Don't mess with TO COG (The Obedient Church of God):
A.) Personal Message to the Masons:
Don't mess with us you Skull & Bones amateurs, and you Beast Power Masons.
I've got
and you've only got
you Mr. weak 33rd Degree Mason that only has 3 11s
1 = Born in November the "11th MONTH"
1 = on the "11th DAY"
1 = at "PRECISELY" the "11th HOUR" EXACTLY when the sirens went off
2 = in "1948"= 1+9+4+8= 22 = 2 11s
5 "NATURAL" 11s.
Beware Mr. Beast Leader, and Mr. Man of Sin.
B.) Beast leader: Don't even think of messing with us of The "OBEDIENT" Church of God.
Because though I am English from England, I am a "hidden German Jew" for my other lineage/roots/people go back to Rosenfeld, and by the Volga in Russia into the German Jewish Court line of the 200 special German people Princess Cathrine brought with her from Germany for her Court/Princess's Catherine's Court. Catherine the Great (1729-1796) was solely responsible for the colonization in Russia by the Germans. Catherine was an ambitious German princess who ended up as one of the most famous monarchs in Russian history. Catherine was very charming and was extremely intelligent. "She dominates the Russians, because she sees them from the perspective of an outsider. If she were Russian, she would be lost in the confusion of vague ideas, which animate Russian thinking. She is German, calm, clear-sighted, methodical. German in race and character, she became a great Russian Sovereign." (Sorel) In the manifesto of July 22, 1763, Catherine II promised the Germans freedom from taxes for thirty years and that they would remain free for eternity from military duty. All others would have the same rights as the Russian citizens. They would enjoy full freedom of Religion and conscience. Bottom line Mr. Beast leader and Mr. Man of Sin: Like Haman you will not succeed against a Jew. Esther 6:13

And my father Dr. Albert Leonard Nowell M.D. Physician and Surgeon;

who graduated from the "most" prestigious "best" toughest, most academic longest standing accredited, Medical School in "The World", The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, in Edinburgh, Scotland, was born on December 25th Christmas Day, and though that means nothing to me, I "know" what it means to you. I'll give you a hint: My father was born on "the same day as Nimrod" December 25, but I have been converted by Christ's/Yeshua's gift of God's Holy Spirit, which dwells in me, in FULL measure/God willing.

Like Haman you will not succeed against a Jew. Esther 6:13
On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 1:46 PM, <> wrote:
So they pray that all the Jews are gathered to Israel, so Hamas can kill them.
Well I'll still enjoy my future trip to Israel, so that I can be shot/blown up by Hamas.
Your E-Mail has caused me to start an Autobiography:
Fredrick the Great brought Princess Catherine from Germany to Russia, and she wanted to have German people with her around her, and our family was picked to live in houses around her castle, to be near her.
Her liberal attitude toward the Jews was, however, manifested in her letter, dated May 11, 1764, to Governor-General Browne of Riga, concerning certain foreign merchants of the New Russian provinces, who came under the tutelage of a bureau, instituted in 1763, for the protection of foreigners.
Read more:
(Later the German Jews left to gather in Rosenfeld, Russia).
My mothers family side (both Grandmother and Grandfather) came from Saratov, Russia (grandmother), and Golga, Russia (grandfather), and ultimately moved to the area of Rosenfeld, Russia, which was a Jewish city in Russia to which some of the German Jewish Court of Princess Catherine (Catherine the Great) later migrated to. 
My Grandparents then migrated to Canada in 1910 on 2 separate boats, and never knew each other in Russia though they both lived in the same community, and ironically had to travel all the way to Canada to "meet" each other in Canada, (though they were from the same area of Russia and never knew each other) and that is how I was ultimately born.
Between 1881 and 1917, more than two million Jews left Russia in search of a better life. About two million went to the United States; 200,000 emigrated to Great Britain; 100,000 went to Canada; 40,000 to South Africa; and 300,000 resettled in Europe. Thousands also left for Palestine.
So thanks for the E-Mail, because you got me to start typing up my Autobiography, and:
Your E-Mail reminds me that I have got to get back to Jerusalem, to be shot or blown up. <grin> [:>)
Shalom, be complete, perfect and full.

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell