To “protect” the Nations against corruption.

To promote the mental and

The SPIRITUAL welfare of the people.

By: Furnishing the Nations with Godly Knowledge.


We only teach what is actuallyWRITTEN in God’s Bible.

Following “ONLY” the words that are “WRITTEN” in God’s Bible.


God’s Bible Instructions are COMMANDS,

and COMMANDS are not just suggestions.

Do “NOT” follow any fraudulent worship days nor fraudulent doctrine and “ideas” men fraudulently invent, that are not written in God’s Word.


You are to NO LONGER be content to live the way you live now, via your following Satan’s days and ways.

=STOP DISobeying God.

Start FOLLOWING “ONLY” what is actually WRITTEN DOWN in WORDS in God’s Bible.

This site will teach you how to


And we provide your education that WILL help you glorify God.

Because you are God’s Son’s/Christ’s Bride,

and you must purify yourself,

IF you wish to be married to Him.

YOU must reform your ways,

or perish eternally in Hellfire.

Because you will “NOT” be Christ’s Bride

IF you continue

to refuse to live by “only” the ways and days He told you to live by, that are in writing in the Bible=


He will “NOT” marry nor have fellowship with a willfully “DIS”obedient person.

God is a Family-The God Family

and Father will not tolerate disobedient children destroying His Family by

the world’s CHANGING of “His” days & ways,

thereby creating 100s of religions= creating chaos.

So He will have to put you into Hell,

“BECAUSE” YOU refuse to repent & obey Father!

Therefore, there will be only “1” Religion for the whole World,


this Site shows you/teaches you God’s “1Religion.


= this Site shows you /teaches you “that” “1” Religion.



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