Re: Why there are no photos of the edge of the earth.

BTW God says there are 4 angels AT the 4 “CORNERS” of the earth. Then I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth,... Revelations 7:1

You cannot have “CORNERS” on a ball!

Therefore the earth is flat.


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space photos ?

*** All the space photos of the earth that you see are fake. They will not even let the Hubble Telecsope ever to point toward the earth. They won’t even try, and make the phony excuse that the earth is spinning too fast. But they say that they can make phony pictures of the 1000 mile per hour spinning earth from a space ship right beside the Hubble.


And they never point the Hubble Telescope to point back to the earth, because they hide the flat earth from the public every way they can. They could simply turn down the magnification of the Hubble digitally to photograph the earth, and still take microsecond shots of the earth because they claim it is spinning, but they refuse to, so they can hide the FACT that the earth is flat.



    how come we never got to see the earth on edge?

You are FORBIDDEN to go to the edge.

They forbid you to go to the edge.

And because the balloon is near the Northern center of the earth, "NOT" outside of the flat earth. You are NOT allowed to fly in a plane or a balloon to the edge of the earth, or you will be shot down and put in prison if you are still alive.

And even if you wanted to go to Antarctica and cross over to the edge of the earth, they do not allow anyone to travel throughout across Antarctica.

You will be locked up if you try to travel to the edge past the little settlements on the Coasts of Antarctica.


They NEVER allow you to fly past the beginning Coasts of Antarctica.

They NEVER allow you to fly to the OUTSIDE EDGE, PAST THE COASTS of Antarctica.

There is NO Flight allowed to fly over Antarctic.

You can only fly along the Coasts of Antarctica and never into or past the interior.


They do not let you to fly over Antarctica just like they do not allow the Hubble telescope to ever point at the moon to see the US flag that was NEVER placed on the moon because they never went to the moon. Stanley Kubrick made all the PHONY moon landing films.


All pictures of a round earth are fake.





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 ACTUAL high altitude balloon video

“VISUALLY PROVING” the earth is