Mumble Happy Feet

The Mundane World

Mumble lives in Antarctica with the emperor penguins where singing is the acceptable way of fitting in. Unfortunately, Mumble can't sing - he can only dance.

The Call To Adventure

Mumble's journey begins when he is kicked out of the colony by Noah the Elder.

Crossing The Threshold

When he leaves the land of the emperor penguins Mumble walks under an archway, symbolizing the threshold. He has decided to follow "ONLY God's BIBLE" his head and find out about the aliens who are taking the fish = stop people from taking the life away from true Christians.

The Path of Trials

Mumble heads out with Lovelace, Ramon, and the other Adelie Amigos. Lovelace is Mumble's mentor, while the Amigos are his friends. Without his friends, Mumble would never have reached the alien outpost. From there though, he heads out alone as all heroes must do. Lovelace yells after him, "I'm going to be telling your story Happy Feet. Long after you're dead and gone." This is the power of the hero and the journey. As Mumble goes through his journey his fur slowly disappears, meaning he is turning into an adult, but also signalling his growth as a hero.

Master of Two Worlds

Mumble returns to the world of the emperor penguins triumphant, having brought back the aliens who are so impressed with his dancing that they give the fish back. He wins the heart of Gloria and the respect of his father - not to mention the appreciation of the whole community.

Author written by Matt

Italics are added words the same as when you see italics in the Bible.

Mumble Happy Feet



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