Canada is NOT recognized as a Country

by the United Nations.


The 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights preceded the 1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the 1960Canadian Bill of Rights “IS” the supreme declaration of Rights in Canada.  It remains in full effect today. The 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights[1] (FrenchDéclaration canadienne des droits) is a Federal Statute and bill of rights enacted by the Parliament of Canada on August 10, 1960.[2] 


The 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights provides Canadians with certain rights at Canadian Federal Law in relation to other Federal Statutes. The 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights was the earliest expression of human rights law at the federal level in Canada, though before 1960 an implied Bill of Rights had already been recognized in the Canadian common law.[3] [before 1960].

The 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights remains in effect but is widely acknowledged to be limited in its effectiveness because it is a Federal Statute, and so not directly applicable to provincial laws.[4][5] 

These legal and constitutional limitations were a significant reason that the 1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was established as an unambiguously-constitutional-level 1982 Bill of Rights for all Canadians, governing the application of both federal and provincial Law in Canada, with the patriation of the Constitution of Canada in 1982. Since patriation, its usefulness at Federal Law in Canada is mostly limited to issues pertaining to the enjoyment of property, as set forth in its section 1(a)]

Editor’s Note provided by Mr. D.C.:

The [1982] Charter of Rights and Freedoms is an attempt to obfuscate the Bill of Rights.  It contains loopholes to allow the gov't to override Charter provisions if it deems necessary.  That's why all covid-related challenges brought under the Charter failed.  The challenges should have been founded on the Bill of Rights but lawyers are too dumbed down to even recognize the [1960] BoR because they've been fixated on Pierre Trudeau’s [1982] bogus Charter.  The only good thing in the Charter is that it allows provinces to opt out of Federal laws, as Quebec does routinely, and Alberta is gearing up to do. 

It all really doesn't matter because Canada is not a nation of Laws anymore. sic [,] and hasn't been since Ernst Zundel and Percy Schmeiser were wrongfully convicted [for opposing GMOs as Patentable life forms] by Canada’s highest court. 


Worse than all of the above:


Canada NEVER Confederated

1.) The 1867 Act and the 1982 Bill of Rights CONSTITUTION Act was never ratified so it does NOT apply BECAUSE of Quebec not accepting it. It has NEVER BEEN RATIFIED.


2.) Canada cannot have a seat in the Security Council BECAUSE Canada is NOT a Sovereign Nation.


3.) 1931 ENDED the Dominion of Canada with the Statute of Westminster.


4.) Under the Act of 1982-1985 each Province BECAME a sub-Corporation of the parent.


5.) So now in each Province we now have to seat a Dejour SEPARATE Government This has NOT been done.


6.) The 1990 Little Child Act means TAXATION without REPRESENTATION. Means the people you elect are NOT NOT NOT responsible to you, BUT BUT BUT “ARE” RESPONSIBLE TO THE CORPORATION!:

The people of Canada filed a lawsuit against their representative Mr. Little child, Canada's first Native MP, after he voted in favor of the GST. They say he failed "in his duty to consult with and account to his constituents to adequately represent their majority views" against the GST.

Justice E.A. Marshall of the Court of Queen's Bench ruled the court can't compel MPs to be accountable to their constituents [but are accountable to their Parliamentary BOSSES].

"They have no legal requirement to consult with voters. They are accountable to Parliament  [=MPs are accountable to THEIR BOSSES in the CORPORATION of Canada, not to the people of Canada]."

Ms. Wall, a Rimbey dairy farmer, says she hopes the case "will make other citizens speak out to change the system.

It's not the parties, it's the system that forces us to choose our Dictators."



The Canadian Flag “CANNOT” be put on our forces uniforms, because

the Canadian Flag is that Trademark of a Different Corporation a DIFFERENT ENTITY which is NOT Canada. 

In 1976 Canada’s armed forces tried to put the Canadian flag on their uniforms, but Canada’s armed forces were sued and lost. The Canadian forces cannot put the Canadian flag on their shoulders, because that is Trademark infringement.


It is all TYRANNY. Canada is NOT a Country, and the UN does NOT recognize Canada as a Country!