Exposing Fallacious Arguments
for man's "false" Date Line
You "ARE"
Breaking God's 4th Commandment
that literally effects your Eternal Life
An "unforgivable" sin of
= No Sacrifice for your sins Hebrews 10:26
you sin "KNOWING" the Date Line is wrong
and you "still" tell others to follow A WRONG Sabbath DATE
You "KNOW" how to count up to 7, but you refuse to!

Men's (TPM/Bill Dankenbring's) argument to follow man's false Date Line is "Fallacious" for Fallacious means:

1. containing a fallacy; logically unsound: fallacious arguments.
Logically unsound "because" we are to follow God and not follow man whenever there is contradiction of with Scripture. 
2. deceptive; misleading: fallacious testimony.
Because he states he "follows" the Rabbis, when in fact he does "not" follow the Rabbis when he does not want to follow the Rabbis re the Hillel II calendar and Postponements.
3. disappointing; delusive: a fallacious peace.
Delusive because Bill Dankenbring is deluding himself saying he is a Christian, when in fact he is a proponent of the anti-Christ who will seek to change times ((7th day to 6th day in Australia)), and laws (change the 4th Commandment for Australia).
The Antichrist will deceive mankind. ... In vain they seek truth where there is none - .... and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and shall think to change times and laws ..." Dan 7:25, with a Date Line that causes Australian Christians to worship on the 6th day of the Week instead of the 7th day))).
This is so serious, that it effects members very Salvation/Eternal Life (in Australia). The 4th Commandment is a "Test Commandment, and a Commandment with blessings and Promises.
You are not to be
calling the profane (6th day) Holy,
and the [God's] Holy [7th day] profane. Ezekiel 22:26.
You "profane" God's Sabbath by working on God's 7th Day in Australia.
The New Covenant is that with those called of God, God "will" put His laws [4th Commandment 7th Day Sabbath] in your heart. Jeremiah 31:31.
By breaking the 4th Commandment, you "ARE" breaking your baptism Vow to obey God! 
*** My Sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations = FOREVER. Exodus 31:13
That means that the Rabbis "cannot" change the Sabbath to the 6th Day in Australia.
The Metaphor of Light

The metaphor of light makes sense only against a background of darkness.

Darkness is a rich metaphor that points to a double reality:

1.) Darkness points to the simple fact of human ignorance. Those who are "in the dark" are those who lack knowledge. To the Jewish mind, this metaphor had particular application to the Gentile world - a world that had not received the revelation of the Torah, the written revelation of God. Today, untold millions still dwell in deep darkness, having never heard the "TRUE" word of God. Remember the 7th day to keep it Holy.


The unforgivable sin of
= No Sacrifice for your sins Hebrews 10:26

2.) Darkness "also" refers to evil and willful blindness. This points "beyond" the mere fact of simple ignorance. In this sense, darkness refers to the fact that many will reject the light. As John explained, "He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. He came into His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him." This is "willful" disobedience to God's 4th Commandment, because Bill Dankenbring "knows" the Rabbis changed God's 7th day Sabbath to the 6th Day in Australia, yet "willfully" Bill Dankenbring goes against God's 4th Commandment of: Remember the 7th Day to keep it Holy

This is a central event in Triumph Prophetic Ministries:

It is a dividing line between who will follow the Rabbis and who will follow God, (just as it was in the 1st Century.

This is such a central event for the history record of TPM.

It is the dividing line between the age of darkness and the age of light.

Our response obviously "must" be to follow God's Bible and not the Rabbis.

The Bible is a light that shines out in the Spiritual Darkness. Remember the 7th Day, Sabbath Day, to keep it Holy in Australia.

Do "not" keep the 6th Day Holy in Australia.

The image of light is central to Christianity. Jesus said: "I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life." [John 8:12] This is the sum and substance of Christianity.

The people who have walked in darkness in Australia have seen a great light. Those who have lived in a dark land have now experienced the shining of the Light of life, to keep God's 4th Commandment, which they have been breaking in Australia. Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it "Holy" in Australia, no matter what the Rabbis say.

Christ did not do 1 single thing against His Father's Law.

We are to walk as Christ walked. "NOT" as the Rabbis walk.

Yeshua lived by every Word of God and not by any of the words of the Rabbis.

But the vast majority did not accept the Truth of Yeshua, and followed the Rabbis.

History is repeating itself with TPM members, who follow the Rabbis and Bill Dankenbring, instead of God's 4th Commandment to: Keep the 7 Day Holy in Australia. The Rabbis say to keep the 6th Day Holy in Australia!

Who will you follow, the Rabbis and Bill Dankenbring, or Yah's/God's Bible.

REPENT and turn your heart to God.

Come into the safety and protection of  TO COG which "is" The "OBEDIENT" Church of God. Turn on you computer www.TheWorldTomorrow.org at 9 A.M. West Coast, 10 A.M. Mountain Time, 11 A.M. Central Time, and 12 NOON Eastern time, in order to get your TRUE unadulterated spiritual food/feeding.

Lawrence A. Nowell
The Obedient Church of God

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The Obedient Church of God
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