The Obedient Church Of God

We “ARE” the Servants of the Living God.


                  These 4 FASTS “ARE” Commanded by God!

(In addition to Atonement= a total of 5 FASTS to the Lord each year.)


The New Testament states that God’s people WILL fast:

…when the Bridegroom… taken away…then they will fast. Matthew 9:15


The instructions as to “WHEN” to fast are in Zechariah 8:19:


19 Thus saith the LORD of hosts; The fast of

the fourth month, and the fast of 

the fifth, and the fast of 

the seventh, and the fast of t

he tenth Zechariah 8:19

Who said that?

Answer: Thus saith The Lord!

We/TO COG are identical to the 1st Century Netsari who used these fasts because we just like the Netsari, we The Obedient Church of God USE/RESTORED these fasts today:


         For you To INCULCATE,

to give you

A working Knowledge of

Our Christian History

1.) God’s 1st Fast Day is the

17th of Tammuz/the 17th of God’s 4th Month (pagan name Tammuz):


17th of Tammuzcommemorating the total destruction of the “total” breach of ALL the walls of Jerusalem (before the destruction of the Second Temple.[1 )

                                                             The Chaldeans also seized King Zedekiah and killed the princes as they tried to flee the city. 

17 Tammuz Shiv'ah Asar b'Tammuz was when the 10 Commandments were smashed).

17 Tammuz - (1312 BCE) - Golden Calf offered by the Jewish people, 40 days after the giving of the Torah at Har Sinai. This is the first of the 5 national tragedies mourned on this day.
17 Tammuz - (423 BCE) - 
Temple service disrupted The daily sacrificial offerings (Korban Tamid) in the Holy Temple were discontinued, three weeks before the Babylonians' destruction of the First Temple in 586 BCE..


Condensation of 5 “National tragedies mourned on this day 17th of Tammuz 

                          1.) 70 CE Jerusalem “ALL” Walls finally Breached.

                        2.)  Roman TOTAL CONQUEST of every home in THE CITY of Jerusalem.

                        3.)  The Roman General Apostomus burned the Torah.

                        4.) The Roman General placed an idol in the Holy Temple.

                        5.) The fighting in Jerusalem continued for three more weeks until they LOST THE final BATTLE on the 9th of Av.

2.) God’s 2nd Fast Day is:

The 9th of Av (Tisha B’Av) when the 1st temple was burned. (We TO COG fast on that day, to examine ourselves to see that we will not be “burned” up).

3.) God’s 3rd Fast Day is:

The 3rd of Tishri when leader Gidaliah ben Ashikam was assassinated. (The death of the righteous is equivalent to the burning of the Temple). 

(We TO  COG fast to remind ourselves that the righteous can be slain).

4.) God’s 4th Fast Day is:

The 10th of Tevet: On that day the King of the Babylonians began the siege of Jerusalem. This was the first of a series of events that led to the destruction of the first Temple.

We TO COG fast to remind ourselves that “DISobedience” has consequences.

 Atonement/Yom Kippur is the 5th COMMANDED Fast Day.


The New Testament states that God’s people “WILL” fast, and not just helter skelter when they please.


These above “ARE” the “COMMANDED” Fasts of The Lord,


that TO COG has RESTORED, that no other offshoot is following!

We TO COG “ARE” the Netsari

as proven by the fact that we do exactly/fast exactly like the Netsari did

and take Passover when the Netsari did.


RaMBaM states:

There are days on which “all” of Israel FASTS, because of the calamities that occurred on those days.

We fast on them to awaken our hearts and enter upon the paths of  “repentance”.


This fasting should be a reminder of our misdeeds, and those of our fore bearers, that eventually brought their troubles upon them, and upon us.


For the remembrance of these matters will turn us around for the better.


Therefore during the 4 Fast Days every person should make a heartfelt examination of his actions [and thoughts behind his actions], and rectify any shortcomings.

For the most important aspect is not the fasting, rather it is the repentancethe fasting is only the preparation for the repentance.


Our 86 year old  member Ozelia Ruth Welling ((whom we consider is being used by God like a prophetess)= she is more than just called and Baptized)) writes:

Are Jews repenting of anythingThat is what the fasts are for.

RE: Ozelia

Marital status is not a prerequisite to be considered a prophetess.

Of the ten female prophets mentioned in scripture:

1.      Three were married (Deborah, Huldah, and obviously Isaiah's wife)

2.      One was a widow (Anna)

3.      Four were virgins at the time (Philip's daughters)

4.      And two do not even have their marital status mentioned (Miriam and Noadiah)

Even during times when women held low standing in the eyes of men, the Bible tells stories of women in God-given positions of power and influence. After all, it is just like God to choose what mankind considers as the "weak things of the world to put to shame the things which [mankind considers] are mighty" (1 Corinthians 1:26-31).


BTW Ozelia Welling laid hands on Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell outside of a humble 2 horse stable in Omak, Washington, specially anointing me for Ministry, in the fall of 2008.

Ironically a month later: Then began Mr. Nowell’s independent ministry on Nov 29 2008, when the conjunction of the planets occurred with a spectacular three-way conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the crescent Moon which was on the exact same day I was disfellowshipped by Dankenbring as his Assistant preacher, for not keeping his Turkey/Goose gOD Day.

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Do not Duplicate the thanksgiving fall Feast of Tabernacles. Deuteronomy 12:32 You shall not add to it.

Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it Deuteronomy 12:32

She again laid hands on me in 2010 again, this time requesting Father to give me a double portion of His Holy Spirit, and

that was when the “full” Powerful Broadcasts STARTED at Passover 2010.

