have the Mark Of The Beast on YOU right "NOW"


1.) If you “just” go along with the Government’s Mark Of The Beast Sunday Laws while not believing they are right


You have the Mark on your hand.



2.) If you wrongly “believe” Sunday is God’s Holy Day


You have the Mark Of The Beast on your mind/forehead.



3.) If you believe that the Governments can move God’s Sabbath from Friday night/Saturday to Thursday night/Friday

with the phony 1884 IDL (International Date Line) affecting all of Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding islands, and you believe that

when one crosses the IDL going westward, the day of the week jumps/changes:


You have the Mark Of The Beast on your mind/forehead.

Because God’s days of the Week start at JERUSALEM’S DAWN


and then go Westward round the World back to Jerusalem.

Days (of the week) do NOT start in the middle of the Ocean, and if you believe that days start in the middle of the ocean and not in Jerusalem,


If you follow/use the phony IDL for setting the day of your Sabbath Services

in Australia and New Zealand

which is a manmade 1884 dateline that surreptitiously (applies to action or behavior done secretly often with skillful avoidance of detection and in violation of custom, law),

which moves God’s Sabbath from Saturday to Friday IN Australia and New Zealand

Which all churches do now (because the IDL causes the days to jump 1 day ahead of God’s Jerusalem Time

So you “wrongly” end up having God’s HOLY Sabbath “1 day ‘before’ Jerusalem has God’s Sabbath”)



YOU “NOW” Have The Mark Of The Beast


ON “YOUR” mind



with Satan to use the IDL to MOVE God’s 7th Day Sabbath to the 6th day Friday in Australian and New Zealand.

Daniel 7:25 shall think to achange the times 

=“YOU” NOW have the Mark of the Beast on your mind “BECAUSE” you ALSO agree to change times:

By “you” using the IDL to set the time of your Sabbath Services 1 day EARLY West of the USA

To Thursday night/Friday in Australia & New Zealand and IN all further west COUNTRIES FROM the USA including Australia, New Zealand, to Pakistan,


Agreeing to start God’s Sabbath “BEFORE” God’s Sabbath starts in Jerusalem the next day.

Since you AGREE with the IDL= YOU NOW have The Mark of the Beast on “YOUR” mind.