Former Patent Examiner REVEALS that they screen and HIDE "ALL" free energy inventions.

Click on this FANTASTIC video to see “MANY” of the Free Energy Devices

Not only do they NOT ALLOW the release of Free Energy Devices


Welcome to your World run by Satan.

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The Corporations regulate the Government that regulates “them”!

See 55 minutes re Free Energy Cold Fusion.


When you have control of PEOPLES’ energy, then you control the people.

Because you can power your car and house for FREE.

Power your home forever FOR FREE with YOUR free energy home gasless generator and replace your car engine and never have to pay for gas. See 1:03 minutes


God’s FREE ENERGY not allowed for us worker SLAVES to have. We have to pay/feed oil & gas Corporations instead/the Corporations that control the Politicians:

1:08:31 You are “NOT” allowed to release this device.