Subject: current info


Dear Brother Nowell, 
Thank you for your encouragement, especially at a time when my daughter Regina bought a new puppy and wants me to come and share her life with the puppy that she named Loki (a king in the movieThor). Oh! oh! I wrote her a note that I won't be coming.
In your New Moon Day sermon you told us the words that 


JADE stands for:


"Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution." Wow!"



Now here is what HELM stands for: "Homeland


Eradication of Local Militants," and that no doubt includes TOCOG members!!!
That Sparkler that you read on NMD was appropriate for watching the twilight sky every night in June and July. Watch how the wanderers--the moon, and planets Venus and Jupiter--move relative to the fixed star, Regulus. Right now they are lighting up the western sky. 
A "star" goes on your crown everytime you help someone prepare to be in God's Family. Truly.
                                                                                                                                     Sincerely, Ozelia Ruth