The Israelites and Paul NEVER had Passover “before” the lambs were slain!


“YOU” don’t have to be crazy to disobey God’s Bible,


your minister will TEACH you how to be crazy &DISOBEY




1.) How can you have Passover BEFORE” the lambs are killed? That’s impossible, stupid, and crazy. God “COMMANDS” you to have Passover on the evening of the 14th after the lambs are killed “AFTERthe afternoon of the 14th. At twilight when the 14TH ENDS, just before the start of the 15th, but your minister says have it on the evening of the 13th at the “START” of the 14= BEFORE” the lambs are killed. Don’t let your minister lie to you that he can eat the lamb BEFORE the afternoon of the 14th= “before” it is killed (it is killed on the afternoon of the 14th), because “when” he says TO HAVE PASSOVER BEFORE THE LAMB IS KILLED, it shows he is looney tunes bat crazy and just wants his own way or WANTS Armstrong’s error, “AND” DOESN’T WANT TO FOLLOW GOD’S WAY/COMMAND of twilight of the 14th. BOTTOM LINE: The undeniable “FACT” is your ratchet jaw EXCUSE MAKING minister has the Passover “BEFORE” the lambs are killed. In DISobedience to God. Period. And don’t let him lie to you that the period of the twilight of the 13th is the twilight of the 14th because that defies logic. When you say you will have a meeting on the twilight of the 14th nobody in their right mind will show up at the twilight of the 13th. He is bat crazy insisting on following Armstrong’s error instead of following God’s written word. Anyone who follows Armstrong’s errors instead of God’s Bible is deceived and is a deceiver that is fulfilling the prophecy that in the last days deceivers shall wax worse and worse. 2 Timothy 3:13 KJV.


At least Armstrong changed when “he” SAW something he was doing MIGHT BE wrong. Armstrong had Pentecost on Sivan 6 in 1934, then changed from Sivan 6 to Monday in 1937, then changed Pentecost to Sunday in 1972. = 3 changes on 1 Doctrine, but at least Armstrong for better or worse had the ability and courage to CHANGE. Not so for today’s COG ministers who worship Armstrong and Armstrong’s errors, and lock into error. If you want to be like Armstrong, then CHANGE when you see something may not be right.


If your sinister continues to set Passover “before” the lambs are killed, FIRE HIM and put in a Bible Believing and Bible reading Elder in charge of your local church in your lying ministers place, so that you can FOLLOW GOD’S Command to have Passover “AFTER” THE LAMBS are killed as God Commands. Even the 2nd Passover is on the twilight of the14th. Numbers 9:11. You can also have Passover in your own homes as the 1st Century Church did. Here are the words to use:


2.) Pentecost is on Sivan 6 as God set it up in 1934. Pentecost is NOT on Monday nor Sunday. See our PROOF at


3.) God commands you to have His Holy Days at the “APPOINTED” TIME, but your minister moves God’s Holy Days 2 days early or 1 day late by using a phony averaging calendar, when with 1 click of the computer he COULD know the “CORRECT DAY”. He is “CAUSING” you to WORK ON GOD’S “APPOINTED” HOLY DAYS. Do “NOT” WORK ON GOD’S “APPOINTED” DAYS.

Fire your minister and put in a local elder who can click a computer 1 time.


4.) God’s Bible states to have a Worship Service on New Month Day Ezekiel 46:3, but your minister says: “DISOBEY” God, because your sinister says: Do NOT have a Worship Service on New Month Day, when God states to “HAVE” a Worship Service on New Month Day. Who will you follow, God’s Word or your minister?


5.) God commands you to have Sabbath on Saturday, but your Sinisters move Sabbath to Friday in ˝ the World by following man’s 1883 phony IDL (International Date Line). The 1st Century Church “NEVER” followed such a date line and in 1882 all the Churches of God still waited for Saturday, but in 1883 everyone jumped to Friday.


