you to "WORK" on God's Holy Days, which is a sin punishable by death.

Wake up, you sleepers.

Averaging and Postponing God's Holy days, causes you to WORK on God's Holy Days = A DEATH SENTENCE FOR YOU.

At the Nuerenberg trials, the defendants said: "They were only following their leaders' orders. They were still found quilty and KILLED http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSJcXPCxlzI&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkmInZzkl_w&NR=1 

Conclusion of the Matter:

Obey God
rather than man. Acts 5:29
You've got to serve somebody, and whatever you decide = you are serving that entity.
You've got to serve somebody
Obedience = Serving God via His Bible words of Genesis 1:14
As for me and my house I will serve The Lord Joshua 24:15 
"Dis"obedience = Serving the Devil
In VAIN they worship Me, teaching for Doctrine the commandments/(calendars) of men Mark 7:7
Editor's note: The word calendar inserted for Gestalt (understanding).
= You "ARE" Serving men/Serving Somebody by default
So Disobey God's Crescent Moon calendar and WORK ON GOD'S HOLY DAYS,
and serve men and the Devil,  because "BY DEFAULT" you're going to obey either God or the Devil who leads men astray.
Satan has deceived the whole World Revelation 12:9 
You're going to serve/have a form of Worship/You're going to serve some form/way/somebody whether you say so or not.
Either by choice or by Default.
Anti-Christs want to/agree to change times and laws. Daniel 7:25 
Repent and serve only God via "only" what is "IN" God's Bible!
Give you head a shake: What is wrong with following God's Crescent Moons "as" He commanded? Unless you are of Rev 12:9
 Will you be as noble as the Bereans Acts 17:11 and "PROVE" all things by the Bible? 1Thessalonians 5:21
I'll make this real simple for you:
If it is "NOT" in the Bible, "then" a man wrote it.
Contend earnestly for the Faith once delivered. Jude 3 = That means God's Crescent moon calendar of 30 A.D..
So if you "dis"obey the Bible Crescent moon commands, being a self-willed brat = "You're gonna serve "somebody".
click here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYam0tQfPrU

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell