Nuclear War in Britain Part 1 
Nuclear War in Britain Part 2
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Facts about Nukes
Facts of just 1 Nuclear Missile

You've got 10 minutes to get into the nearest fallout shelter.

Do you "know" where the shelter is?

If not, you have to find a basement 50 miles away from your City,  or dig a 6' x 3' trench and cover it with a door and 2 feet of earth on top.

1 Nuke for every city, and 5 nukes for every large city.

1 Nukes come in at 20 times the speed of sound so you "won't" hear it.

1 Nuke explodes with the heat of the sun.

1 Nuke blasts a hole:

3/4 of a mile wide

800 feet deep.

1 Nuke vaporizes all the earth's soil, buildings, you, cars roads everything into a roiling mushroom radioactive dust cloud

 Outside of the 3/4 mile crater/800' deep hole:

5 miles in all directions everyone not blown up, will still be vaporized.

Little child in Hiroshima, was reaching up to pet a dragonfly and he was literally vaporized, and left his shadow behind him on the pavement, which is in the Hiroshima Museum. That was a "little" nuke.

20 miles away, in all directions, everyone horribly lethally burnt and will die from no treatment.

No hospitals.

50 miles out, the flash will blind you.

500 mile per hour winds flattening houses, and cutting you to pieces with flying glass and debris

Sucks people out of buildings,

people flying through the air and into trees and buildings and killed.

 Then you have to deal with the Firestorm

3,000 square mile firestorm

fire-storm will sucks the oxygen out of the air and you will be asphyxiated

fires will coalesce

There will be millions of corpses,

dead animals and dead humans everywhere

causing diseases

plague, cholera

Because of Radiation your immune system is destroyed.

You must stay underground for 6 months.

Then the freezing temperatures of Nuclear winter.

Welcome to Satan's World

Are you going to continue to be a disobedient brat

along with all the other disobedient brats in the World!


Do you want to obey Yah's every jot and commandment so we can all be at peace in the World?

Do you want to follow Yah yet, and have Yah run the World instead?

Will "YOU" follow Yah's ways?


c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
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