Nibiru Explained

The Government won't tell you until 2 weeks before it happens, but Nibiru/Planet X is coming back from its orbital path from around the sun.

It takes Nibiru 3600 yearly cycle to go around the sun. It takes Earth 365 days to go around the sun.

But everytime it comes back to it's home place (outside of Pluto), as our 10th planet, it has so much of a magnetic pull that it drags other moons along with it. It now, drags in LO, Jupiter's former moon, now called Sedna.

THE GOVERMENT WON'T TELL YOU UNTIL 2 WEEKS BEFORE the STRIKE/Flyby DATE because of not wanting to cause a public panic "and" Nibiru is said to be Lucifer's Home Planet. Nibiru has a DEVIL DEITY on it. Nibiru is one of the UNHOLY SIX planets. 

The Holy Bible infers that Nibiru is WORMWOOD, A BLAZING STAR that hits the ocean. Revelations 8:11

Be Prepared for 2012- Nibiru Explained - Video 
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