BTW: Mrs. Welling was the wife of a Senator Mr. John Kelly.

BTW The 19 year Time Cycles are:

1934 Start of The Radio Church of God broadcasting to the USA. Reared as a Quaker, Armstrong joined the Oregon Conference of the Church of God in the late 1920s and by1931was ordained.

1953 Start of the Worldwide Church of God Broadcast to Europe.

1972 Pentecost again wrongly changed from Monday to Sunday. Leading to a falling away of thousands. (The Sivan 6 original Pentecost Day was given to HWA in 1933 which he adhered to from 1933 till he changed to Monday in 1936).

1991 The Great Falling Away from WCG (Herbert Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God) by Tkach changing nearly all Doctine including adherence to God’s 7th Day Sabbath Saturday to Sunday.

2010 Start of The Obedient Church of God Broadcasting on Internet and now Publishing Articles on Internet AT )

And way back in 2007:

There were 3 Meteorites in the sky that God used to talk to me directly:

While praying I asked: “Is this work going to be done with “POWER”?

1.) And immediately Meteorite shot down like a sword “STRAIGHT DOWN” AT 90 DEGREES like a SWORD sticking into the ground in front of me, coming out from the North Heaven onto the hill I was facing.


I then asked: “Does this mean that this work is going to be done with Power and a Vengeance?

2.) And immediately a 2nd Meteorite came down in front of me larger than the 1st, again at 90 degrees, straight down like a 2nd giant sword, again from the North, in front of me on the hill.


Then being “jarred” by these 2 meteorites that came down in front of me, I said: “OK Father: So be it.

3.) And as soon as I spoke those words: “IMMEDIATELY” a 3RD Meteorite streaked exceedingly high straight across the sky: An underline across the “WHOLE” sky from West to East of a 3rd meteorite streaking straight across the “WHOLE” sky (not like any type of Meteorite ever seen before) directly above me, from the West to the East (and NEVER came down, instead staying up and disappearing “ABOVE” the Eastern Sky toward Jerusalem), while I was all this time facing North. This 3rd Meteorite did not come down. It made an UNDERLINE accent across the “WHOLE”  Sky, just like a plane; and it never came down, nor stopped, but disappeared out of sight, headed toward Jerusalem.

I then said: “Thank you Father for your answering me!”; (all these prayers were “silent” prayers), and I headed inside, as my questions to Father were answered with 3 meteorites.


These were not dreams, but ACTUAL PHYSICAL EVENTS, like a burning bush that never is consumed!

Which leaves “NO ROOM for Doubt”.


In Grade 6  (1954),

I was chosen out of the whole school to star in the role of Elijah in my School’s grand Play before 1,000 people, called “The Boy With the Silver Axe”, who

commands the axe to come out of the water.

And I gave my first Church 20 minute speech in 1964 presentation during the weekly Service (after returning from Luther College) to the 600 member Congregation of Zion Lutheran Church at age 16 (1964=

circa 60 years ago), after which a Principle of a School spontaneously jumped out of his seat and said: “Smashing Great job” and shook my hand before the whole Congregation, as I was returning to my seat.

So things have been going on in my life a long time.


Law-rence Al-bert (Al-bright) Now-ELL (Now-God)

BTW Nowell in Hebrew meansTo Lock In.


 P.S. Re these 4 FASTS:

There are days when all Israel fasts because of the troubles that occurred on them, in order to arouse the hearts to begin the ways of repentance and to be a reminder of our evil deeds and the deeds of our ancestors that were like our deeds today which brought them and us these troubles. For by remembering these things we are brought to return to the good, as it says (Leviticus 26:40), “And they shall confess their sin and the sin of their ancestors.”
The sources enumerate a number of different sins that were the root causes of the destruction, and which should be the primary focus of repentance on these days. These include:


PPS: Re 19 year Time Cycles:

In the Hebrew calendar, twelve lunar months result in a year that has about 354 days (about eleven days shorter than a solar year). Such common years, as they are called, are regularly balanced by leap years, which contain thirteen months each. Leap years are about 384 days in length (about nineteen days longer than a solar year). Notice how these lunar months are related to the solar year.

Every nineteen solar years, the moon revolves around the earth 235 times. In other words, 235 lunar months equals about nineteen solar years. This remarkable astronomical relationship makes it possible to combine twelve common Hebrew years (of twelve months each) and seven leap years (of thirteen months each) together every nineteen years. This means that the solar (Roman) calendar and the lunisolar (Hebrew) calendar very nearly coincide as the sun, moon and earth return to their approximate position of alignment with each other every nineteen years.

Nineteen-year patterns

can be seen in biblical history. For example, ancient Israel spent 38 (19 x 2)=38 extra years wandering in the wilderness (Deuteronomy 2:14Numbers 14:33-34).


Early church history divides itself into roughly three nineteen-year periods:

1.) Starting from Jesus' death 30 A.D. to Paul's warning of apostasy 49 A.D. (Galatians 1:6)

2.) 68 A.D. the church's flight from Jerusalem. All true Christians had heeded the warning to flee thee hence, and had left Jerusalem before 70 A.D..

Therefore NONE were killed, though those unbelieving Christians not believing the WARNING, stayed and were slaughtered). No OBEDIENT Christians were killed when Jerusalem was destroyed, because the OBEDIENT had all OBEDIENTLY escaped to Pella (in modern Jordan).

3.) To circa 87 A.D. which was the time of the Apostle John's exile to Patmos, because they could not kill John even when they boiled John in oil, so they exiled him.



as PROVEN by the FACTS.