Current Facts on Friday April 5 for April 15 Currency Reset


Global Currency Reset by April 15

(unless the government insider crooks hold it back “again”).

Banks will not be owned by shareholders, but by the Governments. Which means the evil Cabal System has been destroyed.


here's the links for today's update... We start w Judy's biography of Jenny... . Bruce/BigCall- Coffee w MARKZ - These next 3 are instrumental in understanding much of the conversations, and the background of the RV... I really encourage you to read as much as time permits  1) 2) 3) Caravan arrests - Jordan - https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.... and. International Child trafficking - ☆☆☆Ok, so thats our links. I'm going to add another ok. First n foremost !!- amazing decode and video again from SB2 & LT... from this morning. .. ☆☆☆ The links above take you to the 2 connected sites... between the 2, there are so many good articles posted... that's what originally brought me ! I've been researching for years, but had always overlooked much of the dinar discussions, as it wasn't my main focus. I am certainly no guru peeps... nor will I ever, EVER claim to be... I'm just a lady that remembers well, the history of our monetary system, the changes it's undergone, and I've watched carefully , the changes implemented over the years. Ive ALWAYS fully understood the criminal corrupt banking system, fractional banking, quantitative easing, hedge funds.. etc. ..knowing exactly how it was destroying everything we've all worked so hard for ! I understand the articles posted , when they discuss monetary plans, implementations etc... I've no formal training, schooling, just an eye for details, and the ability to discern. " God given discernment! "... I will always give God the Glory !! Plz keep an 'open mind'... in everything You do, and read. I post and speak the truth, as I understand it. In no way shape or form, am I date setting, ...or trying to lead anyone on... never!! That is NOT my intention. I come here with an honest and open heart... it is up to YOU, what the takeaway is.. in these reports. As God built Us All the same, and uniquely at the same time, so are our views of current events, etc... individual and unique like each one of Us.  God certainly knew what He was doing ! I believe. .. that humanity is about to get a 'reset' ... a chance to erase the past mistakes, a chance to start over.... not just our monetary system, but, in everything we do. We're being presented with an opportunity to change what bothers us, to Change what we know we can... When we know better - We do better! For me... it started w learning forgiveness. .. from there I progressed to living w a grateful heart... for every wee thing, that came my way, even the negative. Yes, I learned to be grateful to hear "not today Sandra", or "sorry Sandra, we've chose someone else". Life isn't always about the YES's ! It's about taking what we're given, being good stewards of it, and in turn, doing the best we can, with what we have. Being willing to share what we have.. even if it's our last. That's what brings me here... that's why I do the reports, because I want to share everything I've found, everything I've learned. ..there's days when my heart is so overflowing w pure Joy... because I've read a scripture, I see it in a New light... and I fully understand what the Lord is teaching me. I highly encourage you dig in... to whatever resonates w you... be it a report on YouTube, or something in your everyday life, because I'll guarantee you one thing... God has a way of reaching Us all.... no one is left out, or left behind. We are ALL GODS PRECIOUS CHILDREN! ! WE ARE ALL EQUAL! ! In love & Light always , Sandra Thanks for watching everyone! God Bless and Godspeed "Thank you"!!!.... to Judy, who writes and publishes these incredible reports. I believe w all my heart we wouldn't be as far in our awakening, w/o these invaluable websites. God Bless You! We Thank you for your tireless efforts. .. You are doing an incredible job.   much appreciation! ! My sincerest apologies for scewing up the history so badly... I'm still embarrassed. .. 'when we know better -We do better ' .