There's a "NEW" Congregation in Town. That started on 3 11s (Press release was July 22 2009 the time of the longest eclipse of the Century!!!) 
3 11s:
1.) July 22= 7th month plus 2 + 2= 11
2.) Day 22= Is comprised of 2 11s 
3.) 2009= 2 + 9= 11
The President/Founder of TO COG/The OBEDIENT Church Of God was born:
1.) On the 11th month
2.) On the11th day 
3.) On "PRECISELY", to the "Second", at the 11th Hour, when all the sirens went off in all the cities for the Armistice signalling "bringing WAR to a close".
= 3 more 11s.
There's a "NEW" Congregation in Town. If it is of God, it cannot and will not be stopped!!!

Bonus Clip:
I "CAN" Tell You "Why" we started To Cog= To turn the Hearts of Father God's Children, back to Father God, through "true" 1st Century Ways, and with Music that warms the heart, and sets the direction/tone.
c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell