Re God’s 4th Commandment:
Remember Saturday to keep it Holy.
1.) Does the clay say to the Potter:
You are "not" going to meet with me/work on me on the last day of the week Saturday,
I, the rebellious idiot clay, am changing your meeting day God, to Sunday.
So though, since the foundation of the world,
you God, have been keeping Saturday as the Sabbath,
I the clay, as of 326 A.D., (I the clay) am changing your day of Saturday worship to Sunday worship, to accommodate the Baal worshipers of the sun.
Ps: God is not going to honour your garbage worship day of Sunday, which will lead you to damnation.
Because outside the Kingdom are all those who are cast into Hell, for making a lie. Revelation 22:7

2.) The 4th Commandment, the Sabbath Saturday, was done away with/stricken from the record "not" in the first Century, but in 326 A.D. by the Catholic church.

Look up the word command in the Dictionary.

Commandments “mean” something you are “COMMANDED” to do/live your life by.

These are God’s 10 COMMANDMENTS, not the 10 suggestions.

This “is” God’s COMMANDED “WAY TO LIVE” your life.

Keep Saturday HOLY states God!!!

This writer will not listen to, accept or condone any deviation or changing of the 10 COMMANDMENTS, and neither should you.

We will “NOT” accept the 326 A.D. Roman Government’s forcing everyone to keep Sunday/Baal’s day of the sun, in place of the 7th day Saturday end of week Sabbath day of rest.

The Catholic literature clearly admits that the Roman Catholic’s changed Saturday Sabbath worship to SUNday worship.


On the positive side:

“When” you do observe all the 10 COMMANDMENTS, you will then begin to experience and learn the meaning of God’s way of life.


Everyone will live

the 10 COMMANDMENT way

of life

as it was meant to be lived.

Everyone is going to be going to worship services on Saturday, when Jesus returns, (as Jesus set the example to do). That same Jesus will also then “force” everyone on earth to go to services on Saturday, thereby honouring the 4th COMMANDMENT.

EVERYONE will be forced to keep Saturday Holy as the Bible has always commanded, or they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire as disobedient, incorrigible brats.

These are words of life for you: Telling you to obey God and “not” pagan days.

Ask Jesus the Shepherd to shepherd/guide your life.

Ask Jesus to change you, and a world gone wrong.

Jesus is the Creator, soon coming King of the Earth, and the soon coming ruler of the Earth.

There is no other way, neither shall or will there ever be.

This writer’s voice is crying aloud in the Spiritual wilderness of North America and the World.

Every mountain, hill, and idea contrary to the Bible will be levelled/flattened/crushed, along with anyone espousing such.

See what is to come: God’s perfect way and laws reaching to the ends of the Universe.

Learn the meanings of God’s ways by “obeying” the 10 COMMANDMENTS.


by doing so (obeying first), you will “then” be granted understanding.





c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell