Putin and Obama are “BOTH” ILLUMINATI agents.

They are “both” Satanists.


Their game is to appear they are defending each of their countries, when in fact their hidden hand agenda is to depopulate the whole world.


Both Putin and Obama are controlled by Satan.

Both Putin and Obama have given their allegiance to Satan.

Both Putin and Obama are Masons. Obama 32 Degree, Putin 33rd Degree.


No matter what Putin says, Putin’s satanic goal is to depopulate “both” the USA and Russia.


The people in the Russian Bunkers will be the targets of missiles= the bunkers WILL NOT be a safe place to be in Russia, but will be death traps.


Putin is putting the people of Russia into bunkers in order to KILL THEM in the bunkers in the future.


There are all kinds of advanced beam weapons that can penetrate and FRY the Russian people in their bunkers, the same as if the Russian people we in a microwave oven as a bunker.


Putin and Obama, and ALL THE SATANISTS, their goal is to depopulate the world by 90%.


They just have to act like they are not doing it deliberately, so that we the people do not tear both Putin and Obama limb from limb using our torches and pitchforks.


There is no hope until Satan is locked up, and ultimately destroyed himself.


We have had beam weapons for over 40 years,



“and” TR3 triangular saucers https://youtu.be/C2dgJp0dOdA


The elite think they are going to escape to the moon and Mars.


They have not used Rockets for travel because the USA has the TR3s that they can travel with, whose magnetic fields repel the Van Allen Belt making interplanetary travel possible.

We NEVER went to the moon with rockets. It was a Stanley Kubrick presentation we saw on TV of “men on the moon”. The “stars” that you saw in the background were just holes punched in the movie set wall and backlit. Even all the shadows of the production were wrong.


They have been using TR3s for 40 years.

They don’t tell us that because then they would have to reveal the “FREE ENERGY” IN THE AETHER that we could all have access to. That aether exists was shown by Silvertooth in 1986.  Silvertooth: aether exists

Harnessing the energy in aether has also been demonstrated numerous times in the past 100 years. Kelly: Guide to free energy devices   "There are at least 20 or more legitimate Coefficient Of Performance [ COP ] >1.0 EM power systems by various inventors and researchers in the U.S. alone"—Tom Bearden: Partial List  The science of free energy and aether are real!

Another way of understanding vacuum energy: Think of what the wind is to a wind mill, then think what the sun is to a solar panel. Then think what the Vacuum energy/zero point energy/aetheric field is to devices which are configured to accept this free vacuum energy.



God states that though they escape to the other planets, He will bring them back. Amos 9:2 That which makes escape impossible and ruin sure, is, that God will set his eyes upon ... though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down; the summit of the highest .... Quickly, hastily will I turn back your doing upon your head.


So the VERY HIGHEST of the TOP ELITE will take off for outer space and come back after the radiation levels subside. Nuclear radiation from bombs does NOT last long. It is the radiation from power plants that lasts thousands of years.


So they will probably not nuke the power plants, though they will nuke the transmission stations. Because they want to come back after they (Putin and Obama) have depopulated the earth by 90%.


Their (Putin and Obama’s) MASTER PLAN is to DEPOPULATE THE WORLD BY 90%.


The only wrinkle in their plan is that Hitlary hates Putin, and Putin hates Hitlary.

So it is like a card game now, whereby sometimes the players at the card table shoot each other. But the game still goes on with Satan dealing the cards to the players.