Your Messiah

Has been



Jesus is a name of Blasphemy

NONE of “these” names is the Name to be saved by.

These are the names of Blasphemy

Jesus is a name of Blasphemy.

You were Baptized into Zeus’s Blasphemous name.

Yahushua is God’s Son’s name .


Jesus (Iseus or moon pig)


Iesus INVENTED in 1611 King James Bible and did NOT exist until 384 years ago.

Isous Greek      

The name Jesus is actually derived from the Greek name for Zeus.


The name Jesus has only existed for around 400 years. This is because before 1600 A.D., the letter J did not exist in the English language

In literature and scripture before the introduction of the letter J, the figure known as Jesus was referred to as Iesus.

Jesus = Iesus can actually be seen in the Original King James Bible. The name Iesus itself is a modernized and westernized version of Iesous, which literally translates to:

Hail Zeus.

Jesus is only a 384 year old KJV name.

The name Jesus “is”:

A PAGAN Babylonian Pagan name.

You are calling on the name of a Pagan gOD!

IHS were pagan initials Constantine saw a pagan cross.

The name of Bacchus was later taken for Jesus.

This name changed ISAS Semeramus and Tammuz Bacchus and Zeus.

The transliteration of Yeshua into Greek and then was translated into English.

With this information. The Greeks did all that they could to remove the Jewish roots of this Son of God and

instead INVENTED the phony name Jesus a reimagining of the already worshipped Zeus.

The Messiah as known in Jewish scripture would in effect be erased at this point as the origin