The TRUTH about Ronald Reagan
The Real Ronald Reagan
1.) Reagan did "NOT" have a clue as to Ecomomics,
or as to what he was saying.
Regan "ONLY" knew how to act as an Actor,
using the lines he was "given" to say, (though he was well liked due to the "roles"
he was given to play), he was none more than 1 of a number of B Movie actors, that was under contract to the Studios, and who was easily manipulated;
and the proof is Regan made films like "Bedtime for Bonzo" where the chimpanzee was crawling over his head.
No actor in his right mind would take such a role, but Regan, was a divorced Actor, who was easily manipulated.
Now the point is:
Regan knew "NOTHING" about economics, LET ALONE EVEN basic John Maynard Keynes, 1st Baron Keynes' (Styled: The Rt. Hon. The Lord Keynes), a British Economist who lived from 1883 to 1946 whose ideas were know as Keynesian Ecomomics, and even involved 50 cycles the same as God's Jubilee.
The point is Regan knew "NOTHING" about EONOMICS.
Yet Regan enacted "REGANOMICS" which nearly destroyed the USA,
(again "before" God's time),
with Regan's ridiculous hypothesis of "trickle down economics".
2.) Reagan took the controls off of the Banking System, which caused the 1980 Savings and Loan crisis which nearly brought down the whole economy of the USA.
Destroyed the "FUTURE" OF THE USA FROM 1980 ON, which then resulted in the subsequent Recessions.
3.) Subsequently Regan "destroyed the Middle Class of America as evidenced by Regan's "firing" of all the Air Traffic Controllers in the USA, who were vangard representatives of the Middle Class.
Just the same as in the destruction of the "Lower Class" in 1976:
President Jimmy Carter is elected.
Congress defeats a union-sponsored attempt to have a law enacted that would improve the
ability of construction unions to organize and carry out effective strikes
More than 1 million Canadian workers demonstrate against wage controls,
the "lower" class was destroyed,
in the 80's Reagan destroyed the "Middle" Class,
which btw is continuing to this day, thanks to Reagan.
Reagan was 1 dumber than George Bush
because the facts are:
4.) Reagan covertly set up the transfer of arms from Iran to Nicaragua, in opposition to Congress, in direct violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution of the USA.
5.) The only reason why REGAN and his conspirators were not hung at traitors for TREASON,
was that Pappy Bush pardoned them, when Pappy Bush came into office.
6.) The point is that anyone who is a Political Scholar, "KNOWS" that Regan was just a dupe, a foolish brainless, uneducated dupe.
7.) Regan made the stupid decision to smuggle Arms to Nicaragua, in violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution of the USA), and on top of that:
8.) His CIA planes smuggled dope back into America to pay for the Arms,
9.) Reagan "STOPPED" American prisoners/hostages from being returned to us.
Just Google "October Surprise" where Reagan made a deal with the Iranians "NOT" to return our people, until after his election.
10.) Reagan made secret International Deals behind Congress's back, etc., etc.,
which if Pappy Bush did not pardon Regan, Reagan could have been hung for Treason.
The above 10 points show as FACT the "REAL" REAGAN CHARACTER.