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     so Lawrence,,,,you always have an interesting take on everything...... how do you feel in general about the election


Dankman told you to vote for a SATANIST.

Dankenbring voted for SATANIST= A SATANIC JESUIT, and even told his woman member to give money to Jesuit SATANIST TRUMP.


*** 1.) Number 1 point is: Christians DO NOT VOTE, because then you are “willfully” PARTICIPATING IN SATAN'S SYSTEM. You are an AMBASSADOR of God's Kingdom, and AMBASSADORS don't vote in other Nations, nor in other Nations' systems.

       2.) Even if you did vote your vote has NO VALUE at all because God selects the Leaders.

King James Bible
This matter is by the decree of the watchers [“announced” by the FALLEN ANGELS], and the demand [decision is made by GOOD ANGELS who follow what God has told them to decide] by the word of the holy ones [GOOD ANGELS]: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth [God has the GOOD ANGELS make sure that the person God wants in power is put in power] in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he [sic He] will, and setteth up over it the basest of men. Daniel 4:17 KJV



       3.) If you were disobedient and stupid and did vote, you could be VOTING AGAINST GOD'S CHOICE.


4.)*** And the parties do NOT allow you to “SELECT” A CANDIDATE for President. We are "NOT" allowed to SELECT/put forth the candidates.

*** We are only allowed to elect those who already have been "selected", such as do you want the red Pinto that catches fire and could kill you, or the blue Pinto that catches fire and could kill you.


and the results?

*** Trump was put up as a "phony" candidate, in order to make the election of Clinton look fair.

*** But unexpectedly to the Illuminati Trump won with the Electoral vote, though the Illuminati “fixed” the Popular Vote with hidden software that is already installed in all voting machines.

while Clinton won with the Popular vote.


   as many think...u know....people.....we are ones.........  think that  the creator sets up kings ,,,and the opposite,

*** God sets up the worst of kings to allow Satan to have his (Satan’s) opportunity for 6000 years to prove that his (Satan’s way works). Which it obviously does NOT work.


   so what do you think other than to say  Hill is on the witch side of things

..and don is a liar...?

*** The Illuminati (Committee of 300)  NEVER give you a choice, as in vote for Bonesman 1 Bush or Bonesman 2 John Kerry.

*** Even if people elected a “good” person, that person would be murdered if they did not follow the instructions of the shadow government.

*** As soon as a person is elected they go to the Whitehouse and are TOLD what to do, if they do not want themselves murdered, their children murdered, or even their neighbours and their dog murdered.

*** So it does not matter even if you elected Jesus Christ, because they would just MURDER HIM AGAIN. Trump Pence Kane Bergoglio are all JESUITS.

*** Even if Hitlary still gets in they will indict her and put in Jesuit Kane as President.

*** Or they will kill Trump and put in Jesuit Pence as President.


*** If you voted for Trump= YOU VOTED FOR A SATANIC JESUIT.


    what are we to make of your overview?       I  know all men are liars....I posted a few just today....but they were not to deceive anyone....    I am happy don won... but have no illusions

*** Trump is “WORSE” than Hitlary, because TRUMP IS A JESUIT, and Hitlary is only a 4th Degree Witch.

*** Trump is smarter than Hitlary, and

will do MORE DAMAGE to our Country that Hitlary ever could.


*** Trump will bring in the New World Order to the USA, unless he gets out of line along the way and they murder him and then put in the other Jesuit, Vice President Pence.


.     Other than to hope we have a few more years before the shit hits the fan..

*** You are ALREADY BEING MURDERED slowly with:

1 Chemicals (Barium, Aluminum, Blood Plasma, Morgellons intelligent worms, ALL raining down on you,

2 Flouracitic Acid (Rat Poison) in your drinking water.

3 Bombarded by your Smart Meter’s electromagnetic fields in your house wiring

4 Bombarded/being slowly cooked by microwaves from the Cell Towers

5 Poisoned with Herbicides on your food.

6 Poisoned with Fungicides on your food.

7 Poisoned with Pesticides on your food.

8 Poisoned by Nuclear Radiation raining down on you daily, especially on the West Coast.

9 Diseases in the Vaccines, mercury in the vaccines.

10 Chemotherapy to kill  you= more people die from Chemotherapy that die from Cancer.

11 Doctors kill 250,000 = ¼ million of you a year, with Medical mistakes because 50% of the Doctors are bombed/doped up when they are on Duty, This is a PROVEN FACT, because the Doctors’ blood was analyzed for drugs and alcohol, when the Doctors were told their blood was just being tested to see if they had hospital borne pathogens.

12 shot by your police, who kill over 5 people a day/1000+ citizens murdered per year by poLICE.

13 Irradiated by your computer and your cell phone and by microwave ovens that were banned in Russia because they are so deadly.

etc., etc.. The above Proves you are being murdered slowly.

Isaiah 14:20 you [SATAN] will not be joined with them in burial, because you have destroyed your land, you have slain your people. ... New American Standard Bible "You ... You will not be buried with them, because you destroyed your land and killed your people.


The GOVERNMENT OF THE USA is 90%+ filled with SATANISTS, who being ruled by Satan, end up killing you prematurely by putting in the above 13 murderous plans.

All people should live to 120+ as they do in many other countries, but they die at 78 in the USA= you die 40 years prematurely, and NOW your children now will not live as long as you do.


In One Italian Village, Nearly 300 Residents Are Over 100 Years Old http://www.npr.org/2016/03/30/472442367/in-one-italian-village-nearly-300-residents-are-over-100-years-old

While we in the USA who have the worst health care, but the most expensive health care are being murdered daily by doctors themselves only live to an average of 58 years old, who know NOTHING about health.