30 A.D. is the only year POSSIBLE to be the Crucifixion year.

33 A.D. is IMPOSSIBLE for the Crucifixion year,

because the New Moon conjunction in 33 A.D. was on March 19 10:39 Universal Time 12:39 Jerusalem Time in 33 A.D.

which was “too late” to afford/MATCH a Thursday Abib 14 Passover.


That means that if you try to use 2033, it is IMPOSSIBLE to arrive at the CORRECT Thursday DAY OF THE WEEK 14th day of the month for Passover and the Crucifixion lamb:

Because the conjunction in 33 A.D. is at 10:39 Universal Time = 12:39 Jerusalem Time on Mar 19 which is “too LATE” to cause a Thursday Abib 14 Passover Date.

And the crescent was Impossible to sight that same night only 6 - 6.5 hrs later (15 hrs is absolute record minimum and rare) which makes it impossible to make Thursday/to agree with Thursday being God’s Bible’s Abib 14 Thursday as Crucifixion Day.

Therefore Mar 20 33 A.D. sunset would be the earliest possible new crescent sighting, about 30 hours after Mar 19 conjunction. 

That causes March 21 Abib 1 in 33 A.D. to push Abib 14 onto a Friday at the earliest, with a slight chance it could “worse yet” have been one day LATER Saturday (only if Mar 20 was Adar 29). 

The crucifixion was on a Thursday, therefore 33 A.D. is OUT.  So is 29, 28, 27, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36. 

Doing a detailed analysis 7 years back and forward from 30 AD. 


30 A.D. works.

“AND” it's not a maybe, God made it crystal clear with only 1 workable, definite option to match an opportunity for 40 years for repentance to repent from 30 A.D. to 70 A.D..

30 + 40 = 70 A.D. when the time of testing was complete and Judah's failure was judged with the Temple destruction of 70 A.D..

This CLASSIC 40 year period (just the same as 40 years was prescribed for 40 years in the wilderness), can “NOT” be a 37 year period from 33 A.D..

This therefore as well as the calendar dates, the 40 year period required from 30 A.D. to 70 A.D. “further” substantiates for us that 30 A.D. had to be the Crucifixion year.



The correct date of the Crucifixion was 30 A.D.. because:

30 A.D.'s conjunction was on March 22 17:47 30 A.D.. Then you need to wait to sight the new crescent which takes until March 24th 30 A.D.

That causes Abib 14 to fall on Apr 6, 2030 which was the correct day of Thursday,

Thursday is  the Passover day of the week that scripture stipulates, as it had to be before the 2nd Sabbath that week which was on Saturday Abib 16, 30 A.D..

No other year close to 30 AD fits this 5th day (Thursday) Abib 14 mandatory requirement. 

Again for clarity: 

30 A.D.'s conjunction was on March 22 17:47 30 A.D. and in order to wait the proper length of time for the crescent to appear, this makes Abib 1 to be on March 24 30 A.D..

Which makes Abib 14 the Passover Day (before the Day of Unleavened Bread), to be on Apr 6 30 A.D. which was a Thursday, exactly the day of the week that scripture stipulates. 


No other year close to 30 A.D. fits and concurs with this 5th day (Thursday) Abib 14

mandatory Passover Day requirement that Yahushua was to be the Passover Lamb.

Please also note that 33 A.D. “DOESN’T” WORK, because the New Moon conjunction in 33 A.D. was March 19 10:39 Universal Time.  That would place Abib 1 on Mar 21 which puts Abib 14 on Apr 3 which was a Friday.  It is Impossible that Passover fell on Friday the year Messiah was crucified.