Answer for “what” is really going on in the World right now in February 2019


The U.S. Treasury has been moved to Nevada to begin the Quantum Financial System (QFS) for the NEW Gold Backed Currency.



BECAUSE: There is a NOW NOW NOW a NEW group of crooked BANKSTERS in charge.

(They will try to keep America/The USA going, but ultimately the USA will be overtaken militarily in under 10 years).


RIGHT “NOW” here is what is happening= The world’s military (armies) are winding down the Worlds governments:


It is the Trump/Rothchilds/London group that actually builds and produces products


Hitlary/Rockefellers/Singapore groups of Banksters

with “these” Banksters

just typing phony figures to suppress real gold and physical silver prices, & manipulating Stock & Commodity Markets

AND keeping all the World’s countries in debt TO BANKSTERS via the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

It is “World” price fixing by the World’s G7 Group Liberal Banking IMF financial profiteering model.


1.) Gold backing the World’s Currencies for the last 300 years.

2.) Then paper fiat USA currency issued in 1935, when gold was no longer backing the USA dollar.

3.) In circa 2020= a direct from the Bank to the people chipped credits DIGITAL CURRENCY of only a 1 World currency. You will have to say you will obey the Pope or you cannot buy or sell=”YOU” cannot be part of this new system, and once you use up the cash you have on hand, you will starve to death.