The earth is Godís center of the Universe.


The ďAetherĒ is vibration and resonance from the BREATH OF OUR CREATOR, that holds everything that is Physical in Existence, and holds it in Harmony. See 49:00 minutes.

Louis de Broglie stated, "Any particle, ever isolated, has to be imagined as in continuous "energetic contact" with a hidden medium."[17][18] 


Particle Physics was WRONGLY invented to try to replace the Truth of the Aether.

Thereby trying to replace Godís Aether of Creation with phony theories of Particle Physics. See: 50:00


The force we wrongly call ďgravityĒ is only an aspect of magnetism. See 44:90


Michelson and Morely while trying to disprove the Aether, unexpectedly PROVED that Godís earth does NOT move through space. See 48:00 & 4914


Godís existing Aether, has been wrongly lyingly been replaced by phony Particle Physics.

The electron does NOT exist. See 49:40


The earth is Godís center of the Universe. See 51:20

Layers of the cosmos like stacked shelves surround the earth.

Again: There is NO evidence that the earth moves. See 56:40.