6.) Because of ministers’ “not” preaching God’s way, then church members refuse to appear 3 times a year before God. Three times a year you “MUST” appear before God, not just once at Tabernacles. There are 3 pilgrimage Feasts per year, just like Joseph, Mary, and Jesus went to Jerusalem Headquarters for Passover. Deut 16:16. And His parents used to go to Jerusalem every year at the Feast of the Passover. Luke 2:41. But your sinister tells you that you can stay home in your local city, when God tells you 3 times a year to travel/pilgrimage.


7.) Trumpets is a day of TERROR, with blood as deep as a horses bridle, and rulers in every city being overthrown by Christ and His angels, with over 200 MILLION DEAD=NOT A DAY OF GLAD HANDING EACH OTHER saying “happy trumpets”. We also teach you the TIME FRAME of the sequence of events in the last part of our Article at Atonement/AT ONE MENT 10 DAYS LATER IS THE DAY OF JOY, not Trumpets which is a day of slaughter. We are relieved that Christ has returned, but we are “not” joyful with all the killing, blood, and death that is around us on Trumpets. Trumpets/WAR is not pretty. Learn to understand the horror of WAR, even of justified necessary wars. Learn to understand the HOLY DAYS! Grow in knowledge by reading this Article on Trumpets.


The point is to learn to FEAR God, re the above 7 points and not to fear Armstrong or fear Armstrong supporters as it is the FEAR OF “GOD” [God’s Word] is the beginning of Wisdom/understanding/knowledge. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. King James 2000 Bible. =Fools despise the instruction of God’s Bible which states to have the Passover “after” the lambs are slain.


So don’t be a crazy fool and don’t learn to be crazy by following your minister when your minister is clearly in error; especially with ministers telling you to have the Passover “before” the Lamb is slain.


Your minister REFUSES to even discuss the above 7 TRUTHS. Your minister treats you like a mushroom: He keeps you in the dark about Armstrong saying Quote: “There were times I was not as close to God as I should have been” proven by the FACT Armstrong lost in Court with his case against Robinson, because Robinson’s book “The Tangled Web” was true,  and pours shite/false doctrine on you. Stop obeying men, and START OBEYING your Father Yahovah GOD. Wake up you sleepers and follow God’s Bible, and fire your Sinister and put in a Bible Believing Elder in your minister’s place in your local church. Realize Armstrong was not perfect in life NOR in Doctrine.


If you try to say Armstrong was perfect in Doctrine, then you also are a liar, as proven by the above facts, (especially when Armstrong “changed” Pentecost 3 whole times!!!


Why” do YOU insist on following errors.

Don’t be a fool and despise wisdom.


The present COG ministers have become soft, apathetic, and indifferent Laodicean liars, WITH cognitive dissonance divorced from reality, so that they do not “want to” change to TRUTH. If “YOU” MEMBERS do not want to burn in Hell then fire your minister and put a Bible Believing Elder in your sinisters place. Fire your sinister for not following God’s Bible words.

Mainstream big mouth COG ministers are passive do nothings following Armstrong’s ERRORS!!!. They are TOO CHICKEN to follow God’s words because then they lose donations/money,

and don’t want to rock the boat.

So COG ministers are WICKED.


Proven by the above 7 FACTS.

Therefore you COG members “yourselves” are to work out your own salvation Philippians 2:12=not just listen to ministers.

You COG members will either “HAVE TO” CHANGE and obey God’s written word and NOT Armstrong’s errors, or BURN IN HELL as “UNTEACHABLE with your apostate lying COG minister who deliberately refuses and continues to neglect and refuse to follow the above 7 points in God’s Bible Word.


Attention to “all” COG Ministers:

You either obey God’s Bible

above “basic” 7 Points


You ministers will “have to” be burnt up in Hell

Because you refuse to follow God’s above 7 Points

Yahovah commands: "Rightlydividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

And all His work is done in truth. Psalm 33:4

Cursed is he who does the work of the Lord deceitfully. Jeremiah 48:10

The Israelites and Paul NEVER had Passover “before” the lambs were slain!


Obey God or Perish.