Example of "HOW" to Observe the Jerusalem Crescent
West of Man's false Dateline

EG: Using Tuesday Night July 13th as an Example:

Kiddish Elements (Bread & Wine), and meal in HONOUR of your "KING", will be:

Tuesday Night July 13

after Sundown throughout all Nations "up to" man's Dateline, that ends

just past North America between North America and Australia/Russia.


BUT "after" man's artificial dateline, the Kiddish must be done on Wednesday in Australia and westward to the Euphrates River (Israel's/God's eastern boundary for God's original Nation of Israel), so that you can obey God's Bible, and God's Date-Line, and not man's Dateline, so that you are not celebrating God's Elements on the wrong day.

NB: Australia and westward from Australia must celebrate Yah's days, "AFTER" the days start in Jerusalem, and not "before the days start in Jerusalem. That means that Yah's Saturday Sabbath day is actually on Sunday for Australia and westward to Jerusalem, because  you "cannot" start Yah's Sabbath day, before it starts in Jerusalem, Ergo: You "cannot" celebrate Yah's weekly Sabbath, before it starts, or you are "NOT" keeping the Sabbath Day HOLY. You are keeping God's Sabbath day 1 day early. Yah's Sabbath is on man's Sunday for Australia and westward till you reach the Euphrates). You "MUST" keep Yah's Sabbath Day holy Australia and Westward.



The World Clock � Time Zone Converter � results

At the specified time, local time in Sydney was 7 hours ahead of Tel Aviv


Local time

Time zone

Tel Aviv (Israel)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 7:45:00 PM (7:48 P.M. the Crescent was sighted) 

UTC+3 hours

Sydney (Australia - New South Wales)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 2:45:00 AM

UTC+10 hours EST

Corresponding UTC (GMT)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 16:45:00


Crescent moon was sighted on Tuesday July 13 7:48 P.M. in Israel.

Tuesday 7:48 P.M. in Israel is Wednesday July 14 2:45 A. M. in Sydney, AU.

*** You "cannot" celebrate Yah's Sabbath, nor Yah's Crescent, on the Wrong day/evening.

*** Or else:

When Christ comes back/returns, Christ will be in Australia 7 hours, before HE returns to Jerusalem, by man's "wrong" wrong wrong, crazy Satanic Dateline. 

Man/Satan has deceived the Nations again.

You "CANNOT" celebrate the Sabbath 1 day early on Australia's Saturday, which is North America's and Jerusalem's Saturday.

You "CANNOT" and indeed "MUST NOT" celebrate Yah's Sabbath on Saturday (which is in reality 1 day early in Australia).


You "CANNOT" celebrate the Sabbath 1 day early "on" "Australia's" Saturday, because "Australia's" time IS ahead of Jerusalem's time, by man's/Satan's fouled up Dateline. 

It is "NOT" "truly" Saturday in Australia via God's/Yah's Jerusalem Dateline, because man's/Australia's time clock/Dateline is "ahead" of Jerusalem time.

Therefore you must celebrate Yah's Sabbath on Sunday in Australia, (which is North America's and Jerusalem's Saturday).

You "CANNOT" and indeed "MUST NOT" celebrate Yah's Sabbath on Saturday in Australia, because Saturday in Australia, is "before" the Sabbath in Jerusalem ergo: Saturday is 1 day early in Australia.


To repeat for clarity: The New Crescent "was" sited on the evening of July 13th in Jerusalem, Israel,

therefore the "start" of GOD'S next month, "IS" the evening/sundown of June 13 2010, for all Countries westward from Jerusalem, up to man's phony International Dateline.


This means that the Kiddish Bread and Wine elements, and the Kiddish meal is on the evening of July 13th, for America and all Nations east of America, up to the Western Border of Israel, after the sun sets in your "particular" country on July 13 2010.


This is because God runs His days from the previous sundown (... and evening passed and morning came, marking the first day. Genesis 1:3 NLT).


 your recognition of Jesus' Death/Jesus' Kiddish elements/Bread and Wine, and meal, the evening of June 13 2010 up to the West coast of North America;

but do it June 14 for Australia and west clear through to Pakistan, and west to the Euphrates River.

(If you missed/did not read this before Tuesday night July 13, please still do it tomorrow July 14 in North America, even in the "day"light hours, as soon as you realize it, for it must be done in honour of Jesus' Sacrifice every month since the time of David).

"PROOF" that the "Crescent" first sliver of the moon "was" sited, is based on the Testimony of 2 or more Witnessess:


On July 13, 2010 the new moon was sighted from Israel.

The new moon was first sighted from Tel Aviv at 19:48 by David Cachicas, Daniela Cachicas, and Gabriel Cachicas. The new moon was also sighted from Jerusalem by Nehemia Gordon at 19:59 and then shortly thereafter by Miri Burgin, Devorah Gordon, Bruce Brill, Willie Ondricek, Jesse Reagan, and Yoel HaLevy.


Scriptures that refer to the Crescent new moon

(sources supplied upon request)

Psa 81:3 Blow the ram�s horn at the time of the New Moon, At the full moon, on our festival day.

(Psa 81:3)Blow upH8628 the trumpetH7782 in the new moon,H2320 in the time appointed,H3677 on our solemn feastH2282 day.H3117


Psa 89:37 �Like the moon, it is established forever, And the witness in the heaven is

steadfast.� Selah.


Psa 89:37It shall be establishedH3559 for everH5769 as the moon,H3394 andas a faithfulH539

witnessH5707 in heaven.H7834 Selah.H5542


Psa 104:19 He made the moon for appointed times; The sun knows its going down.


Psa 104:19He appointedH6213 the moonH3394 for seasons:H4150 the sunH8121 knowethH3045

his going down.H3996


Num 10:9 �And when you go into battle in your land against the enemy that distresses

you, then you shall shout with the trumpets, and you shall be remembered before

הוהי your Elohim, and you shall be saved from your enemies.


Num 10:10 �And in the day of your gladness, and in your appointed times, and at the

beginning of your months... And they shall be a remembrance for you before your
. I amהוהי your Elohim.�


Num 10:10 �And in the day of your gladness, and in your appointed times, and at the

beginning of your months, you shall blow the trumpets over your burnt offerings and
over your peace offerings. And they shall be a remembrance for you before your
Elohim. I am
הוהי your Elohim.�


Pro 7:20 �He took a bag of silver with him; He comes home on the day of the new



Pro 7:20 (DRB)He took with him a bag of money: he will return home the day of the full



Pro 7:20He hath takenH3947 a bagH6872 of moneyH3701 withH3027 him,and will comeH935

homeH1004 at the dayH3117 appointed.H3677


Isa 66:23 �And it shall be that from New Moon to New Moon,

and from Sabbath toSabbath, all flesh shall come to worship before Me,� declaresהוהי.


Isa 66:23And it shall come to pass,H1961that fromH4480 H1767 one new moonH2320 to

another,H2320 and fromH4480 H1767 one sabbathH7676 to another,H7676 shall allH3605 fleshH1320

comeH935 to worshipH7812 beforeH6440 me, saithH559 the LORD.H3068

So let us rejoice in Yah's New Moon day with the Bread and Wine elements and the Kiddish Meal. 


c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell