Online Charitable Donations, Tithes, Offerings
Be sure to include in the comment section of your online donation what the donation is for from the following:
1.) Monthly Tithe
2.) Offering in addition to 1st Tithe
3.) First Fruits Spring (start of Yah/God/s New Year First Fruits) Offering
Three Seasons of Holy Day Offerings:
4.) Passover Offering
5.) Pentecost Offering
6.) Feast of Tabernacles Offering
7.) Other (as in Love Offering).
8.) One time offering.
9.) Pakistan Church Food Offering.
Donations are handled through a secure electronic shopping cart and are in specified amounts or multiples of a base amount. For example to donate 40.00 select 2 of item 20.00. Combinations and multiples can be used to achieve any desired amount.
We are doing a
Work of Witness to the World
of Yah's/God's ways, and
only Yah's ways.
Please donate something to help this work.
Image of a padlock Encryption Notice:   The Obedient Church of God uses a secure server for processing all online vehicle transactions. Any transmitted data is encrypted as it is sent to or from your PC. This prevents it from being read by any unauthorized party while it is being sent over the Internet.

Note: Please ignore the comments about Silver on the next page after you click on one of the above amounts, because we are sharing a Shopping Cart,
(in order to reduce costs),
so that "all" your money can go into Yah's/God's work.

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