1 Year of Food for 1 Person

3 Meals per day. That is 365 days x 3=

1095 meals

and  mix ingredients together for tasty variety

You need to store “over” 1000 lbs. of food “per year”, to just eat 1 lb./16 ounces of food per meal.

Wake up and store 3,500 lbs. for 3 ˝ years, or you will STARVE TO DEATH.


WAKE UP because for just 1 year at just 16 ounces per meal:

300 lbs. of white rice

20 pounds of corn

400 pounds of wheat (and a wheat grinder)

50 lbs. of oats

15 pounds of barley

150 pounds of pasta

240 pounds of beans

120 pounds of pinto beans

30 pounds of red kidney beans

100 pounds of black beans

15 pounds of split peas.

10 quarts of oil (olive oil, shortening, coconut oil, and butter powder)

120 pounds of sweetener (brown sugar, Karo syrup, maple syrup, Jams and Jelly, and raw honey)

8 pounds of salt (can be used for preserving food also)

50 pounds of milk (to make sour cream, cream cheese, bread, cereal, or faux cheese

25 pounds of juice or beverage sweetener (large cans of powdered punch, lemonade, or Tang

20 pounds of meat.  (If one serving is about a quarter pound, this will be 80 servings.  At 20 pounds, you’ll be eating meat about once every 4-5 days)

have a lot of canned chicken and SPAM

90 pounds of dry fruit/vegetables.  This is a quarter pound of fruit or vegetables a day for a year.  Most cans at the store contain 15 oz.  Not quite a pound, but close enough.  90 lbs. of fruit equal approximately 90 cans.

Spices.  Spices help add variety to your food so you don’t experience food fatigue: