Cholesterol is BAD for you


Cholesterol is GOOD for you

Cholesterol serves a vital function in your body and

protects you from a host of neurological conditions


Maybe you're taking a statin drug right now...

Millions in the U.S. are already stuck on statins,
Pharma Land's prize cash-cow drugs.

But if you're one of them... or your doctor is on your back about starting up on one... the benefit of lowering your cholesterol is nothing compared to
the toll it [Statin Drugs] can take on your brain.

You may not have heard this from the mainstream media, but the truth is that
taking statins could lead you right to a Parkinson's [DISEASE] diagnosis!

And the latest research has found that of patients not taking statins, those with the highest cholesterol numbers seemed to have a protective shield against Parkinson's.

I'll get to that in a moment, but first -- a little background on the connection between cholesterol, statins, and Parkinson's.

Three years ago, doctors in the UK found close to
a double risk of developing Parkinson's if you take a statin. And that research took two decades and involved nearly 16,000 people.

Last year, researchers at Penn State College of Medicine
confirmed a link between statins and an increased risk of Parkinson's that they first uncovered back in 2016.

And all of
these findings were stifled by the mainstream media!

Now, researchers in Israel just let the cat out of the bag. And once again, they proved that cholesterol is your brain's best friend!

Using a large data pool of over 260,000 people who didn't take these drugs, they found that the higher your cholesterol, the lower your risk for Parkinson's disease -- especially if you're a guy.

Now, under normal circumstances this would be a bombshell finding. But this big news fizzled out faster than a wet match and
was only covered in two niche publications.

That truth is that this connection is basic brain chemistry. Cholesterol serves a vital function in your body and protects you from a host of neurological conditions.

But what about the "risk" of allowing your cholesterol to be "too high?" Isn't that putting your heart in danger?

The answer to is NO and NO!

Research going back to the 1960s found that blood cholesterol levels "have little influence" on arterial plaque.

And as HSI panel member Dr. Allan Spreen has said,
this cholesterol charade -- especially the focus on the "bad" LDL kind -- is an "overblown risk factor cooked up to make money by selling drugs."

So, to protect your brain, work with your doc to find a way off the statins.

And if your cholesterol is truly dangerously high, you can bring your numbers down without drugs by taking these four steps:

1.  Avoid ALL partially hydrogenated oils,

2.  Add plenty of good fats, such as olive and coconut oil, to your diet, [but donít cook in oil, instead cook in butter=no fried food]

3.  Cut down on simple carbs, and

4.  Get some exercise every day. A daily walk is perfect!

Not only will you be giving your heart a boost, but your brain will appreciate it as well!

To Protecting Against Parkinson's,

Melissa Young