Actual Visual presentation of the

Site of the Red Sea crossing.


Actual Red Granite marker that King Solomon put up 400 years after the Red Sea Crossing which was 13 miles through the water to cross. See 17 minutes.


Actual physical Site to view of the Red Sea crossing. See 19 minutes.


Melted beach from the Pillar of Fire separating/BLOCKING the Egyptian Army from following/attacking the 3 million Israelites as the Israelites were crossing. See 21 minutes.


Horse parts, human parts, and ACTUAL Chariot wheels. See 23 minutes.


Site where Moses struck the rock for water for 3 million people to drink= huge channels of water. See 30:35.


Second striking of a different rock at Kadesh Barnea; that Moses was locked out of the Promised Land for striking it,

because unlike the 1st rock that he was told to strike, the second rock was only to be asked/spoken to (because you donít strike/crucify Christ twice). See 34:24.


Actual 50í tall 1st rock. See 39:25.


Blackened peak where God descended to speak. 46:00.


Elijahís Cave. 47:00 & 47:40


Golden calf altar 50:06.




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