Subject: Goats are running the USA and always have been.

Nothing has changed since 1970 and even before1970.


Separating the Sheep from the Goats

has nothing to do with the 1000 YEAR RESURRECTION.



The Politicians elected now are 99% selfish Goats.

Male and Female Nannies Goats are “NOW” the ones that get elected, rarely sheep.


When Christ returns He will throw all the Goats out of office,

and Christ will replace the Goats with Sheep.

And it will be done on earth to start His REIGN on planet “EARTH”.


Christ will separate the Sheep from the Goats:

This does NOT NOT NOT happen on “Judgment Day”.

Christ separating the sheep from the goats has nothing to do with God’s “ETERNAL” Judgment to throw evil people into Hell.

Separation happens circa 2030 when Christ arrives, when Christ smashes/RESETS all the Government Offices of the Earth

as Christ sets up NEW Government Leaders in every Country of the World, including the USA.


Christ does this by removing all the Goat Leaders and installing Sheep leaders that have the good of the people/flock at heart.


So the present USA GOAT leaders WILL be replaced by SHEEP LEADERS= Christian Spirit Beings who manifest themselves in human form.

BUT also:

Sheep like Rand Paul that have the good for the citizens as their 1st Priority, may be left in office,

but “All the GOATS WILL BE REMOVED/separated from Office.

That is what separating the Sheep from the Goats means.


This is Rediscovered TRUTH:

This is what separating the Sheep from the Goats means.


Separating the Sheep from the Goats has nothing to do with the 2nd Resurrection of the Dead. Because there is no need to separate them if 1 group is going to be thrown into Hell anyways.

Just directly judge and burn them up in Hell as/for the garbage that they are.


You need to separate them in circa 2030, BECAUSE all the goats will “NOT” be killed when Christ arrives,


the goats will still be allowed to live out their lives on earth, but not have/hold a Public Government Office.

That is “WHY” you have to separate them.


The Great White Throne Judgment of Revelations 20:11-15 occurs “after” the Millennium of 1000 years in circa 3030 A.D..


The Judgment of the Nations Matthew 25:31-46 occurs at the 2nd Coming circa 2030 A.D..


In 2030 there are 3 groups at the time of Christ taking over/ruling the Nations:

1.)       Sheep: Individuals who are kind to others= who treat others fairly.

2.)       Goats: Individuals who take advantage of others.

3.)                Christians: Individuals who follow “all of” God’s Bible whom Jesus called his Brothers. Matthew 12:50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother.


This is how the SEPARATION OF Sheep and the Goats will be DONE:

1.)       The Sheep will be allowed to continue in any position they currently have and live out their lives.

2.)           The Goats will be taken out of Positions of Power/Office. “BUT” will be allowed to live out their life on earth.

3.)       “TRUE” Christians (ones that follow “every” word of God) will take over the Goats’ Offices.


Christians that are physically alive at this time will be changed and given spirit bodies, but will manifest themselves as physical human beings, just as Christ did when he walked the earth.

And Christians that were dead will be resurrected, and they will also take over the Goats’ positions of Power/Offices.


The Key to understand is that Goats and Sheep are separated in circa 2030

and both are NOW allowed to live on, on the Earth in 2030.

“THIS” is the time when the sheep are separated from the goats,

NOT1000 years from now.


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Sent: Monday, September 13, 2021 7:56 AM
Subject: FW: Nothing has changed since 1970 and even before1970.

This is what GOATS DO!


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Nothing has changed since Kent State University May 4,1970. AND NO ONE IS HELD RESPONSIBLE!

Soldiers were cutting us down/any citizen who protested, STUDENTS shot BY The USA Government/somebody gave the order to FIRE/SHOOT STUDENTS down.

4 Campus students, SHOT DEAD by USA Government Troops,

and 9 STUDENTS WOUNDED= 13 unarmed STUDENTS SHOT by the USA Government Officials! 4 KILLED/MURDERED. AND NO ONE IS HELD RESPONSIBLE!  Here is a version of this song that does not make you sign in to hear it. Because they want to track us.

And now BIOWEAPONS are cutting us down 50 years later! Play THIS above link and Sing the words: BIOWEAPONS ARE CUTTING US DOWN.

Government weapons are STILL cutting us down, 50 years later.


Not to mention:


Ruby Ridge August 21, 1992: AND NO ONE IS HELD RESPONSIBLE!

A mother Vicky Weaver with a baby in her arms, was shot in the head and killed instantly by a US Government Military Sniper at Ruby Ridge, when she opened her front door.

Her son, a 14-year-old boy was shot in the back and killed while he was running away at Ruby Ridge.



78 Church members BURNED ALIVE and/27 were directly shot in Waco by Government snipers, and by the Government’s Tanks ramming holes in the Church buildings, and

then through the holes- firing pyrotechnics gas bombs that are only for outdoor use because they “burn” so hot to produce gas, were fired directly into/inside wooden Church buildings.

Again, for clarity: Pathologists ALSO have found that 27 were shot.

Four of the children were shot to death. Two of the children had been shot in the head and two in the chest. 1 child was deliberately run over by a Tank as she tried to escape out the back of the Church lunchroom.


The Twin Towers Sept 11, 2001: AND NO ONE IS HELD RESPONSIBLE!

3000+ USA citizens blown up/murdered by the Government with the USA Government placing bombs 1 month before in the Twin Towers. (NORAD), which is tasked with shooting down misbehaving airplanes, asked US defense systems to 'stand down' in order to enable the attacks. The lack of response of these systems to four planes ENABLED the attack. an extraordinary amount of put options were placed on United Airlines and American Airlines stocks, the same airlines that were hijacked during the attacks - just a few days before the attacks took place. Many speculate that insider traders on the US stock markets were tipped off about the attacks in advance. It is true that many made big profits from the tragedy. 


NOW since early 2020:

The Whole USA Now as of Sept 12, 2021:

677,988 USA citizens killed by a

USA Government Bioweapon since 2020.  



And don’t forget the sinking of the Lusitania killing 1195 people including 123 Americans, on May 7, 1915: AND NO ONE IS HELD RESPONSIBLE!

Because it was filled with munitions.

That was the excuse to get the USA into World War I, when the Germans had posted in the New York Times a month before, NOT to enter those waters or they will be sunk.


And don’t forget Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, when the radar operators warned the USA Officials that a squadron of Japanese bombers was approaching, but the USA Officials silenced the radar operators.

And all the good newer ships were out of the harbor, and all of the sailors that were experienced were on those ships out of the harbor, but the ships inside the harbor were deliberately filled with young inexperienced expendable sailors.


All of the above PROVES how evil our Government is, no matter which Party is in control, and it will only get worse now, as “a time of trouble greater than ever before and never shall be again. Daniel 12:1 ESV And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never has been since there was a nation…


And all those empty cities in China are waiting to be filled with USA citizens as SLAVES.


EVIL people/Satan’s servants, are running the USA and always have been.

Nothing will change until Christ returns and destroys all the present Government Leaders, and replaces the USA Government Leaders with Christian Leaders. Holman Christian Standard Bible “Well done, …' he told him. Because you have been faithful in a very small matter, have authority over 10 towns. Luke 19:17.