Barack Obama "MOCKS" God's Bible
1.) If a man was starving to death, then he could sell his labour for 7 years.
After the 7 years, he would be released, if he so chose.
Selling your labour for 7 years is better than living in poverty and being shot to death in an America Ghetto, or starving to death as many around the World "are" starving to death today!
2.) Children that are totally "incorrigible" and stealing cars, and joining gangs, and being drug distributors, which morph into drug rings such as in Mexico, that change into drug cartels,
"ALL" start off
by being totally disobedient to society and to parents.
If such disobedient incorrigible children/people were put to death at the beginning of their "incorrigibility", then we could have a safe society.
3.) David followed God's precepts and David waged WAR. It is an outright "LIE" when Obama says that the New Testament infers that you should not defend yourself "AFTER" you are attacked by an enemy.
You love your enemy, and wish the best for your enemy to repent and follow God's ways, but if your enemy tries to kick down the Temple, your Country, or you (you are the Temple of God's Holy Spirit), then you kill your enemy, and pray that in the second resurrection that your enemy will come to repentance.

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c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell