Collapse possible just “after” Black Friday November 25

Say GOODBYE to the good Life.


Collapse possible just “after” Black Friday November 25 “because” the elite owners of Wal-Mart, Target, etc. will want to take 1 last BIGGEST SALES DAY grab for profits:


Since 2005, this [Black Friday] has been the busiest shopping day of the year. In 2014, $51 billion was spent by 133 million shoppers.


Then their Timing "IS" collapse BEFORE XMAS 2016= Say GOODBYE to the good Life.

Queen of England echoes Pope Francis: "Enjoy your last Christmas"



the Queen expressed dark fears that this will be the last Christmas on earth because malevolent forces, much stronger than her own, are stalking across Europe, gaining ground every day. “I hope you enjoy your final Christmas,” she said bitterly, before BBC staff, under strict orders from palace advisors, cancelled the take and sent junior staff on an early lunch. Later in the day the Christmas message was re-done, the second take proving less troubling.   Editor's Note: We have NOT actually seen the alleged first "take" which is said to have included the items above.  However, other news sources are also reporting this, so we decided to provide coverage because, if true,  the implications affect us all.


Enjoy Your Final Christmas - Proxy  Highlight

“I hope you enjoy your last Christmas” She expressed fears that this would be the last Christmas on earth as there are forces ... Say goodbye to the good life.



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Subject: Re: Timing of collapse before XMass RE: January 20th is still a long way away so Obama STILL has over 2 months of evil left


From Isa 17:11 we have a figurative 'harvest' of ruin but it may also have a literal aspect which would point to Thanksgiving, the Eagle's feast at the end of the harvest. 
That's 2 weeks away.  Not a  lot of time for the feathers to come off and the nukes to fall, but then that could all go down in a single week. 

Other than that, I know of no other scriptural clues.  But for sure, when you see the feathers come off the ME will erupt very shortly and suddenly afterward.  Could be this fall, could be during Trump's administration.  My money is literally on this fall.


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A clue as to when:


Obama said “last year”

Enjoy your “LAST Christmas.


If we believe him for what he stated (but we must watch out because he has lying spirits), then:

Collapse could happen in the next month.


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Subject: Re: January 20th is still a long way away so Obama STILL has over 2 months of evil left


As I've been saying, while a DJT victory, as great as it is, would seem to be bode well for Russia/USA relations, the globalist coven in the White House will now be working overtime to derail that victory.

There are 10 weeks to go to set fire to the oil wells, as it were, so that Trump is sabotaged by inheriting disaster.  How  to do that?  By taking away the nation's funding.

They can easily trigger the USD collapse in these final weeks.  This will be the feathers coming off the Eagle and it must happen before the ribs are torn out, as I've said.  Timing is unknown, but it would be logical for them to go 'scorched earth' in the final weeks.

From the globalist's perspective they're just ensuring that Trump is defeated economically even before he can start his plan to turn America away from globalism.  They don't know that it will escalate into the loss of 3 US cities and the subsequent revival of Christian faith in the US.  The key to that knowledge is available to only a very, very few.

Still, I am enjoying and enormous wave of schadenfreude seeing all these lunatic liberals gnashing their teeth in despair while the Klinton Krime Kartel gets the boot at the hands of DJT!


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You can SEE the evil in Obama’s eye: