Irrevocable "FACTS"
United cog, Living cog, Philadelphia cog, cog the Eternal, etc. 
"are" ALL
Laodicean Churches
Because they are:
1.) Averaging God's Holy Days using the apostate Hillel II calendar, causing your people to work on God's Holy Days.
2.) Saying that Jesus changed His Fathers Law and observed Jewish Postponements of God's Holy Days, when Jesus/Yahweh Himself said that He did NOT do 1 thing against His Father's Law. Not 1 jot is to be changed Till the earth passes away. Matthew 5:18 Malachi 4:4.
Editor's Note: If Yah/Christ broke 1 commandment of His Father's Law, by using Postponements: 
Then "you" do "NOT" have eternal life!  
3.) Going to Restaurants hiring 4 people as in a Hostess, Waitress, Cook, and Cashier and taking money out of your pocket and paying them/handing them money to Work on God's Sabbath Day.
4.) Saying you only do it when you are traveling. (When you could buy a take out meal: cold or hot, the day before.)
5.) Saying you only do it "sometimes": Tell the Judge you only break a Contract "sometimes", or only kill someone "sometimes".
6.) Broiling meat, cooking roasts, and baking potatoes, and starting a meal from scratch on Yah's Holy Sabbath Saturday, and totally ignoring God's preparation day.
7.) Celebrating a pagan turkey day, that everyone in the nation calls Harvest Home, that even the Encyclopedia says is Pagan.
8.) Celebrating a pagan Mothers day, that your Encyclopedia states is Pagan.
9.) Celebrating a pagan Fathers day, that your Encyclopedia, states is Pagan.
10.) Celebrating Birthdays, that your Encyclopedia states is a Pagan custom.
There is more to state, but first you must get these 10 corrected,
Laodicean leaders
of the above churches that call themselves by Yah's name as Churches of "God", yet disobey, which is akin to
taking Yah's/God's name in vain.
You CANNOT deny the "FACTS" that you "ARE" breaking most of the above
re Yah's/God's Laws,
unless you want to add lying to your crimes
and now become a Liar also.

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell