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The 20th Century saw a great global uprising against European imperialism as the former colonial countries shook off their shackles and rose up for independence. More than a half century later, global inequality is sharper than ever before.


To understand the current predicament of the vast majority of the world's people, we must understand the intervening decades. Matt Kennard and Claire Provost's book, Silent Coup:


How Corporations Overthrew Democracy, looks inside the international architecture of global corporate governance that exists to flout and crush any attempts by the former colonial world to enact development on their own terms. Matt Kennard joins The Chris Hedges Report for a look at this intriguing and essential history.

These are the people who make collecting rainwater illegal.


People cannot afford water to drink, while Coca Cola and Bill Gates Foundation steal all the Water for bottling, while the people die.


It is Unjustifiable. See 24:24

25:14 While Mega Corporations are “BOTTLING” the peoples’ water, while the people have no water.