Hegelian Dialectic of “cause the problem” then “offer a solution” getting the populace to agree to your solution, then “take over the World with your Solution”.


1.) Bring in hordes of Muslims into Europe and the USA etc., to cause havoc random terrorist attacks, and continual religious arguments for Sharia Law and Sharia “no go Districts/areas” in our own Country such as in Minneapolis, until we get so sick of the Muslims around us so that:


2.) We must elect a strong leader to drive out the Muslims, that causes us:


3.) To Agree to Martial Law (to round up the Muslims and drive out the Muslims), AND

to agree to a 1 World Religion (False Prophet) to stop the Sharia Law in our own country,


AND to agree to a 1 World Leader that stops endless wars with N. Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. and who Promises us Peace (The Beast).


That is IS “IS” what is going TO TAKE PLACE and is taking place right now Oct 2017.

The Satanic Elite ARE causing all of the above

in order to play you like a fiddle.


In order for you to “want” a 1 World Religion (False Prophet) and

a UN Force led by 1 STRONG Leader (Beast) running the World.