Possibility Hadron Collider can produce Dark Matter

for DESTRUCTIVE wartime usage of GAMMA RAYS

Editor’s Note: Therefore God could allow

Europe’s Collider to develop the Secret Weapon

that could win a war AGAINST the USA



Atoms are “NOW” being run  through Hadron collider for the 1st time.

Physicists are doing these tests to see if the LHC could one day operate as a gamma-ray factory. In this scenario, scientists would shoot the circulating "atoms" with a laser, causing the electron to jump into a higher energy level. As the electron falls back down, it spits out a particle of light. In normal circumstances, this particle of light would not be very energetic, but because the "atom" is already moving at close to the speed of light, the energy of the emitted photon is boosted and its wavelength is squeezed (due to the Doppler effect).

These gamma rays would have sufficient energy to produce normal "matter" particles, such as quarks, electrons and even muons. Because matter and energy are two sides of the same coin, these high-energy gamma rays would transform into massive particles and could even morph into new kinds of matter, such as dark matter. They could also be the source for new types of particle beams, such as a muon beam.
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This Gamma Ray weapon/BOMB would produce only a little fallout as this “NEW” weapon would kill people by delivering an enormous burst of high-energy gamma rays.

Which means that after the USA citizens are killed, the area/=our cities would STILL be inhabitable/USEABLE by our enemies, BUT we will all be destroyed.

The bomb, which produces little fallout, blurs the distinction between conventional and nuclear weapons.

The device would not produce energy by triggering a nuclear fission or fusion reaction, like current nuclear weapons. Instead it would rely on the gamma rays produced when the high-energy nuclei of some radioactive elements decay. This decay process (which usually takes place very slowly), could be accelerated and used in a weapon. Such weapons would allow military commanders to increase firepower without being forced to push the nuclear button.

MAKING IT LOGICAL FOR EUROPE TO USE IT (to use such a New Type of Bomb)

to take over/defeat/overthrow, occupy, and divide up/sell off pieces of the USA,

after we are all dead or taken captive

to sell us as slaves to China.

War is logical now BECAUSE our infrastructure of roads, and water and electrical plants/buildings are still standing after our war with Europe,



due to Europe’s new GAMMA RAY BOMBS.


Editor’s Note:

Within Agreements between the United Nations and China (with regard to the occupation of the United States):

The Chinese government has been promised control and the right to harvest Americans.