Realize Mary went to the tomb on a "DIFFERENT" Sunday morning A WEEK LATER on April 12th
after preparing His body Saturday Night April 4th/Sunday morning April 5th

This is the RE-DISCOVERED answer to the 3 Days & 3 Nights

First Basic Point= To conform to the years of the Reign of King Tiberius
14 A.D. to 37 A.D. as Tiberius was the Roman Emperor during that entire period,
these are the only possible logically possible years that Jesus's crucifixion could be on:

Monday, April 18, A.D. 29
Friday, April 7, A.D. 30
Tuesday, March 27, A.D. 31
Monday, April 14, A.D. 32

Friday, April 3, A.D. 33

Wednesday, March 24, A.D. 34
Tuesday, April 12, A.D. 35
Saturday, March 31, A.D. 36

Jesus was crucified before a "HIGH DAY" and since a "HIGH DAY" is the
combination of a weekly
Saturday Sabbath with a Festival Holy Day,
therefore it must be a
Friday as Friday obviously is the day "before"
Saturday Sabbath.

Here is how Jesus spent 3 days in the Heart of the Earth:

3 days in the heart of the earth was:
Friday Night April 3
Saturday Night April 4
Sunday Night April 5

Saturday Daytime April 4
Sunday Daytime April 5
Monday Daytime April 6

Therefore Christ rose from the dead on
April 6th Monday evening= "after"
Monday April 6th 33 A.D..

To answer the debate of the 3 Days and the 3 nights, as to whether to
use "INCLUSIVE" Reckoning or "Exclusive Reckoning",

the answer is Exclusive Reckoning of FULL 12 HOUR periods of time must
be used= 6 periods x 12 hours each=72 hours. BECAUSE the sign of Jonah was 72 hours of 3 FULL days and 3 FULL nights.

3 FULL days and 3 full nights means that Mary did NOT NOT NOT find the Tomb empty early on
morning of the
April 5th,
but it was a week later on the
Sunday morning of April 12 that Mary found the Tomb empty!
Mary had bought the burial spices
Friday Daytime April 3rd before the
High Day
Saturday the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread of April 4th.

Mary had to wait until after the Sabbath
Saturday High Day of April 4th
was over before she could apply the spices to Jesus's body.
Therefore Mary applied the Spices to Jesus's body on
Saturday after
sundown= the evening of
April 4th.

It customarily would have taken hours to apply the spices= from sundown
8:00 P.M.
Saturday Night April 4th to 1 A.M. Sunday morning April 5th.

Therefore ON "THIS" Sunday morning April 5th that Mary was STILL/ALREADY at the Tomb from just preparing Jesus's body!

AND it was the NEXT Sunday morning while it was yet dark that Mary again went to the Tomb,

BECAUSE ALL OF them including THE DISCIPLES were staying inside "HIDING" from the authorities this week,

so that they would not be arrested or attacked whipped and beaten as their Leader was. E.G. Peter denied 3 times that he even knew Jesus.

It was 1 week later
that MARY AGAIN WENT TO THE TOMB, "BUT" discovered Jesus's body was gone.


1.) Because of Jesus being crucified in 33 A.D. April 3rd which was on a Friday, there is no way He could fulfill the 3 day Sign of Jonah "if" He was gone from the tomb only 2 days later(from Friday night to Sunday morning being gone while it was yet dark),Sunday morning when Mary arrived at the Tomb! Therefore it was the N EXT Sunday morning that Mary found Jesus's Body gone.

2.) Mary did NOT NOT NOT go to the tomb to see if Jesus was still there early on the first
Sunday Morning April 5th BECAUSE Mary WAS ALREADY there on the first Sunday morning as she had just finished applying the spices onto Jesus's body by 1 A.M. Sunday Morning April 5th.

So obviously His body was still there 1 A.M. that first "PARTICULAR" Sunday morning

in order for 3 DAYS and 3 NIGHTS to be fulfilled as in the Scriptures.

So again for the Scripture to be UNDERSTOOD PROPERLY is has to be

1 week later that Mary again went to the tomb and found the stone rolled away and His body gone.

For Clarity here is this Re-Discovered truth stated Succinctly

Mary went to the tomb "AGAIN" on a Sunday while it was yet dark on April 12th .

Mary did NOT NOT NOT have to make a trip to the tomb on April 5th, because
PREPARING Jesus's body on April 5th
. Period.

You MUST REALIZE Mary had just finished applying the spices on before
daylight on Sunday April 5. It was April 12 Sunday while it was yet dark when Mary went to the tomb and found Jesus's body gone.

After Mary had prepared Jesus's body with spices then the days progressed onward as for 3 days and 3 night it was
April 6 Monday after sundown Jesus arose from the tomb!

Then the week progressed until the
next Sunday Morning April 12th (before
Daybreak while it was yet dark), when Mary AGAIN went to the tomb to find
that Jesus's body was gone!

These days went past before Mary went to the tomb again. And remember
all the Disciples and Mary were HIDING that week because their leader had been slain
and they were hiding so that they would not be arrested and beaten up, whipped, and killed next.

So the disciples and Mary logically "hid" for the duration of that week,
until Mary went to the tomb a week later on
Sunday April 12th.

Jesus DID FULFILL His 3 Days and 3 Nights sign of Jonah via a full 72 hours being in the Tomb, by
His rising from the tomb after sundown on
Monday night April 6th.
Friday night Saturday Night Sunday Night= 3 Nights.
Saturday Daytime Sunday Daytime Monday Daytime= 3 Days.

So it was a
Monday night 6 P.M. Resurrection in 33 A.D. "PROVEN" by the
mathematical calendar facts of when the spices were being administered
to His body on the
first Sunday night while it was yet dark BECAUSE Mary was
still at the tomb preparing the body the
1st Sunday morning while it was
yet dark!

Therefore it was the
next Sunday while it was yet dark (while all the Disciples were still hiding THAT WEEK) that she THEN discovered that His body
was not there.

Editor's Note 1:

Jesus was crucified
Friday, April 3, 33 A.D..
Armstrong started in 1933= 100 NINETEEN YEAR Time Cycles since Jesus's

Therefore the only year that fits 100 years of Time Cycles is 33 A.D.!

Editor's Note 2:

A High Day is NOT JUST a Festival Day.

A High Day is when a Festival Day "OCCURS" during a Sabbath 7th Day.
Ministers AND IGNORANT SLOPPY THEOLOGIANS are WRONGLY calling regular Festival Days as High Days.

Realize you would have no way to describe a day when a Festival Day occurred on Saturday Sabbath unless you used the term "HIGH DAY".
So you don't call Festival Days as High Days or you confuse everything!