Receive justice, and Spiritual freedom, and ETERNAL LIFE via God's "True"Word, by obeying "ALL" of God's N.T. ways/Law. Read what The New Covenant "really" is: God will put his LAW in your heart. That is THE NEW COVENANT, or else call God a liar. Jeremiah 31:31 Romans 3:31.
Jude 3, would greatly disencumber "all" us ex-WCG members from the pain of being "MISLED" during our pursuit God's Truth.
All of us ex-WCG members, who "truly" are seekers of God's way/Truth, and
all the splintered groups, who are in the midst of the travesty/days of WOE perpetrated by the Great Falling Away:
Can "NOW" find protection and TRUTH only in God's 1st Century Ways,
via "ONLY" The "OBEDIENT" Church of God. 
Because ONLY The "OBEDIENT" Church of God is the "ONLY" "ONLY" ONLY" Congregation in the World, that follows "every" jot and Tittle of God's 1st Century 30 A.D. example.
To all the offshoot groups, that "still" do "not" follow the 30 A.D. Crescent Moon Faith once delivered per Jude 3, which "MUST" include the Crescent Moon that Jesus and Paul followed, little dis-obedient offshoot groups "you":
MUST return to the 1st Century Doctrine of the Faith "once" delivered per Jude 3. 
Hey Jude: Take this sad song of the WCG mess, and make it better, by joining The "OBEDIENT" Church of God, to "finally" BE IN THE 1ST CENTURY TRUTH.
Remember to let God's 1st Century Ways into your Heart, so "you" can make it Better. You've FOUND HER God's Church, now make it BETTER with only God's ways. Click here>

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell